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A picture seems to show that Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine "vaporizer cartridge" has spread the virus online. This is a scam: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals has not yet released a vape vaccine against COVID-19.

The shared photo shows a package containing a cartridge that can be used in e-cigarettes and inhaled in the form of vapor (

). It bears the Pfizer-style trademark and is called a "single dose" vaccine box. There are signs that the label is joking. The box describes Pfizer as "the manufacturer of'pain killers'".

For example, as early as December 19, it was widely shared humorously.



Although the majority of the image seems to be able to identify that the product is not real, it still creates confusion for some people. A series of social media users shared images with headlines such as "Can this be fake?" and "Can you escape RESET?" And "Why are Pfizer vaccines produced in China?" The latter's comment was a response to the words "Made in China" written on the fake packaging. The real vaccine is manufactured using the joint manufacturing network of Pfizer and BioNTech in Germany, Belgium and the United States (


Reuters contacted Pfizer, and Pfizer confirmed via email that the evaporator cartridge was fake. The real Pfizer vaccine has been injected into the upper arm and injected in two doses 21 days apart (

wrong. Pfizer does not manufacture COVID-19 vaccine boxes designed to "suck" smoke in e-cigarettes. The product in the picture is a fake, it may be a joke.

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