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Colorado is at the peak of COVID-19, and it is safe to say that many of us will spend the weekend indoors. And whether you are trying

Or forget the fact that you wasted a rare Halloween (Halloween) this year, cheap weeds can help you.

Discounts were guaranteed for dozens of pharmacies in the Denver area this weekend, so we listed every deal that can be found near town. Happy Halloween!

Reasonable warning: some of these prices do not include tax and/or require the use of coupons to redeem (receive one

Or print out our

For these), and the transaction date and supply are different in each pharmacy. If you have any questions, please call for the latest details.

2g of any concentrate (except rosin) off $10

$10 off 2100mg food

Any vape cartridge (except cookies) can enjoy a $5 discount

2 grams of wax or crushed powder, the price is $ 25 (medium price only)

2 grams of active resin, priced at US$35; 20 grams, priced at US$350 (medium price only)

20 grams of wax or crumbs, the price is 250 US dollars; 1 ounce is 350 US dollars (Chinese medicine only)

Two Kodo vape cartridges for $50

Buy one Kodo edible food and get another 50% discount

$69.99 oz

$12.99 and $18.69 one-eighth

$24.93 Exotic Strains

$10.13 g wax (5 g $48.30)

$13.24 before filling

N'Fuzed Fudge $7.01

500mg vape cartridge for $10.13

One-eighth flower, 1 gram of wax and 100 mg of edible food, priced at $39.99

100 ounces

$55 half an ounce

$35 quarter ounce

$20 one-eighth


112 oz

100mg chewing gum for $18


A blunt tool for $10 a gram

8 grams of wax or crumbs for $135

1g vape cartridge for $35

One-eighth of the $30 Veritas (medical only)

Three kinds of 85 kg (1,000 mg) food (Chinese medicine only)

Seven pre-rolls at a price of $7 (medical only)

500 mg vape filter cartridge, priced at $11 (medium price only)

1 gram of vape cartridge for only $17 (medical use only)

$83.39 oz

$9.53 g wax

8 grams of hash value is $71.31 or $95.31

30.18 grams of diamonds and sauce

500 mg vape cartridges for US$16 (US$13 for medical patients)

$13.50 Caviar Cone (Internal Medicine Patient $12)

100mg chewing gum for $9.75

$10g Moon Rock (medicine only)

$350 ounces of wax or crushed (Chinese medicine only)

$420 ounces of active resin (Chinese medicine only)

160 ounces

8 grams of wax or crumbs for $100

Eight 100 mg foods for $100

Eight pre-rolls at a price of $25

Buy a pack of Dixie Eggs and get another 50% off

$80.22 and $120.72 ounces

$12.71 and $20.65 one-eighth

$12.70 g wax or crushed (8 g $95.31)

$15.09 g Moon Rock (one-eighth of $39.71)

500mg vape cartridge for $14.30

Trading of various foods

Bulk concentrate and moon rock provide services for medical patients

US$94.99, US$114.99 and US$124.99 per ounce

Member price for first time visitors, mention


$45 half an ounce

$15 g active resin

$9 and $10 food

$32 Veritas one-eighth (medical only)

1,000 mg chewing gum for US$28 (medicine only)

$39 oz shake and trim

$15 g wax or crumbs

500mg vape cartridge for $20

Preroll $7

100mg of chewing gum for $13.50

$44 oz

1 gram of wax for $14.99

500mg vape cartridge for $19.99

100mg fudge or chocolate for $14.99

$12 g wax or crushed

$7 pre-rolled cannabis blunt

3 pre-rolled joints, priced at $15 (medical patients can get an additional pre-roll)

$15 vape cartridge

8 grams shredded, priced at $120

Nine 80 mg edible foods for $89.95

50% and 55% discounts on selected vape cartridges (must buy 16)

$99 ounces

4 grams of wax or crumbs for $55

4 grams of active resin for $69

$120 for half an ounce of fresh flowers and 4 grams of active resin

30% discount on selected food

One-eighth of the $8 CBD (medical only)

25% discount on clothing

$20 g wax or crumbs

110 ounces (medium price only)

110 ounces

Two copies of selected food for only $25

8 grams of active resin for $200

Buy two Wyld gummies and get them for free

50% off

Two 1g vape cartridges for $35

$100.64 and $106.18 ounces (medical only)

125 ounces

$25 g active resin

Buy a 1g vape cartridge and get a 500mg cartridge for $1

Buy a pack of Wana gummies and get another pack for $1

20 grams of wax for $300

850 ounces of viola active resin

300ml cake for $25

250 mg gum for $15

$99 ounces

$20 g crumble

Five pre-rolls at a price of $30

25% discount on selected vape cartridges

25% discount on incredible products

15% discount on full melted caramel

Three 300mg vape pens for $50

Buy two Willie's Reserve vape cartridges and get free batteries.

$13 g wax

19g small wax

90 US dollars and 140 US dollars / ounce (for medical patients, the price of any strain is 120 ounces / ounce)

Buy one-eighth and spend another $1 to get another

$9 N'Fuzed Fudge

500mg vape cartridge for $13 (medical only)

1,000 mg is edible and the price is US$40.49 (Chinese medicine only)

1 gram vape cartridge (priced at US$25) (only medium price)

$100, $120 and $150 ounces

$80 ounce of popcorn

USD 35/oz

15% discount on active resin

15% discount for THC syrup

BOGO Chocolate Bar Deal

100mg chewing gum for $19

50 grams of active rosin (8 grams, $340)

3 g Mighty Melts bucket for $130

15 grams of minced pieces (2 grams for 25 dollars, 4 grams for 44 dollars, 8 grams for 80 dollars)

20% discount on active resin

Buy a pack of Cheeba Chews and get another 50% off

Buy a pack of 10 mg N'Fuzed gummies for another dollar

10% discount on Fli syringes

80 ounces

Buy three otherworldly products and spend a penny to get another one

Buy two Keef Colas and spend a penny to buy another

Purchase two Escape Artists products for a penny separately

$99 ounce of popcorn

$15 one-eighth

50% off Wyld Edibles

20 grams of active sauce, priced at US$200 (Chinese medicine only)

For only $35, you can get one-eighth of Naturally Remedies

$35 14er and Viola active resin

2 grams of wax or crumbs for $30

2 grams of Moon Rock for $40

Two 1 gram pre-rolls, the price is $25

13 grams crushed

100mg of gum for $11

$16 Kaviar preroll (medical only)

1,000mg Wana Gummies for $45 (for medical use only)

$28 g of Harmony active resin (medical only)

$75 ounce of popcorn

$11 g wax or crumbs

Buy an edible item and enjoy another 20% discount

$170 ounces on shelves ($130 medical patients)

8 grams of wax or crumbs for $120

$50 and $55 g live rosin

500mg vape cartridge for $25

20 grams of wax or crumbs, the price is $ 240 (only for Chinese medicine)

$550 ounces of active resin

The price of 130 mg cake soda is US$15 (the price of the 300 mg version is US$20)

$15 g wax and crushed

$50 Snaxland one-eighth

100mg chewing gum for $15

Koala and Incredibles Candy Bar for $20

$25 grams of active resin (only for medical use)

US$119/ounce (Member price US$109; medical expenses only)

120 ounces

$11g Rise Concentrates

Inject a pre-roll of $11

100 mg gummies for $10

Buy a pack of Dialed In gummies and pay another cent

1 gram Evolab refill for $35

The price of 300 mg incredible food is $16 (medium price only)

250 mg Cheeba Chews for only $13 (medicine only)

$4 piece pay (medical only)

$30 Incredibles bath salt (medical only)

1 gram vape cartridge (price $20) (medical only)

US$130/ounce (US$250 for 2 ounces)

85 ounces

$37 oz shake and trim

$20 g active resin

1 gram distillate cartridge for $20

500mg Distillate Filter Cartridge for $13

$78.63 oz

$5 off concentrated foods and edible foods

8 grams shredded for $80

20% discount on all food

Four pre-rolls at a price of $31

Eight pre-packaged one-eighths for $181

1g vape cartridge for $31

Two Cherry vape cartridges for $31

31% discount for infused ice cream

10% discount on clothing

20% discount on all concentrates (for medical use only)

$9.99 g of concentrate

Pre-sale $2.99

100 mg food for $8.99

500mg vape cartridge for $12.99

$7.99 topical medications and transdermal patches

$39 half an ounce

One-eighth of the $35 platinum frame

Trade all kinds of food and vape cartridges

10% discount on hemp made by Kobayashi

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