Ganja Goddess Announces Award Winners, Key Consumer and Platform Findings

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-California's advanced online shopping, lifestyle and cannabis delivery platform Ganja Goddess announced the results of major consumer and platform surveys since the inception of COVID-19, which shows the continued demand for cannabis delivery since the beginning of the global pandemic. The company also announced the winners of the second annual "Ganja Goddess Award", which is an award for the best-selling brands and products on the platform. The cannabis consumers on the platform are against the world's largest and most competitive cannabis. The market demand is greatest: California.

Ganja Goddess CEO Zachary Pitts said: “As consumers spend more time at home in shelters than ever before, the delivery of cannabis has become an important force in the industry.” “In cannabis is seen as essential. In the context of services, this epidemic, like rocket fuel, has become a growing consumer trend and has become mainstream. In a challenging year, we have seen a surge in sales of cannabis products ordered by consumers To help solve sleep problems, which highlights one of the many health issues Americans face during the pandemic. The key demand for cannabis delivery remains at an all-time high. As the challenges related to the pandemic continue, we are committed to meeting The growing demand from cannabis consumers and patients throughout California."

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ganja Goddess' major consumer and platform shifts include:

Pitts continued: “As more and more consumers join the standardization of cannabis and require the same ease of use and transparency that they are used to when ordering CPG products from mainstream applications or websites (such as Amazon), the 2020 The Ganja Goddess Award is the version of the "People's Choice Award" for the cannabis industry. Competing with hundreds of other brands available on our platform, we recognize the excellence of these award-winning brands and products."

The California-based online shopping, lifestyle and delivery platform presents awards to the 2020 Ganja Goddess Award winners. These winners are [please tap the drum...]:

The full list of 2020 Ganja Goddess Award winners can be viewed here


Kristin Rasmussen, Marketing Director of Kiva Confections, said: “2020 is a unique year. In this year, we see more customers requesting our award-winning delivery services. Products, such as Ganja Goddess." "Today, cannabis consumers want stable, high-quality products, convenience and ease of use during the pandemic, and this is what Ganja Goddess provides. Our services to consumers The response was overwhelming, I am very happy, and very happy to be named one of the best performing brands for the second year in a row. On the premise that we have more than ten years of cannabis business experience, we still believe that the key to success is like Ganja Goddess Great partners, they continue to play an important role in making us one of the best cannabis brands today. In the world."

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Founded in 2011, Ganja Goddess is a high-end brand that provides statewide delivery services, online shopping, award-winning products, and a carefully curated online cannabis lifestyle to satisfy the world’s largest cannabis market: California consumers Demand. Ganja Goddess takes full advantage of one of the hottest consumer trends in the United States: the rise of online ordering, CPG delivery and select online lifestyle experiences. Ganja Goddess’ business pillars include: statewide online shopping that provides a seamless experience and maximum convenience, and makes consumers accustomed to the same transparency through mainstream apps or websites; convenient online delivery provided by the Internet; and careful The curated online lifestyle experience is revolutionizing consumers' perception of personalized cannabis lifestyle.

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