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EPuffer is an international brand dedicated to making internationalization

It looks as good as their performance. Many vape companies focus on making evaporators look like things in the future, but ePuffer has taken a way of making their product designs a modernized version of a classic look.

Everyone knows that aesthetic charm alone will not make the vape company go very far, and ePuffer clearly shows that they did not miss the memo. Their products are not only very functional, but also innovative. ePuffer is committed to creating


The ePuffer tube is a limited edition vape with an improved atomizer and a highly efficient sub-ohm resistance coil. That one...

World-class tube

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The ePuffer tube is a limited edition vape with an improved atomizer and a highly efficient sub-ohm resistance coil. The reduced resistance of the coil increases the amount of vapor and helps provide a better throat hit and flavor than the competition.

Another reason to consider buying this pipe is its unique and simple design. The wood is smooth and elegant, giving the appearance of a real pipe. It is designed for experienced vapers, but not too complicated. Novice vapers will figure out how to use it without a doubt.

Vape starter kit

Its Xpod is a new type of portable rechargeable vape pod that can provide users with a satisfactory vaping experience. The steam generation effect is excellent, but it will not be overloaded, and its slim design allows it to go anywhere with the owner.

The device is powered by a 375 mAh battery and uses a pre-filled container containing 1.5 ml of e-liquid. The battery is charged very quickly, and it only takes 30 to 45 minutes to prepare to use the e-cigarette again. It can also be used with refillable pods, allowing the user to use the electronic juice of his or her choice. No matter what kind of pod is used, the vaper will have leak-free performance and smooth air extraction every time.

Cosmos is ePuffer's cheap herbal vaporizer product. For a $50 evaporator, this small pen made a deep impression. It has precise temperature control, OLED display, low profile design, ceramic cavity and carbon fiber body. This unit is sexy and efficient, and it's really good value for money at this price point.

This evaporator feels very sturdy and can best be described as an industrial design. EPuffer proves that industry does not always mean ugly. The design of carbon fiber is very clean. This is a kind of evaporator, which can tell a lot of people's fashion sense. The OLED display is bright and beautiful, and its display interface is streamlined and easy to use.

Two are used for temperature control and one is used for heating the herb box. The ceramic design of the herb house maximizes the taste because it has no fragrance. It can also promote uniform heating and rapid heating.

The vapor from this device is smooth and smelly. The best part is that users can perform precise temperature control, ranging from 385 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cosmos comes with a grinder for dried herbs, packaging tools, cleaning brush, tweezers, instruction manual, micro USB charging cable, USB wall outlet adapter, four convection mesh net boxes and user manual.

Durable stainless steel construction

This is a stylish and powerful 50-watt mod with a battery capacity of 1,500 mah. It is a hybrid of boxed mods and e-cigarettes. It is easy to use and small enough to be easily and comfortably transported anywhere. The tank contains 3 ml of e-liquid, so vapers don't need to worry about constantly refilling the tank. In addition, it is also suitable for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung coils.

This is a great device for those who transition from smoking to smoking. It has all the benefits of e-cigarettes, but is more powerful. However, it is easier to use and portable than the typical Box Mod.

ePuffer's Magnum Snaps solves a big problem of small e-cigarettes: battery life. This is no longer a problem because the battery that comes with the ePuffer Magnum Snaps Kit is shaped like a pack of cigarettes, with a 600 mAh internal battery and a 1500 mAh E55M battery.

In fact, no one would think that this is a pack of cigarettes due to the matte effect on the bottom of the device, the logo, the charging light and the flashlight. E-Pack will charge extra when holding the e-cigarette and changing the atomizer. With this setting, there will be no relationship between vapers and vaping.

This type of device should produce steam and have a smooth and delicious taste. They come in several different flavors, and there is even an optional blank ink cartridge for users who like to use their own e-liquid.

Considering how many evaporators use a closed system, and the closed system only allows the use of fragrances from various companies, this is a good choice. E-Pack yelled. It has a screwless design that allows users to put electronic cigarettes in it.

A fully charged Magnum Snaps e-cigarette battery can provide 300 puffs, which is equivalent to 20 cigarettes with nicotine content. This is a very impressive battery, and not many e-cigarettes have such a long battery life. E-cigarettes can last a whole day,

But heavy vapers will fall in love with the convenient E-Pack. It can charge Magnum Snaps e-cigarette up to four times. A little bit of mathematics can tell us that a fully charged electronic device can make Magnum Snaps e-cigarette last four days.

The kit includes an electronic package, two batteries with blue and red LEDs, a sample package with three cigarette boxes, a micro USB charging cable, a wall charger, a car charger and an instruction manual.

The easiest way to vape is through disposable electronic cigarettes. This is not the most cost-effective method, but in terms of convenience, the ability to take out an e-cigarette, use it until it is empty, and then throw it away is unparalleled. problem lies in

They are almost all made of materials that are harmful to the environment.

ePuffer's Eco e-cigarettes are the first batch of disposable e-cigarettes made of environmentally friendly food-grade materials. For ePuffer, this is a very commendable move.

The Eco series disposable electronic cigarettes are pre-charged and can be used continuously for 500 times. This should last a few days on average. These e-cigarettes have sensors that can pull them, and the shots are indicated by an orange LED called "charcoal LED" by ePuffer. Their nicotine concentration is 0mg, 0.6mg and 1.2mg, and there are several flavors.

The ePuffer Eco series of electronic cigarettes are available in menthol, premium tobacco and mocha caramel flavors. ePuffer's Eco series of e-liquids are made with 30% pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin and 70% pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol. Each Eco series E-cig is packed in a protective square container.

In addition to the soft tip blank cartridges provided by ePuffer, there are several cartridges to choose from, and not all cartridges have nicotine. Valerian natural relaxants and sleep aid cartridges are almost the opposite of nicotine because it effectively promotes relaxation and sleep. One pack contains five cartridges, enough to help any user sleep for a few days.

Considering that ePuffer's Magnum Snaps premium cigarette case is the most popular flavor, this is wrong. This e-liquid is made from the primary leaves of Golden Virginia tobacco and Turkish tobacco. This high-quality tobacco mixed e-liquid has a premium flavor that ePuffer fans seem to be unable to fully absorb.

The misty community will never forget the classic menthol flavor. It feels cool and the mint smell hits your lungs, making people feel unsatisfied. This is ePuffer's second most popular ink cartridge, which makes a lot of sense. These cartridges are currently one of the best menthol flavors, and fans won't pick them up anytime soon.

Mirabela cartridges are the classic "red" tobacco flavor selection adopted by ePuffer. This e-liquid is made from classic Virginia tobacco leaves with burley and oriental flavors. For the smoky flavor of tobacco flavors, this is a signature flavor. This may be why this is one of ePuffer's most popular ink cartridges.

Hookah is almost the first form of casual inhalation of vapor, so it is full of poetry, this is a flavor that ePuffer provides for their Magnum Snaps e-cigarettes. This series of cartridges called "water pipes" covers all the sweetness of ePuffer. These include Raspberry Chocolate Mint, Melon, Caramelized Mocha, Watermelon Mint, Double Apple, Black Currant, Strawberry Shortbread, Blueberry Egg Blue and Midnight Joy.

ePuffer is more attractive than the aforementioned brands. There is nothing wrong with Halo or V2. It's just that ePuffer puts more energy into their products, and it shows this. Innovation is not easy, and it requires effort. Efforts and nobility should be praised, and ePuffer's efforts are nothing if not noble. Their environmental attitude towards e-cigarettes is really great, and their E-Pack has changed the rules of the game. Their steam quality, product design and product engineering are second to none. ePuffer is definitely a recommended brand.

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