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Delta-8-THC is a close relative of the famous Delta-9-THC and can be sold in most states. But how does it work? Will DEA shut it down?

The cannabis plant is pollinated at the Unique Botanicals plant in Springfield, Oregon.

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According to data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there are currently

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plant. One of the most popular is Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a major psychoactive compound known to provide all the heightened styling effects. However, a little-known cannabinoid has more than half the psychoactive activity of Delta-9-THC and seems ready to challenge its dominance.

No, not CBD, CBN, CBG or CBC, but Delta-8-THC, which is an analog of Delta-9-THC.

It can be said that hemp was legalized when the Farm Bill was passed in December 2018; until September 2019, online hemp retailer 3Chi became the first to sell in all 38 states (whether online or retail) where it is legal Delta-8-THC cartridge, jelly, tin agent company. store. According to 3Chi, the company is "the largest Delta-8-THC company in the country, and its products are sold in every state where Delta-8 is legal." The retail price of their 1000ml cartridges with shipping is about 25. US dollars, which is cheaper than most Delta-9-THC cartridges sold in leisure countries.

From a molecular point of view, Delta-9-THC is no different from Delta-8. The only chemical bond is on the eighth carbon atom, not the ninth. Dr. Peter Grinspoon, a medical lecturer at Harvard Medical School, estimates that Delta-8 "has some but not all of the same psychoactive properties as Delta-9," which is the majority opinion in the cannabis industry. People often report that due to the reduced potency of Delta-8, it provides them with smoother, gentler sedation and functionality than Delta-9. Another researcher, Dr. Max Mikheev, CEO and Scientific Officer of Biotech

According to rumors, it offers all the advantages of Delta-9-


However, the legality surrounding Delta-8 is still complicated. "Although it is legal for Delta-8-THC to come from marijuana, it is most commonly used in the process of producing Delta-8-it may be illegal to synthesize CBD into Delta-8-THC," Joseph Hols, founding member of the organization Said Joseph Hoelscher. Long-term member of the Texas Marijuana Lawyers Association and the NORML Legal Committee. Ho​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ One. However, this process is prohibited in the federal government.

"Like many jurisdictions working hard to establish infrastructure to correctly identify legal cannabis, few people can scientifically correctly determine the source of Delta-8-THC samples," Hoelsccher said. "The Justice Department knows that we can expect them to figure out how to prosecute these cases."

When asked about the future of Delta-8’s legality, a DEA spokesperson told

The agency is currently formulating rules-making procedures for the implementation of the Agricultural Improvement Law of 2018, which includes

, THC and other marijuana-related ingredients, so it will not be possible to comment on Delta-8 until the process is completed.

The spokesperson added: "The emergence of different cannabis components highlights the importance of research. There is a lot to know about the effects of cannabis and its chemical components, and DEA and DOJ fully support these research efforts, which is why a few weeks ago With the support of our inter-agency partners,

. "

In order to alleviate customer concerns, LiftedMade has a full paragraph on its website that outlines which countries/regions will be sent to which countries/regions, and which countries will not. Due to the ambiguity of the law, LiftedMade may mark Delta-8 as "legal" in one state (such as Connecticut) and only mark it as "possibly legal" in another state (such as California). "I think Delta-8 will dwarf the CBD market and be bigger than any other cannabinoid," said Nicholas Warrander, CEO of LiftedMade. It can be sold in 2500 independent pharmacies nationwide. The great expectations for CBD people are felt, and Delta-8 provides this. In many ways, Delta-8 is a bridge between the hemp industry and the hemp industry because it can be used for leisure, not just for medicine. "

Craig Henderson of Extract Labs is an experienced and established company in the CBD of Colorado, known for producing high-quality secondary cannabinoids. He saw other companies such as LiftedMade and 3Chi Entered the market and was not harassed by regulators-he decided it was time to embrace Delta-8. Henderson said: "I really want to be the first person interested in this." "Only when we see people advertising and marketing, we think:'Let us try to make it better than everyone else "." Although Henderson's Delta-8 sales are strong, he is still worried that cannabinoids may face enhanced regulatory scrutiny.

JustCBD's Brett Sandman (the top online marketplace for CBD products) does not carry Delta-8 products. From his point of view, vape stores and e-cigarette stores are driving demand for Delta-8 retail, and these stores are trying to save businesses that have been paralyzed by the pandemic and recent regulations. Sandman said: "Due to the ban on e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes, most stores have persisted."

through email. "Now, the proliferation of Delta 8 is helping these small business owners stay alive."

Some pharmacies and tobacco shops did not bother to produce their own Delta-8-THC, but bought the product in bulk from well-known manufacturers such as Elevated Wellness, which is a CBD company composed of a group of pharmacists, and then renamed it itself s brand. However, Ross Anderson is the chief manager of the company

, Indicating that the reception of Delta-8 from potential customers was mixed. He told him: "Depending on the organization, they are either super receptive or hesitant."

. "Usually, people or companies who hesitate will not fully understand it. But some companies will not enter D8, just because they are worried that if any laws are to be made against Delta-8, they may make a lot of investment and cannot sell it in the near future. . As a result), it actually caused a huge loss."

In some ways, Delta-8 sounds too good, incredible. but it is not the truth. For people who want to feel the psychological effects of Delta-9 but bring them paranoia or anxiety, Delta-8 is a quasi-legal choice available online. And unlike Delta-9, Delta-8 is much cheaper, and it is a viable option for some people who want to be short-lived without getting intoxicated. However, judging from the degree of attention that law enforcement agencies have to Delta-8, this trend may be short-lived. Despite the great success of Delta-8 in the past year, any day may be the last day of cannabis.

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