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The granted patents include:

Public/private key biometric authentication system


Equipment for attaching labels to cables

Optimized low-power air circulation in HVAC systems

Heel structure

Autonomous truck driving with laser scanner

Modular floor tiles

Deep learning image processing method to determine vehicle damage

Use actual product images for design visualization

charge flow charge control

Single review tool

Rechargeable water-based hybrid battery

Modular floor tiles, US patent D895161 assigned to Signature Systems Group, LLC

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Texas Instruments (Dallas) 24

Futurewei Technologies Inc. (Plano) 15

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America (Plano) 4

Unassigned 10

Jeffrey Dagley (McKinney) 3

Mika Price (Plano) 3

Qiao Chu Tang (Colony) 3

Sudhakar Reddy Patil (Flower Mound) 3

Patent number 10763576-B2

Assignee: Futurewei Technologies Inc. (Plano)

Inventors: Shi Ping (Santa Clara, California, USA), Wei Yonghua (Santa Clara, California, USA)

Patent number 10764357-B1

Assignee: EMC IP Holdings Co., Ltd. (Round Rock)

Inventor: Sanjay Basu (mural)

Gracie Galindo (Azil, Texas)


No lawyer

14836534, August 26, 2015 (1833 days old application)

A pet bathing device is disclosed. The disclosed device includes two bottom rods, two top rods, a vertical rod connected to the top and bottom, an adjustable telescopic rod, a width adjustment rod connected to the bottom rod, and a belt connected to the top rod to keep the animal in the bathtub. The bathing equipment is made of sturdy plastic or metal, which will not scratch the bathtub, but is strong enough to bear the weight. The bathing equipment is specially designed to help pet owners bathe pets with disabilities or missing limbs. The disclosed bathing device can be easily folded and stored.

Eric A. Larson (Arlington, TX)

NIKE, Inc. (Beaverton, Oregon)

Shuke, Hardy Bacon Law Firm (8 non-local offices)

15827384 on 11/30/2017 (1006 days old application released)

The heel structure for the article of footwear protrudes rearwardly from the heel area of ​​the article of footwear in a direction that is substantially aligned with the longitudinal orientation of the article of footwear.

Todd B. Housley (McKinney, Texas)

Foley Lardner LLP (local + 13 other cities)

15423369 on 02/02/2017 (1307 days old application released)

A foldable storage device is provided. Items can be placed in the equipment for drainage, drying, washing, etc. The device can be opened for use, and can be folded to store in an appropriate location. The device can be connected to nearby surfaces, such as the inner surface of a sink, for easy use and positioning at any time.

Elliot Frohman (Dallas, Texas), Robert Rennaker (Sachs, Texas)

University of Texas System (Austin, TX), Board of Directors of the University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa, Iowa)

LaBatt, LLC (1 non-local office)

14633688, February 27, 2015 (application released in 2013)

Embodiments of the present invention include devices and methods for measuring the level of neurological damage. Certain embodiments of the present invention include a headset that emits light into the user's eyes, and the system tracks the orientation, movement, contraction, and expansion of the pupil. In certain embodiments, the headset can run a series of tests and calculate a score that indicates the degree of neurological dysfunction of the user.

David Patrick Magee (Allen, Texas), Taxpander (Richardson, Texas)

Establishment of Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas)

15203859 on 07/07/2016 (application released 1517 days old)

The disclosed examples include a heart rate monitor system and a method for estimating a patient's heart rate, in which a processor filters digital photoplethysmography (PPG) sample values ​​representing transmission or reflection of light signals in the patient during a time window, and performs motion compensation processing on the patient. After filtering the value, use the motion compensation value to calculate the gain value for each segment of the time window, apply each gain value to the motion compensation value of the block associated with the corresponding segment, and determine the frequency of the heart rate estimation value representing the patient's heart rate according to the adjusted value content.

Harry KW Kim (Dallas, Texas)

Children's Hospital of Scottish Worship Hospital, Texas (Dallas, Texas)

Chalker Flores, LLP (local)

15490595 on 04/18/2017 (1232 days of the application to be released)

The present invention includes methods and devices for treating osteonecrosis in, for example, children, adolescents, and adults, including: identifying a subject in need of treatment of osteonecrosis; drilling two or more holes in the bone in need of treatment of osteonecrosis; Insert one or more needles or cannula into the hole of the bone; clean the inside of the bone with the cleaning fluid introduced through one or more needles or cannula inserted into the bone; after cleaning the inside of the bone, one or more promote the bone The growing material or cells are introduced into the bone.

Jeff Franco (Plano, Texas), Michael Calhoun (Beacon Point, Florida), Robert Widrond (Lake Forest, Minnesota)

JD Franco Co., LLC (Plano, Texas)

Bookoff McAndrews, PLLC (1 non-local office)

16220413 on 2018/12/14 (app released for 627 days)

A method can include delivering the first catheter to a location within the subject's arterial vasculature. The location may include at least one of the subject's internal carotid artery or the junction between the subject's ophthalmic artery and the subject's internal carotid artery. The method may also include moving the second catheter relative to the first catheter to redirect the direction of the distal opening of the second catheter, which is connected to the first catheter at the joint.

Kevin Kaufman (Fort Worth, TX)

LDR Medical (Rosieres Pres Troyes, France)

Schwegman Lundberg Woessner, Pennsylvania (11 non-local offices)

15659602 on 07/25/2017 (1134 days old application released)

The present disclosure proposes a transforaminal intervertebral cage for an intervertebral fusion graft, as well as various embodiments of instruments and methods for implanting the cage, the embodiment of the cage has a body in the shape of a circular arc and Including undercut surface, lateral surface. Convex surface, straight upper surface, straight lower surface and an end wall with at least one hole (called end hole) designed to accommodate the rod of the instrument used to implant the cage between the vertebrae, where: end hole It has a direction that is more or less tangent to the arc described by the object; the end opposite to the end wall of the main body includes a return portion that extends the main body toward the center of the circle where the arc described by the main body is located The center of the circle.

Jeff Franco (Plano, Texas), Michael Calhoun (Beacon Point, Florida)

15636532 on 06/28/2017 (1161 days old application released)

A method, device or system for the treatment of ocular diseases or disorders, including restoring or increasing the blood flow or blood flow velocity in the arteries that supply blood to or to the eye, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen reaching the eye or a part thereof.

Amon Gekombe (Louisville, TX), Debra Dolliver (Tuscaloosa, TX), James E. Johnson (Denton, TX), Michael Bergel (Danton, TX) Dayton), Sudheer Dhanireddy (Daniel, Texas)

Texas Woman's University (Denton, TX)

Kowert, Hood, Munyon, Rankin Goetzel, PC (1 non-local office)

16149892 on 2018/10/02 (700-day-old application released)

This article describes the use of bisalamidoxime compounds in the treatment of cancer. In a preferred embodiment, it is found that a combination of two or more bisalamidoximes or a combination of bisalamidoxime and another anticancer agent is effective against various types of cancer cells.

Bashoo Naziruddin (Dallas, Texas), Marlon F. Levy (Dallas, Texas), Mazhar Adnan Kanak (Dallas, Texas)

Baylor Institute (Dallas, Texas)

Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP (local + 13 other subway stations)

15563304 on 03/30/2016 (1616 days old application released)

It has been found that NF-B signaling pathway plays a central role in pancreatitis, and inhibition of NF-B signaling has the potential to reduce the incidence of pancreatitis and protect pancreatic tissue from inflammatory damage. Aspects of the present disclosure relate to a method for inhibiting or treating pancreatitis in a subject in need thereof, which comprises administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of an NF-B signaling pathway inhibitor.

Wesley L. Bollinger (Dallas, Texas)

Board of Trustees of Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, Florida)

Fox Rothschild LLP (12 non-local offices)

16245587 on 01/11/2019 (599 days application released)

Andrew Dye (Alledo, Texas), Jack David Burns (Alledo, Texas), Jeremy Stevens (Jeremy Shi Stevens (Weatherford, Texas), Stephen Jeane (Mineral Wells, Texas)

Parker Hanni fin (Cleveland, Ohio)

Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren PC (3 non-local offices)

16362265 on 03/22/2019 (529-day application released)

The present invention provides a filter cartridge, which has a roll-out gap area for radial sealing, so that it can be easily drawn out. The filter cartridge may be a two-stage filter, and the seal is located between the two stages, and may be used in a filter container having a central partition wall with one or more standpipes. Also, a new container is disclosed, which has multiple diameters for the first and second stages of the housing, and has a second stage diameter larger than the first stage, which can reduce the size of the door And/or cause the flow rate of the second stage fluid to slow down. Relative to the first stage.

Michael D. Carpenter (Arlington, Texas)

Siemens Logistics, LLC (DFW Airport, Texas)

16393991 on 04/25/2019 (495 days application released)

Parcel sorting system and related processes. The parcel sorting system includes a parcel sorter, multiple shuttles and a control system. The control system is configured to control the parcel sorting system to assign the first sorting destination to the first output among the plurality of outputs. Place the first container to receive the package classified as the first output. The control system is configured to control the package sorting system to sort the package corresponding to the first sorting destination to the first output, and store the package in the first container; when When the first container reaches the target capacity, please use the first train to remove the full first container; and place the third container to use the second train to receive the packages sorted to the first output.

Dana Gruenbacher (Fairfield, Ohio), David S. Hunt (San Diego, California), Joseph Edward Scheffelin (San Diego, California), Peter Janouch (Frankfurt, Delaware), Simon Dodd (West Linn, Oregon), Stefan H . Hollinger by Uwe Schob (Kellenberg in the Taunus)


Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP (1 non-local office)

16357077 on 03/18/2019 (533 days of application release)

The present disclosure provides a support for a microfluidic die, which allows the nozzle of the microfluidic die and the electrical contacts on the same support to be located on different planes or face different directions. This includes: rigid supports that have electrical contacts on different sides of the rigid support relative to the spray direction of the nozzle; and semi-flexible supports or semi-rigid supports that allow the electrical contacts to move relative to the nozzle. The spray direction of the nozzle. The semi-flexible and semi-rigid supports allow the mold to be at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the plane of the electrical contact, or even more than 90 degrees. Relative to the position of the electrical contacts, different supports allow various positions of the microfluidic die.

16357100 on 03/18/2019 (533 days of application release)

Stephen L. Hodge (Aubrey, Texas)

Global Phone*Link Company (Reston, Virginia)

Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein Fox PLLC (2 non-local offices)

16653524 on 2019/10/15 (322 days application released)

A system and method for preventing restricted individuals from operating a motor vehicle is disclosed. The system monitors the speed of an individual through a smart device associated with the individual. The system activates the monitoring function based on the detected device speed, which can prove that an individual is riding in a motor vehicle. They use a variety of different identification methods to verify that the user of the device is a restricted individual through the system. Once identified, the system accesses various data sources associated with one or more ride applications running on the smart device to determine whether the restricted individual has requested a third-party ride during the relevant time period. After analyzing the data, determine if the individual is driving or if more information is needed.

Steve Crowe (Wayley, TX)

Continental Battery Company (Dallas, Texas)

Greenberg Traurig, LLP (14 non-local offices)

15889277 on 02/06/2018 (938 days application released)

An integrated system for engaging an electric brake of a towed vehicle when the towed vehicle is separated from the towing vehicle. The system includes a power source, a first terminal configured to be connected to an electrical ground, and a second terminal configured to be connected to the electrical ground. Terminal. The brake of the tractor, the electrical connector that connects the first terminal to the power source, the disconnect switch, and the housing containing the power source, the first and second terminals, and the electrical connector. The electrical connector includes a first end that is fixedly connected to the first terminal, and the disconnect switch includes an electrical connector that is fixedly connected to the second terminal. Another integrated system also accommodates the separation switch and includes fixed connections between the first node and the power supply, the second node and the separation switch, and the separation switch and the power supply.

A. Brent Hankins (Dallas, Texas), William C. Kahn (Denton, Texas)

PACCAR INC (Bellevue, Washington)

15694564 on 09/01/2017 (application released 1096 days old)

A vehicle includes one or more laser scanners and an on-board computer system communicatively coupled to the laser scanners. The computer system uses the information (for example, coordinate points) obtained from the laser scanner to calculate the tow angle of the vehicle (for example, the tow angle of the cab). The computer system may include a shape detection module and an angle detection module. The shape detection module detects the trailer based on the information obtained from the laser scanner. The angle detection module calculates the detected angle of the trailer relative to the laser scanner, and based on the angle The detection module calculates the direction of the detected trailer. The angle and dimensions of the trailer (such as width and length), and calculate the cab trailer angle based on the direction of the trailer. The computer system may include an autonomous operation module configured to use the cab trailer angle in autonomous or computer-guided vehicle maneuvers, such as parking maneuvers or reverse maneuvers.

Mark Alan Przybyla (Keller, TX)

Textron Innovations (Providence, Rhode Island)

Lawrence Youst (Lawrence Youst) PLLC (local)

16212045 on 12/06/2018 (635 days application released)

A rotary propulsion system for tiltrotor aircraft that can be operated to switch between rotating and non-rotating flight modes. The rotary propulsion system includes an engine coupled to an idling unit. The gear system positioned between the freewheeling unit and the accelerator assembly has a torque path coupling assembly provided between the engine-side gear assembly and the rotor-side gear assembly. In the disengaged position, the torque path coupling assembly interrupts the torque path between the engine and the transmission assembly. In the engaged position, the torque path coupling assembly completes the torque path between the engine and the proprotor assembly. The hybrid power unit is configured to accelerate the engine-side gear assembly to match the output speed with the input speed, so that the torque path coupling assembly can be shifted from the disengaged position to the engaged position.

David E. Heverly, II (Arlington, Texas), Frank B. Stamps (Colliville, Texas), Michael Smith (Colliville, Texas)

Baird Silom Corporation (Fort Worth, Texas)

16172326 on 2018/10/26 (676 days application released)

The rotor system includes a hub assembly, first, second, and third rotor blades rotatably attached to the hub assembly, pivotally attached to the hub assembly and pivotally attached to the first, second, and third rotor blades. Three-rotor first, second and third dampers. Blades, and control systems operably associated with the first, second, and third dampers. A method of controlling the vibration force exerted on a hub assembly via a first rotor blade and a second rotor blade includes controlling the dynamic spring rate of each of the first and second dampers through a control system, respectively.

George Miller (Dallas, Texas)

Patti Pershern, PLLC (local)

16176644 on 2018/10/31 (671 days application released)

Provides a way. The drone can operate in an autonomous mode, using an object detection processor and a decision processor to perform heading correction based on sensor data. Then, if there is an overriding situation, the UAV can enter the hover mode, and once the UAV is in the hover mode, it enters the remote control mode. In the remote control mode, flight control commands can be received via the cellular module in order to locate the drone in response to the flight control commands.

Frank Mathew Brenkus (McKinney, Texas), Patrick Joseph Bierschenk (Dallas, Texas), Ronald M. Gust (Minnesota)

Douglas Machinery Co. (Alexandria, Minnesota), Fritoli North America Inc. (Plano, Texas)

Barnes Thornburg LLP (local + 12 other cities)

15386888 on 12/21/2016 (1350-day application released)

A vertical shape filling and sealing device for packaging particles, comprising a packaging sealing assembly having opposed sealing claws, the opposed sealing claws being operatively connected to each other by mechanical connection at a common pivot point Join. The first jaw actuator is mechanically coupled to the opposing sealing jaws so that the jaws pivot about a common pivot point in a controlled manner. The second actuator is mechanically coupled to the package sealing assembly and is configured to impart a controlled reciprocating motion to the package sealing assembly. The controller is configured to control the first actuator and control the second actuator so that the jaws describe a preset stroke trajectory, thereby allowing flexibility in the type of bag made without changing the jaws. The packaging film may move continuously, or may alternatively be controlled to move intermittently through the VFFS.

Robert Eugene Brooks (Robert Eugene Brooks) (Pomona, California)


Warren Rhoades LLP (1 non-local office)

16125623 on 09/07/2018 (application released for 725 days)

A device for attaching a label to a moving cable, the device comprising: a roller for pressing the label against the moving cable, wherein the label has a first attaching edge and a second attaching edge, and wherein the roller includes: The first roller for pressing presses the label against the moving cable, wherein the first attachment edge and the second attachment edge of the label on the opposite side of the moving cable are pressed against the moving cable; the first direction The lower rolling roller is used to fold the second edge of the label on the moving cable; the second downward rolling roller is used to fold the first edge of the label on the moving cable.

Robbie Kinsala (Wahachachie, Texas)

Decker Jones PC (2 non-local offices)

16404812 on 05/07/2019 (483 days application released)

Envelopes usually include an interlayer including an outer layer, an outer plastic film layer fixed on the outer layer, a ceramic fiber layer, a radiation barrier layer, and one or more plastic film layer barrier layers fixed on the front or back of the radiation. The layered sandwich is folded into itself at the bottom and sealed on the sides to form an envelope, and a top closure is formed by folding the top down on the lower part of the fold. In other embodiments, the layered interlayer includes an outer radiation blocking layer and an inner radiation blocking layer, first, second, and third plastic film layers, and ceramic fiber layers. In some embodiments, the envelope includes a mesh layer.

Daniel Thomas Hale (Archer City, Texas), Luke Hale (Springtown, Texas)

American Energy Innovation Co., Ltd. (Springtown, Texas)

15135761 on 04/22/2016 (application released 1593 days old)

A system and method for supplying oil from a single cart to multiple saddle tanks of hydraulic fracturing equipment. The trolley has multiple retractable fuel lines for supplying and obtaining fuel. Each retractable fuel supply line uses flow meters, ball valves and electric valves to provide remote control to the controller according to the fueling requirements selected by the user. The electronic reporting system provides fuel data to operators and users. Fuel data, such as fuel tank status, stage level, fuel usage at daily level or working level, and fuel tank filling level.

Ivan Kmecko (Plano, Texas), John Charles Ehmke (Garland, Texas)

16215628 on 12/10/2018 (631 days application released)

In the described example, the first metal layer is arranged along the periphery of the cavity to be formed between the first substrate and the second substrate. The second metal layer is arranged adjacent to the first metal layer, wherein the second metal layer includes a cantilever. The cantilever is arranged to deform in response to a force applied from the contact structure of the second substrate during the bonding of the first substrate and the second substrate. The deformed cantilever is arranged to prevent contaminants from contacting the elements in the cavity.

Chad Lavender (McKinney, Texas)

Eldredge Law Firm (2 non-local offices)

15730522 on 10/11/2017 (application released 1056 days old)

A water tank processing system includes: a water tank having an inner cavity for storing water therein; the water tank having a threaded opening; and a water tank for containing water. And a treatment device having a main body forming an inner region, the main body being configured to be screwed to the screw opening. The absorbing material is disposed in the inner area, and the absorbing material is configured to absorb and treat the acid gas passing through the threaded opening. The color change indicator extends through the thickness of the main body and communicates with the absorbent material.

Arvind Yadav (Hesse, Indiana), Christoph Mollenkopf (Frankfurt, Germany), Peter Groer (Baben, Germany) Hausen)

Celanese International (Irving, TX)

Dority Manning, Pennsylvania (1 non-local office)

16684692 on 11/15/2019 (291 days of application release)

A composition and method for producing high-purity acesulfame potassium are described. One method includes the steps of: providing a crude acesulfame potassium composition comprising acesulfame potassium and acetoacetamide; concentrating the crude acesulfame potassium composition to form a water stream; and comprising acesulfame potassium and less than 33 wppm The intermediate acesulfame potassium composition of acetoacetamide; and the separation of the intermediate acesulfame. The potassium composition forms the final acesulfame potassium composition which contains acesulfame potassium and less than 33 wppm acetoacetamide. The concentration step is performed at a temperature lower than 90°C, and the separation step is performed at a temperature lower than or equal to 35°C.

16684710 on 11/15/2019 (291 days of application release)

A composition and method for producing high-purity acesulfame potassium are described. One method includes the step of forming a cyclic sulfur trioxide adduct. The cyclic sulfur trioxide adduct is hydrolyzed to form an acesulfame-H composition containing acesulfame-H; the acesulfame-H in the acesulfame-H composition is neutralized to form acesulfame potassium containing acesulfame potassium and less than 2800 wppm A crude acesulfame potassium composition of acetamide-N-sulfonic acid, wherein the neutralization step is at or maintained at a pH of 11.0 or below 11.0; the crude acesulfame potassium composition is treated to form a composition comprising acetyl The finished acesulfame potassium composition of potassium sulfamate and acetoacetamide-N-sulfonic acid less than 37wppm.

Corey Rakow (Fort Worth, TX), James Cole (Fort Worth, TX), Mike Schlueter (Fort Worth, TX), Paul Rudolph (Fort Worth, TX) ), Rod Nelson (Fort Worth, TX), Tracey Manton (Fort Worth, TX), Trevor Johnson (Fort Worth, TX)

BNSF Railroad Company (Fort Worth, Texas)

16024281 on 06/29/2018 (795 days application released)

The equipment used for the on-site dynamic repair of the railway may include two connected machines. The first of the machines can be a track lifting unit, which can clamp the railway track and lift the track as a whole out of the track bed. The first machine can also plow ballast from and/or towards the rail and level the rail bed before lowering the rail. In addition, the crawler lifting device can remove selected railway sleepers. The second machine may include a power unit that can provide hydraulic, pneumatic and electric power to the two machines. The power unit can also provide track stability through the stabilizer ast, and can release debris from the railway when the railway is raised.

David Leslie (Roanoke, TX)

JMH Innovative Solutions Co., Ltd. (Roanoke, Texas)

Snell Wilmer LLP (5 non-local offices)

16214432 on 12/10/2018 (631 days app released)

The present disclosure provides a sump drainage device. The sump drainage device includes a drainage trough, a ramp connected to the drainage trough, the ramp including an inclined plane configured to lead drainage water to the drainage trough, and a ramp connected to the ramp And is configured to connect the attachment flange of the drainage device of the sump. To the roof terrace, where the slope is configured to be positioned on the top of the roof terrace, and contains a sump insulation layer under the slope and above the roof terrace.

Claudio Caselli (Dallas, TX), Rahul Patki (Richardson, TX)

Daltile Corporation (Dallas, Texas)

Troutman Pepper Hamilton Hamiltoners LLP (location not found)

16732421 on 01/02/2020 (243 days application released)

A floor element for forming a floor covering, wherein the floor element includes: a decorative layer made of a ceramic material; and a decorative layer made of the ceramic material. The support layer is arranged below the decoration layer; the middle layer includes a hard resin material that penetrates into the lower surface of the decoration layer. The thickness of the decoration layer is between 8 and 10 mm. The support layer is made of hard PVC It includes more than 30 wt% filler material and is less than 6mm thick, and wherein the floor element includes an intermediate reinforcement layer having a resin material that penetrates into the lower surface of the decoration layer, wherein the intermediate reinforcement layer is a combination of the decoration layer and the Adhesive layer where supports are bonded together. Floor.

Anthony Penn (Lewisville, Texas), Mark Holly (Colonial Texas)

Halliburton Energy Services Company (Houston, Texas)

McGuire Woods LLP (local + 9 other metropolises)

15757300 on 04/06/2017 (1244 days application released)

The disclosed embodiment includes a retrievable bridge plug assembly. The retrievable bridge plug assembly includes: a sealing element that is elastically deformable to expand radially outward when the sealing element is compressed in the axial direction; and at least one anti-extrusion device located under the sealing element. At least one anti-extrusion device includes a shoulder that maintains contact with the sealing element during operation. The at least one anti-extrusion device further includes a plurality of anti-extrusion petals positioned downward from the shoulder, which expand radially outward from the anti-extrusion device. In addition, the at least one anti-extrusion device includes an expandable sleeve surrounding the plurality of anti-extrusion petals, and when the plurality of anti-extrusion petals expand radially outward from the anti-extrusion petals, the The expandable sleeve covers the extrusion gap of the plurality of anti-extrusion petals. equipment.

William Garrett Alka (Decatur, TX)

Liberty Lift Solutions, LLC (Houston, Texas)

Kubiak Law Firm PLLC (1 non-local office)

16374544 on 04/03/2019 (517 days of application release)

The gas lift system can be installed in the well to allow gas lift operations in which gas can be injected into the annular area of ​​the well while generating fluid through the inside of the production tube, or can be reversed as needed to inject gas into the well. Inside the production oil, the fluid is simultaneously produced to the annular area of ​​the well. To allow on-demand bidirectional production, two types of gas lift mandrels are installed as part of the production tube. Both types of gas lift mandrels are configured such that the gas lift valve is mounted to the outside of the mandrel. To facilitate the desired direction of gas passing through the two types of gas lift mandrels, a plug and play system with or without one-way valves can be used to direct and contain the pressurized gas flow in the well.

Scott Hunter (Arlington, Texas)

SPM Flow Control, Inc. (Fort Worth, Texas)

16004710 on 06/11/2018 (application released for 813 days)

According to one aspect, data identifying a component is received, where the component is part of a system associated with the wellhead. Identifies the location of the component relative to one or more other components. The useful remaining service life of the component is predicted based at least on the operating parameters specific to the location and the operating history of the component or one or more components equivalent thereto. According to another aspect, a model representing at least a part of the proposed system associated with the wellhead is generated, the model including a plurality of objects, each object having a proposed location and representing an existing component. Based on the operating parameters at the corresponding recommended location and the data associated with the corresponding operating history of the existing components, the usable remaining useful life of each object can be predicted.

Justin Mason (Justin Mason (Denton, TX), Richard Robb (Richard Robbie) (Mansfield, TX)

Halliburton Energy Services Company (Houston, Texas)

Polsinelli PC (local + 15 other cities)

16638022 on 2017/09/27 (1070 days of application released)

A method comprising introducing a perforating string into a wellbore through a subterranean formation, the perforating string having a perforating gun and a releasable tracer, the releasable tracer being responsive to the production of the subterranean formation The fluid is released when it comes into contact with a nearby perforating string. The method involves perforating the surface of the wellbore with a perforating gun and extracting fluid from the wellbore. The method also includes allowing the releasable tracer to be released from the perforation column after the fluid produced from the formation contacts the perforation column and flows to the inlet of the wellbore. Finally, at least one of the amount or presence of the releaseable tracer is measured, thereby indicating at least one of the amount or presence of fluid produced by the subterranean formation.

Donald Kyle (Plano, Texas), Gregory Thomas Wakehessel (Dallas, Texas), Michael Linley Fripp (Michael Linley Fripp) (Texas Card Rollon)

C.Tumey Law Group PLLC (location not found)

15482676 on 04/07/2017 (1243 days application released)

An echo communication system having a plurality of triggers arranged within a first distance between each other and a hub separated from the plurality of triggers by at least a second distance, the second distance being greater than the first distance distance. The hub is configured to wirelessly send a signal for one of the triggers, and if each trigger is not the intended recipient, each trigger will rebroadcast the same signal.

Gray Fowler (Allen, TX), Michael Brennan (McKinney, TX)

Raytheon Company (Waltham, Massachusetts)

Renner, Otto, Boisselle Sklar, LLP (1 non-local office)

15840279 on 12/13/2017 (993 days of application release)

A rocket throat insert includes an annular body with a radially inner annular wall portion and a radially outer annular portion. The inner wall portion has a contoured radial inner surface that defines the nozzle throat. The exterior includes an annular support structure that supports the inner wall portion and defines one or more insulating gaps arranged annularly around the inner wall portion. The insulating gap limits the radial flow of heat through the annular body.

Daniel Johnson (Double Oaks, Texas), Edward Cox (Camby, Texas), Starr Pitzer Jr. (Dallas, Texas)

ValveWorks, LLC (Dallas, Texas)

Scheef Stone, LLP (local)

15676624 on 08/14/2017 (1114 days old application released)

The present disclosure discloses a multi-component valve system for use in pumps, such as fracturing pumps used in the production of underground resources. The assembly includes a fixing pin with a fixing cap at its upper end. There is an insert holder, an insert under the insert holder, a valve under the insert, and a guide device under the valve on the positioning pin. The guide has a substantially truncated pyramid shape, and has a central portion at its upper end. The center part is centered on the fixing pin. The fixing pin has an enlarged lower end to fix the valve assembly together.

Justin Wade Hart (Melissa, TX)

EMERSON Process Management Regulator Technology Co., Ltd. (McKinney, Texas)

Hanley, Flight Zimmerman, LLC (1 non-local office)

16042412 on 07/23/2018 (771 days application released)

A fluid regulator is disclosed. Example devices include valve bodies, valve seats, and protrusions. The valve body has an inlet and an outlet. The valve seat is located in the valve body and between the inlet and the outlet. The protrusion is formed by the inner wall of the valve body between the valve seat and the outlet and extends along the inner wall of the valve body, and terminates near the outlet. At least one of the protrusions is spaced apart from the other of the protrusions. The protrusion will increase the uniformity of the flow pattern of the fluid flowing through the cross section of the outlet. Each protrusion has a central axis oriented perpendicular to the corresponding surrounding portion of the inner wall.

Ian James Burmania (Rockwall, TX), Robert B. Uselton (Plano, TX)

Lennox Industries Inc. (Richardson, Texas)

Baker Botts LLP (local + 8 other cities)

15257954 on 09/07/2016 (1455 days old application released)

A system including furnace, impeller and controller. The impeller guides air into the environment through the furnace. The controller receives a call to heat the environment or to circulate air in the environment. In response to receiving a request for heating the environment, the controller activates the furnace and the impeller, so that the impeller draws a first amount of power and rotates in a first direction, so that air is driven from the impeller through the furnace into the environment. In response to receiving a call to circulate air in the environment, the controller activates the impeller so that the impeller draws a second amount of power and rotates in a second direction, causing air to be expelled from the impeller into the environment, where the second amount of power The product of is smaller than the product of the first power, and the second direction is opposite to the first direction.

Tony Quisenberry (Highland Village, Texas)

THERMOTEK, INC. (Flower Hill, Texas)

Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley Norton, LLP (location not found)

16251770 on 01/18/2019 (592 days of application release)

The cooling system includes a first cooling device that is thermally exposed to the space to be cooled. The cooling system further includes a second cooling device that is thermally exposed to the space to be cooled and thermally exposed to the first cooling device. The heat discharged from the second cooling device powers the first cooling device.

Eric Berg (Texas Colony), Mark Olsen (Carrollton, Texas), Laksh Gore (Irving, Texas), Robert B. Usselton (Pry, Texas) promise)

15848637 on 12/20/2017 (986 days application released)

A refrigerant detector test system according to an aspect of the present disclosure includes a metering hole formed in a suction line provided between the evaporator coil and the compressor, a valve fluidly coupled to the metering hole, and a connection fluidly coupled to the valve tube. On the side opposite to the metering hole, the mixing device has an input hole, which is fluidly connected to the connecting pipe. In some embodiments, the mixing device includes: an air inlet, which is arranged near the input orifice; a throttle, which is located downstream of the input orifice and the air inlet; the throttle has a reduced cross-sectional area; and The diffuser part is located downstream of the restrictor. Part, the diffuser part has an output hole. According to aspects of the present disclosure, the refrigerant detector is fluidly exposed to the output orifice.

Lonnie Burrow (Carrollton, TX)


15671396 on 08/08/2017 (1120 days of application released)

The present invention provides a metal injection molded cartridge, which includes: a metal injection molded bottom having a primer recess communicating with a primer overflow hole extending into a propellant chamber; and a metal injection molded body from the metal The injection molded bottom extends.

Clinton Williams (Salt Lake, Michigan), John Charles Lafferty (Dickett, Michigan), Lou Pope (Ypsilanti, Michigan)

Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

Dinsmore Shohl LLP (14 non-local offices)

16264223 on 2019/01/31 (579 days application released)

A multifunctional input device for a steering wheel, which includes an outer dial having a flat surface and a central dial having a capacitive surface, so that the central dial responds to a capacitive touch along the capacitive surface. The center dial is arranged in the outer dial, and the outer dial can rotate around a rotation axis independent of the center dial, so that when the outer dial rotates, the center dial is rotatably fixed. The outer dial includes a recess positioned along a flat surface so that the recess can rotate around the center dial. The concave portion of the outer dial can be translated along the axis of rotation.

Lyle Yarnell (Allen, TX)

Albert Laboratory (Albert Park, Illinois)

16552783 on 08/27/2019 (371 days application released)

A liquid level sensing device and related methods are disclosed. An example method includes: moving the sleeve to pierce the seal of the container to provide access to the liquid in the cavity of the container; passing the probe through the channel of the sleeve and into the cavity of the container; when the probe When positioned at least partially in the sleeve: provide a first signal to the probe to cause the probe to emit a first electric field; and provide a second signal to the sleeve to cause the sleeve to emit a second electric field.

Sarah Stair (Arlington, TX)

Baylor University (Waco, Texas)

Jackson Walker LLP (local + 3 other metropolises)

August 8, 2015 14848009 (1820-day-old application released)

An embodiment for characterizing and quantifying a composite laminate structure including a structure having a surface that is curved in two and three dimensions is disclosed. The embodiment adopts a composite laminate of unknown layer stacking composition and sequence, and determines various information about each layer, such as layer stacking, orientation, microstructure and type. The embodiments can distinguish between braiding types, which can exhibit similar planar stiffness behavior, but produce different failure mechanisms. Then, each layer information can be used to derive the loose properties of the laminate from the constitutive properties provided by the outside of the fiber and the matrix, including tensile stiffness, bending-extension coupling stiffness, bending stiffness, etc. The loose properties of the laminate can then be used to generate a probabilistic failure envelope for the composite laminate. In some embodiments, the type and order of ply stacking of the curved carbon fiber composite material can also be determined by adding a rotating table by using the disclosed embodiments.

Aec Adoni (Secunderabad, India), Prajkta Vyavahare (Bangalore, India), Sreeram Subramanyam Nasum (Bangalore, India), Suvadip Bana Ji (Suvadip Banerjee) (Bangalore, India)

15989126 on 05/24/2018 (831-day application released)

A system that includes a controller for automatic test equipment (ATE) contactors to interface with a device under test (DUT). The device includes a power converter with a primary side and a secondary side, each side has One input/output (I/O) pin. The controller causes the ATE contactor to apply a load current on the secondary side of the power converter at a first value and change the load current to a second value. The contactor receives the first and second indications under the first and second load currents. These indications are the voltage on the primary side I/O pin, the voltage on the primary side of the power converter, and the primary side of the power converter. The input current on, the voltage on the secondary I/O pin, and the voltage on the secondary side of the power converter. The controller determines the primary side and secondary side ATE contactor resistances based on the first indication and the second indication.

Carey Glover (Rockwall, TX)

ams AG (Unterpremstaetten, AT)

Fish Richardson PC (local + 13 other cities)

15777887 on 11/14/2016 (1387 days old application released)

The sensor device for determining the flight time includes: a transmitter configured to periodically emit pulses of electromagnetic radiation according to a first clock signal; a photon demodulator configured to detect electromagnetic radiation during a detection interval including first and second intervals ; And processing circuit. The timing of the detection interval is defined by a second clock signal having a phase difference with respect to the first clock signal. The demodulator is configured to generate a demodulator signal according to energy of radiation detected during at least one of the first interval and at least one of the second interval, respectively. The processing circuit is configured to adapt the phase difference based on the demodulator signal, and generate an output signal indicating the time of flight based on the phase difference.

Karlheinz Muth (Richardson, Texas)


Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP (6 non-local offices)

16051237 on 07/31/2018 (763 days of application release)

Optoelectronic module. In some embodiments, the module includes: a housing, a substantially flat sub-carrier, a photonic integrated circuit and an analog electronic integrated circuit. The thermal conductivity of the secondary carrier is greater than 10 W/m/K. The photonic integrated circuit and the analog electronic integrated circuit are fixed to the first side of the sub-carrier, and the sub-carrier is fixed to the first wall of the housing. The second side of the sub-carrier opposite to the first side of the sub-carrier is parallel to the inner side of the first wall of the casing, is fixed and is in thermal contact with it.

Anil Bastola (Fort Worth, TX), Wei Liu (Fort Worth, TX), Ziwei Liu (Fort Worth, TX)

Corning Optical Communications Co. (Charlotte, North Carolina)

16194806 on 11/19/2018 (652 days application released)

A polyurethane composition is provided. The polyurethane composition includes a first part of a first polytetrahydrofuran, a second polytetrahydrofuran and a castor oil-based polyol. The viscosity of the second polytetrahydrofuran is higher than the viscosity of the first polytetrahydrofuran. The polyurethane composition also contains a second part of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate. There is also provided an optical cable assembly comprising the polyurethane composition as an overmold. According to the differential scanning calorimetry measurement, the glass transition temperature of the overmolding is less than 40°C. A method of applying overmolding to the optical cable assembly is also provided.

Kirk A. Miller (Dallas, Texas)

15370766 on 12/06/2016 (1365 days of release of the application)

An optical system (for example, a telescope) that includes an optical component that reflects and refracts light rays passing through a single window that surrounds the optical path to the detector. The visual field switch assembly includes a mounting bracket having a pair of steering mirrors, which are movably coupled to the optical assembly and can be selectively moved between a non-bypass position and a bypass position. When moving from the non-bypass position to the bypass position to redirect the light path, the turning mirror bypasses the first field of view and translates the second field of view (both through a single window). The steering mirror traverses the optical path in the non-bypass position. When moving between the non-bypass position and the bypass position, the dynamic blinds can block the second steering mirror and expose the second steering mirror. The four-bar linkage mechanism rotates the mount through the on-board motor and torsion shaft to absorb impact. Provides related methods for facilitating switching between fields of view.

Ercan M. Dede (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Paul Schmalenberg (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

16270314 on 02/07/2019 (application released 572 days old)

A system includes: a photoelectric display device, which includes a trap light source and an illumination light source; an image converter, which includes a light signal propagation guide and a light signal sensor; and a control unit. The capturing light source is configured to capture scattered particles, and the illumination light source is configured to illuminate the scattered particles configured to be captured by the capturing light source, thereby causing the electrophoretic display device to generate a volume image. The optical signal propagation guide is configured to guide the visual signal of the volume image to the optical signal sensor. The light signal sensor is configured to sense a visual signal and generate a planar image signal based on the visual signal. The control unit is configured to transmit a planar image signal, receive a user input signal in response to the transmission of the planar image signal, and control one or more of the trap light source and the illumination light source to change the volume image based on the user. input signal.

Geoffrey Dagley (McKinney, Texas), Jason Richard Hoover (Grapevine, Texas), Micah Price (Texas) State Plano), Jojo Don (Texas Colony), Stephen Michael Wylie (Carrollton, Texas)

Capital One Services, LLC (McLean, Virginia)

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett Dunner, LLP (9 non-local offices)

15915301 on 03/08/2018 (908 days application released)

The present disclosure relates to interactive projection systems. In one embodiment, an interactive projection system for a vehicle window may include a film having a plurality of sensors embedded therein, the plurality of sensors being configured to detect local pressure disturbances on the film; a projector, It is configured to project the user interface onto the film; and at least one processor. The at least one processor may be configured to perform operations including receiving a detection of a local pressure disturbance from at least one of a plurality of sensors based on the position of the detected local pressure disturbance, determining a change in the user interface, and determining a change in the user interface according to the determined position of the local pressure disturbance. To change, send a command to the projector to modify the user interface of the projection.

Dheera Balasubramanian (Richardson, Texas), Duc Bui (Prairie, Texas), Naveen Bhoria (Plano, Texas), Sahithi Krishna (Prairie, Texas)

15940283 on 03/29/2018 (887 days application released)

The disclosed embodiments relate to look-up table operations implemented in a digital data processor. The lookup table read instruction calls data elements of a specified data size from the table, and stores the called data elements in consecutive slots of the target register. The disclosed embodiment promotes data elements with selected signs or zero extension to a larger size. The source operand register stores the vector offset from the start address of the table. The target operand stores the result of the read lookup table. The look-up table instruction implies the base address register and the configuration register. The base address register stores the base address of the table. The configuration register sets various look-up table read operation parameters.

Steven Jeffrey Wallach (Dallas, Texas)

Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, Idaho)

Greenberg Traurig (27 non-local offices)

16028750 on 07/06/2018 (application released for 788 days)

The method executed in the processor includes: in the processor, receiving a branch instruction during processing; and receiving the branch instruction in the processor. The processor determines the address of the instruction following the branch instruction as a candidate for speculative execution, and the address includes an object identifier and an offset; the processor determines whether the branch instruction is in the branch instruction according to the object identifier of the address. The instruction is then speculatively executed.

Gary A. Cooper (Oakmont, PA), Jason Lynn Peck (Houston, TX), Markus Koesler ( Lan Shute, DE)

15981320 on 2018/05/16 (839-day application released)

The real-time debugger realizes that multiple debugging contexts can be maintained and managed, so that developers can interact with real-time applications without "destroying" the system where the debugging application is running. The debugger allows multiple debugging contexts and allows breakpoints in the real-time and non-real-time code portions of one or more applications executed on the debug-enabled kernel of the processor. The debug monitor function can be implemented as a hardware logic module on the same integrated circuit as the processor. It can service higher priority interrupt service requests while maintaining the context of the debugging session (for example, stopping at a breakpoint defined by the developer). Therefore, the application developer executing the debugger may not need to care about the processing that occurs on the processor that is not related to the current debugging session.

15981377 on 05/16/2018 (839-day application released)

Bhupendra Sharma (Bangalore, Indiana), Douglas Edward Wente (Murphy, TX), Huangzhang Huang (Plano, TX), Mustafa Ulvi Erdogan (Allen, TX), Saurabh Goyal ( Bangalore, Indiana), Win Naing Maung (Plano, TX)

16404494 on 05/06/2019 (application issued for 484 days)

Aspects of the present disclosure provide a circuit including a squelch detector having a squelch detector coupled to a first node and configured to receive a positive component of a differential signal using a floating center tap, coupled to a second node and Configured to receive the second input. The negative component of the differential signal and the output coupled to the logic circuit are coupled to the first resistor between the first node and the third node, and the second resistor coupled between the third node and the second node is coupled to the first resistor. The third resistance node and the fourth node between the node and the third node, the fourth resistance is coupled between the fourth node and the second node, the capacitor is coupled between the fourth node and the ground terminal, the first input of the comparator Coupled to the third node, the second input is coupled to the fifth node node and coupled to the output of the logic circuit.

Gopikrishna Nemalikanti (Frisco, TX), Jerzy Miernik (Allen, TX), Manu Kurian (Dallas, TX)

Bank of America Corporation (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Banner Witcoff, Ltd. (3 non-local offices)

16665342 on 2019/10/28 (309-day application released)

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to the use of automated response systems to analyze intelligent data. The computing platform may receive user feedback information from the user equipment, and the user feedback information includes user feedback corresponding to the enterprise organization. Thereafter, the computing platform may identify the sender of the user feedback and identification information corresponding to the user feedback based on the user feedback information. Then, the computing platform can retrieve the hierarchical information including multiple automatic responses from the hierarchical rule server and based on the identification information. Subsequently, the computing platform can determine automatic responses from multiple automatic responses based on the analysis level information and user feedback. Next, the computing platform can generate one or more commands that instruct the external response server to perform an automatic response. Then, the computing platform can send one or more commands.

Francisco Acosta (Dallas, Texas), Pol Cmara Sol (Canary Islands, ES)

Stone Boutique Technologies, LLC (Dallas, Texas)

Hubbard Johnston PLLC (local)

16014604, June 21, 2018 (803 days old application released)

The present invention generally relates to a system for obtaining images of real stone slabs and visualizing them in a virtual 1:1 ratio. Scale, design and view the final installation in 2D and 3D, and use actual flat panels instead of sample photography. This feat is achieved through the combination of multiple systems. These include: 1. The photographing process 2. The computer system used to store and manage the virtual warehouse of actual flat images; 3. 1:1 display system; 4. Catalog application; and 5. Visualization tool.

David Andrew Caulkins (Dallas, Texas), Jerry A. Beers (Frisco, Texas)

Quickpatents, LLC (1 non-local office)

15990493 on 05/25/2018 (830 days application released)

An optical code system for processing optical codes representing audio waveforms present in audio files, for example, includes a server, a database module, and a non-volatile storage system, all of which are interconnected and preferably communicate with a network to remotely connect users. The system includes two main subsystems: code generation system and code matching system. The code generation system generates an optical code based on the audio waveform, which is then scanned and recognized by the code matching system. In this way, once the code matching system matches the optical code with a specific audio waveform, the associated audio file and associated waveform data can be delivered to the user.

15488180 on 04/14/2017 (1236 days old application released)

A monitoring system and a method for operating the monitoring system in a prisoner tracking system in a controlled environment are disclosed. The surveillance system receives video and audio data from devices located in a controlled environment, and organizes the video and audio data in configuration files that allow the search for video and audio to be performed. The surveillance system analyzes the video and audio data and generates a configuration file to include the identified objects associated with the video and audio data.

He Yang (Texas Colony)

State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company (Bloomington, Illinois)

Marshall, Gerstein Borun LLP (2 non-local offices)

16023414 on 06/29/2018 (795 days application released)

In the computer-implemented method and related tangible non-transitory computer-readable media, images of damaged vehicles can be analyzed to generate repair estimates. The data set filled with the digital image of the damaged vehicle and the associated claim data can be used to train a deep learning neural network to learn features of the damaged vehicle image that can predict the features of the claim data, and a predictive similarity model can be generated. Using the predictive similarity model, one or more similarity scores can be generated for the digital image of the newly damaged vehicle to indicate one or more numbers of the damaged vehicle with known damage degree, repair time and/or repair cost Similarity of images. A repair estimate can be generated for the newly damaged vehicle based on the claim data associated with the image most similar to the image of the newly damaged vehicle.

Patrick Lawrence (Plano, TX)

16017654 on 06/25/2018 (799 days application released)

A device configured to simulate image mapping in a Correlithm object processing system, including a memory and one or more processors. The memory stores a Correlithm object mapping table, and the Correlithm object mapping table is configured with multiple source image elements and multiple corresponding target Correlithm objects. The processor receives an input image element including an n pixel array of binary values, and determines the n-dimensional distance between the input image element and each source image element. The processor then identifies the source image element that has the closest distance to the determined n-dimensional. The processor determines whether the deviation between the input image element and the identified source image element is within a predetermined tolerance. The processor recognizes a target correlithm object corresponding to the recognized source image, and determines a disturbance to be applied to the recognized target correlithm object based on the determined deviation.

Duane Cash (McKinney, Texas), Hudson Jameson (Aubrey, Texas)

United Service Automobile Association (San Antonio, Texas)

Fletcher Yoder, PC (1 non-local office)

15592925 on 05/11/2017 (1209 days old application released)

A portable token device is described that can be used to request transactions performed on an exchange system. Token devices use biometric data (such as fingerprints) to authenticate users. When approaching a point of sale (POS) terminal, the token device communicates with the POS terminal via a wireless network to authorize transactions involving the user. The exchange system uses blockchain elements that can be used in payment devices to manage payments or other types of transactions, as well as to manage user accounts. The exchange system enables users to register with the system and enables the computing devices of various users to be used as confirmation centers for new transactions and/or transfers of funds between users.

Avid Ghamsari (Frisco, TX), Geoffrey Dagley (McKinney, TX), Jason Hoover (Grapevine, TX), Micah Price (Pray, TX) Connaught), Qiao Qiaotang (Texas Colony)

16659809 on 2019/10/22 (315 days application released)

The aspects described herein can facilitate automatic discounting of vehicles with limited human-computer interaction. The server may receive a request to start value determination of the vehicle associated with the user. The server may receive first data, the first data including: vehicle-specific identification information, and multimedia content showing the first aspect of the vehicle. The user can be instructed to place the vehicle in a predetermined staging area. The server may receive second data from one or more image sensors associated with the staging area, the second data including multimedia content showing the second aspect of the vehicle. The server may create a feature vector including the first data and the second data. The feature vector can be input into a machine learning algorithm corresponding to the vehicle-specific identification information of the vehicle. Based on machine learning algorithms, the server can determine the value of the vehicle.

Arjun Dugal (Dallas, TX), Geoffrey Dagley (McKinney, TX), Jason Richard Hoover (Grapevine, TX), Micah Price (Plano, TX), Qiaochu Tang (Texas Colony), Raman Bajaj (Frisco, Texas), Sanjiv Yajnik, Dallas, Texas, Stephen Mic

16116890 on 08/29/2018 (734 days application released)

A system and method for processing images using machine learning are provided. The system includes a processor that communicates with a client device, and a storage medium that stores instructions that, when executed, cause the processor to perform the following operations: determine the location of the client device; and determine the location of the client device. Receive the image of the vehicle from the client device; use a machine learning algorithm to match the image with one or more images of the vehicle in the database. These operations also include: retrieving vehicle information based on the matched one or more images; and obtaining user information related to the financing request of the vehicle; determining the real-time quotation of the vehicle based on the vehicle information and user information and sending the real-time quotation to the client device .

Lee Scott Spradling (Fort Worth, TX), Stephen W. Lindsey (Fort Worth, TX)


Thomson Reuters (15 non-local offices)

14792652 on 07/07/2015 (1883 days application released)

The systems and techniques used to plan and perform audits are disclosed. The system and technology determine whether to perform an audit of an entity or an audit for a specific procedure, and automatically select one or more compliance procedures to be used in the audit process.

Eckert without er (Mountain View, California)

Futurewei Technologies, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

Vierra Magen Marcus, LLP (2 non-local offices)

15902522 on 02/22/2018 (922 days application released)

A system and method for supplying security devices to the network is provided. The system includes a voucher server configured to provide a voucher to the logistics equipment and a security pledge device associated with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier) ​​chip, where the RFID chip includes a voucher obtained from the voucher server and written into the RFID chip. Logistics equipment and credentials are used to provide mo

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