Grenco Science Launches the Cookies Hemp CBD G Pen Gio, The Best New CBD Vaporizer for an Authentic and Intuitive Experience

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Inspired by the most sought-after genetics of cannabis, Cookies Hemp CBD was created specifically for G Pen Gio by rapper and entrepreneur Berner

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May 8, 2020, 09:15 EST

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The leader of cannabis vaporization technology, along with entrepreneur and rapper Berner's most well-known cannabis brand Cookies, launched Cookies Hemp CBD G Pen Gio cartridges and vaporizers. Cookies CBD G Pen Gio has three hemp CBD flavor options, inspired by the terpene characteristics of the most sought-after genetic gene in hemp, combined with advanced ceramic cartridge system and twitch vaporizer technology, it is the best new type of personal vaporization Experience and publish in the store on and online


Long-term partners, Grenco Science and Cookies have collaborated on Gio to provide the best personal hemp CBD tasting experience. The newly designed Gio ceramic filter element has no core and a ceramic plate, which can always provide the best taste from the first tap to the tap. The cartridge can be easily and safely inserted into the G Pen Gio battery, which is activated by pulling, and has an optimized heating temperature and integrated air circuit, which can be pulled consistently and smoothly, and has the largest vapor density. 

Cookies hemp CBD G Pen Gio product features:

Cookies hemp CBD toner cartridge retail price is

Cookies G Pen Gio is available in blue, black and white. The retail price is

Available in stores and

About Glenco Science

Grenco Science is a leader in engineering advanced cannabis vaporizers, setting new standards in aesthetics, portability, functionality and user experience. Through proprietary R&D and collaboration with influencers in music, art, and fashion, Grenco Science is changing the experience of cannabis use and leading the movement to bring cannabis tradition into the 21st century. access

About cookies

The Cookies brand is carefully planned for connoisseurs, and its headquarters in the Bay Area leads the global cannabis culture.

. Cookies were born at the beginning of the garage in San Francisco’s mission area. From day one, they have been dedicated to excellent genetics and authentic culture. Cookies are produced by the most acclaimed Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Berner and his partner Jie Jai was officially founded in 2012 and is the breeder and breeder of the leading cultivating girl scout cookies in the Bay Area, gelato and other best-selling contemporary cannabis strains.

Subject to the constant influence of fakes and counterfeit products, Cookies have the world’s most in demand, the fastest shipping, and the highest price cannabis products, with more than 50 cannabis varieties and product lines, including indoor, outdoor and sunny flowers. Pre-roll, vape cart, food and gel cover. Cookies ensure excellence and authenticity from product implementation to the final consumer retail experience.

To keep an eye on the Cookie brand, new partners in other states, and the latest news of CBD updates, please visit

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