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Japanese audio company wants to share love (and its knowledge)

DS Audio has decided to share its expertise in optical phonograph technology with the world for free. why? This Japanese company took the lead in solo work for eight years, implementing optical technology in the development of its phono amplifier

. Now, it hopes that others will join the optical audio market and help popularize MM/MC box-type alternative products.

Owned by Tetsuaki Aoyagi, CEO and Chief Designer of DS Audio

. He said that he hopes to see an increase in the use of optical cassettes in more high-end audio systems-no doubt due to his enthusiasm for this topic and interest in selling cassettes-and hopes to be open to implementation. Drive electronics manufacturers to create optical box-friendly technologies in their companies

And amplifier design. Currently, DS audio cassettes require their own equalizer, so they are not compatible with MM or MC phono stage.

He said: "My goal is to make optical cartridges from "unique" to "popular."

To this end, DS Audio invites interested manufacturers to contact them for free to check the proposed design and answer questions.

As early as 2015, DS Audio brought

After it was first launched in Japan two years ago, it moved to the UK. It costs nearly 7000 pounds. As is the case with the company's following designs, which are cheaper but still very high-end, the debut DS-W1 uses a beam of light-as you can see through a digital optical cable-to detect vibration. From the stylus. DS Audio’s argument for this approach is that it inherently eliminates the harmful friction caused by traditional MM or MC headbands.

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