Don't rush to cap the THC in marijuana concentrates

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As Colorado’s top two cannabis regulators and leaders responsible for and participating in the implementation of Amendment 64, we feel the need to share our views on current trends in restricting or limiting the THC content in regulated cannabis products.

These efforts are largely due to

A study by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment found that young people in Colorado have increased their use of cannabis concentrates. However, the Retail Cannabis Public Health Advisory Committee that conducted this study did not advocate radical policy responses, such as restricting or restricting the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in cannabis.

Instead, the committee recommends a deliberate and prudent approach, further emphasis on the use of concentrates for teenagers and adults, measures to encourage more scientific research on the effects of edible concentrates, and close monitoring of concentrates and their effects. The potential impact of youth and the public.

Since voters approved the legalization of retail cannabis products in 2012 and implemented it in 2014, the overall consumption of young people in Colorado has remained flat, or has actually declined in some years. We believe that this is due in large part to the early steps taken to educate our young people about the adverse effects of juvenile marijuana consumption.

When Colorado became the first state in the United States to legalize recreational marijuana, the three overall goals of everything we did were to keep marijuana in the hands of children, exclude criminals from regulated industries, and Minimize transfers to other states. We have developed a strong regulatory framework that has become a model for many other states where we started legalizing cannabis after implementing the 64th Amendment. A key component of our regulatory framework is focusing on youth prevention, and at the beginning of the implementation, we launched a youth prevention campaign.

Based on our experience as a former regulator, with nearly 30 years of experience in regulatory planning and regulatory laws, we can tell you that when we adopt a prohibitive approach to regulate things such as alcohol, our country has failed in policy Has a long history and cannabis. Restricting or restricting THC in cannabis products sounds good, but there are some potential unintended consequences to consider.

Limiting the content of THC in concentrates may result in the introduction of potentially harmful agents or diluents into products used by consumers. For example, the recent nationwide crisis with atomized products is a direct result of additives, which are widely used in evaporator filter elements to control the efficiency of the delivery system. By prohibiting the provision of highly concentrated concentrates to legitimate consumers through regulated and legal markets, the production and consumption of these concentrates will be brought back to the illegal and unregulated market. In addition, eliminating the supply of high-efficiency concentrates may lead to the production of household concentrates, which will cause major public safety issues for everyone we experienced in the early days of implementing Amendment 64.

Colorado has always taken a prudent and thoughtful approach to marijuana regulation. Now is not the time to react subconsciously to a problem that may or may not be a problem. Instead, we need to take steps to deepen our understanding of the problem through research and more focused research. At the same time, we need to refocus our energies and devote more resources to youth prevention and education, which has achieved positive results in history. Finally, we need to continue to pay close attention to the consumption of young people and the general health effects of the concentrated population to ensure that we maintain public health and safety.

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