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Has been successfully developed

Use Farsoon's HT252P industrial 3D printing system. The material,

3D-Set 371 is part of TIGER's PPP371 thermoset solution material series. In addition to being ideally suited for functional applications of critical flame retardant materials, it also provides higher performance.

The polymer is the result of cooperation between TIGER's expertise in thermoset material engineering and surface treatment solutions and Farsoon's open additive manufacturing platform for industrial applications.

Tiger has previously worked with

. TIGER claims that its TIGITAL PPP 371 material series not only provide better thermal and mechanical properties, electronic isolation, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, etc., but also can be printed at low temperatures to produce fully functional parts in various colors. The company also agreed with

Farsoon's HT252P platform is optimized for TIGITAL's thermosetting material 3D-Set 371, which can produce test parts in batches within six hours, and the "parameter editor" function can further optimize and combine TIGER materials. This

(Higher power) 3D printer system. not yet

, Has delivered orders for up to 50 metal 3D printers to aerospace expert Falcontech, and announced its large-format metal 3D printers for aerospace, oil and gas, and industrial applications, with a manufacturing size of 0.62 x 0.62 x 1.1 Mi, this year in TCT Asia.

In this year's Formnext,

Its range of industrial polymer additive manufacturing systems. It introduces two hardware units, namely polymer powder management system (PMS) and external cooling station (EC). Among other advantages, it can also provide a powder refresh rate as low as 20%.

The PMS and EC divisions are co-developed with WeNext. WeNext is China's leading 3D printing and manufacturing service provider. The company also claims to be the largest online manufacturing service platform in the Asia-Pacific region. WeNext has a 25,000 square meter manufacturing center, which includes more than 100 SLA, SLS, MJF machines from various OEMs including Farsoon, as well as dozens of CNC or injection molding machines. The service provider is an important customer and development partner of Farsoon, and the PMS and EC units have been tested as part of a pilot program involving 11 Farsoon 403P and Flight-403P machines.

As early as 2018,

Add automated post-processing technology and solutions to the latter's Farsoon 3D printing platform. Now, Farsoon seems to be introducing its own post-processing platform and solutions along with PMS and EC products.

WeNext's Farsoon production platform.

PMS is a polymer powder processing system that can manage powder recycling and storage, supply of new powder, high-speed mixing and sieving through a simplified automated workflow, thereby saving AM parts processing time and costs. The company claims that when PMS is used with FS3300PA and FS3300PA-F materials, the refresh rate of the powder can be as low as 20%. The system is completely sealed, there is no direct contact between the operator and the powder, and provides the best, customizable control for different processing requirements. In addition, the PMS can be paired with a powder delivery unit (PDU) unit to deliver the prepared powder directly to the 3D printer, and then use the integrated pump in the PDU to automatically transfer it to the powder box. Each PMS can be used to provide services for multiple Farsoon 3D printer systems and branch stations.

The EC workstation is specially developed for Farsoon's flagship 403P series polymer 3D printer. The system uses inert gas nitrogen to cool the parts separated from the printer station by adjusting the cooling time or the amount of gas consumed.

These announcements were made in the second half of the year affected by the pandemic, and unexpectedly, Farsoon has already announced

, Aviation, manufacturing and molding customers from North America, Asia, the number of orders reached a record high, as well as strong revenue growth in the same period last year in Europe. The company plans to expand its production facilities in 2021 and hopes to supplement its 3D printing production platform by launching key materials (such as TIGER materials) and its own post-processing equipment.

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