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Many years ago, when the concentrate was more like mashed potatoes and the evaporator was mostly placed on the table, a portable, pocket-sized vape appeared, which was specially made for petroleum-based concentrates. Original G pen

It caused a sensation and the industry started a whole new product branch: portable vape and concentrates. 

These devices have come a long way from the first model, which was ribbon-shaped, sticky, and Grenco inserted it with another flower-shaped vape-


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It is possible to quickly check the malfunction of each device, but we want to take a comprehensive look and write a G Pen Elite review for readers who are interested in G Pen's best-selling devices.

Elite is specially made to volatilize dry herbs, it is not multi-purpose. It costs about $120 and can be purchased online through various retailers, and

. Flower consumers will love the size of its ceramic room because Elite has one of the largest ceramic rooms on the market. 

What vape immediately stands out is its smooth but angular shape, just like the maximized version of their refills.

. The grooved sides mean easier to hold and harder to drop, which may be something you sacrifice with more modern pocket vapes. 

The dried vanilla vape will heat up quickly and provide a strong airflow for hits that are not as fragile as some competitor vape. Grenco understands this-customers want high steam quality and continuous blows, not the air that slowly emits the smell of weeds. 

Like other portable evaporators, it is easy to pack dried herbs into the heating chamber. Before turning off and starting the device, make sure that the flowers have been properly ground and packed in the heating chamber. Before filling or refilling, please check the LED display and the power button to make sure the device is turned off.

The temperature control on the Elite is very precise-the Celsius or Fahrenheit readings on the digital control can eliminate guesswork and color coding during the heating process. You can use the LED display to set the temperature at any temperature between 200°F and 428°F, depending on your evaporation preference. 

The battery life is sufficient, and the charging time can reach several hours. It has a USB charging function, which makes charging quite easy.

From the standard pocket vape adjustments made by Grenco, you won’t lose anything, namely some buttons and sculptural shapes, and it doesn’t lack anything that other similar models can offer, especially in this lower price range ($119.95) ). 

Although pocket vape can't hold the volume of a desktop, Grenco at least tries to make it easy, safe, and has minimal headaches. The ceramic chamber of this model is easier to clean than a metal heated vape. 

These small adjustments make it a good choice, and the one-year warranty will not be compromised.

Danielle Guercio, originally from New York, is an artist and writer, as well as a medical cannabis patient and advocate. Her Sicilian-American background inspired her passion for culture, and brought her storytelling into a place of community building and unity, as well as many indulgences in life.

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Due to this series of advantages, the flower vape market has seen a surge in fresh vape. This is our favorite dry herbal vaporizer on the market.

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