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This $300 phone is a phone you don’t have a contract for, although there is a small gain.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G usually sells for $300, but it is free of charge due to this no-contract Metro deal.

T-Mobile's Metro appeared again. The first is this killer deal:

When you sign up for the service. It's still available, but now it looks like this:

When you register for the service (and add the port to the existing number). The normal price of the phone: $300. Like Motorola, this is for in-store transactions only; you cannot order online.

That is just a small problem. The other is that the phone is not unlocked, so although there is no need to sign any contract itself, you must be on Metro for at least six months to unlock the phone (assuming you want to take it to another carrier).

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Other rules: The number you want to migrate cannot be from T-Mobile. Moreover, if you have been a Metro customer at any time during the past six months, then you are not eligible for this transaction.

So, what is the exclusive news for Nord N10? According to CNET's Lynn La, this is "an affordable 5G phone with some compromises."

Back in November.

I also talked to Patrick Holland of CNET, who just finished his

. The difference of $20 is basically money laundering, so which of the two phones will he choose?

He said: "Ace is better." Although the Nord N10 has a better camera, he prefers a larger screen, a faster processor, and the longer battery life provided by Motorola phones.

But OnePlus has so many fans, this is a rare opportunity to get more or less free calls. (There is an activation fee of $20, and Metro plans start at $40 per month.)

your thoughts?

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