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Australia's Bundaberg Brewing Beverage Company recently installed a Craftmate C can production line for its premium soft drinks such as ginger beer, which is exported to more than 60 countries.

This marks the sixth time like this

Delivered to Australia in the last three years. In addition to Craftmatic C, Krones also provided Bundaberg with the entire wet end: Canmatic empty tank inspector, Contiflow mixer, two Checkmat inspection systems, LinaTherm heater and Linadry dryer.

After several years of paid packaging, Bundaberg Brewing Beverage Company deliberately chose its own canning production line. "Having in-house canning technology is an important step for companies, which allows us to provide a more common packaging format that consumers have been asking us to provide," said CEO John McLean. Krones' Craftmate has won Bundberg's favor not only for its technical characteristics, but also for cost-effectiveness, production quality and safety standards. The production line can fill 15,000 cans per hour, and can handle 250 ml standard cans and 200 ml thin cans. Thanks to this combination, Bundaberg Brewing Beverage Company will also seek toll cans from other craft brewers.

These new machines arrived in Australia in December 2019 and were filled with the first batch of sales-quality beverages in mid-January. Meanwhile, Bundaberg has produced more than 3.5 million containers on its new production line. These are currently available for purchase in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Although the current coronavirus pandemic is changing the world, McLean sees an opportunity to sell premium products in cans here. He said: "With the lifting of the lockdown, we expect to see this more convenient product suitable for people's local adventure activities." "Cans are really convenient because they are easy to transport and cool faster. New mini cans Ideal for bartending and direct consumption."

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