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The granted patents include:

Enhanced group communication service

Vehicle selection platform

Geographic positioning system and its use method

Compact gabled house design and assembly

Nano fiber yarn spinning system

Automated assistance in retail decision-making

Double-click event detection device

Carbon nanotubes assist antibiotic delivery

Use ambient light for motion detection and elimination

Aircraft Digital Event Ledger

The illustration in U.S. Patent No. 10,898,820 assigned to Kidkraft "Design and Assembly of Compact Multi-storey Gable House". the company

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Texas Instruments (Dallas) 26

Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America (Plano) 10

SanDisk Technology (Addison) 5

Enseo Inc. (Plano) 4

Futurewei Technologies Inc. (Plano) 4

International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, NY) 4

Capital One Services LLC (McLean, Virginia) 3

Fujitsu Co., Ltd. (Kawasaki, Japan) 2

NCH ​​Corporation (Owen) 2

Unassigned 8

William C. Fang (Plano) 4

Hu Binghua (Plano) 2

Fu Dianbo (Mural) 2

Ercan M. Dede (Ann Arbor, Michigan) 2

Jeffrey Dagley (McKinney) 2

Jason Hoover (Vine) 2

anzhengzheng (Yokkaichi, JP) 2

Qiao Chu Tang (Colony) 2

Robert Mark Harrison (Vine) 2

Thomas Miller (Plano) 2

Dennis Scryba (Forney, Texas)


Sanchelima Associates, Pennsylvania (1 non-local office)

16161560 on 2018/10/16 (833-day application released)

An apparatus for planting seeds includes: an elongated tube including a piston; a shaft coupled to the piston; and a cylinder coupled to the piston. The device includes a foot pole and a handle connected to a slender tube. The handle rod includes a rod coupled to the shaft. In addition, the device includes a container for storing seeds provided on the handle. The container includes a first conduit extending over the entire length of the elongated tube. The user of the device puts pressure on the foot bar to insert the elongated tube into the ground. The lever is operated to lift the container through the shaft and the piston, so that the dirt collected in the container forms a hole on the ground. Subsequently, the seed is allowed to fall into the hole through the first duct. In addition, the lever is operated to drip the dirt collected in the container into the hole to cover the seeds in the hole.

Amanda Rosmarin (Latana, TX), Charles J. Greenwald (Irving, TX), Daniel Aberle (Irving, TX), Gabriel FK Everett (Mansfield, TX) , George Aboagye (Derby, GB), Jordan E. Church (Dallas, Texas), Judy Pruitt (Mesquite, Texas)

NCH ​​Corporation (Irvine, Texas)

Scheef Stone, LLP (local)

16178905 on 11/02/2018 (816 days application released)

Compositions and methods for activating probiotic spores in food and beverage products such as tea, coffee, soup and sauces. The nutritional sprouting agent composition contains one or more L-amino acids, optionally one or more buffering agents, to maintain the pH of the composition when added to the water in the range of about 6-8, optionally including D-glucose, D-fructose or both. D-glucose and D-fructose, and optional osmoprotectants. The nutritional sprouting agent composition, one or more of [i] Bacillus[/i] spores and food or beverage products may be pre-mixed in any combination. Water is added to the mixture and heated to a temperature range of 42 to 100°C to germinate the probiotic spores before consumption.

Terry Treacy (Fort Worth, Texas)

Hampley Law Firm, PLLC (1 non-local office)

15440046 on 02/23/2017 (1433 days of the application to be released)

The brush device for distributing the cleaning liquid may include a cleaning head part; a cleaning head part; a cleaning head part; and a cleaning head part. The neck is connected to the cleaning head part; the handle part connected to the neck; a bellows is formed in the neck to apply the cleaning liquid to the cleaning head part. A distribution outlet valve is formed in the cleaning head part to distribute the cleaning liquid from the brush device. The handle cover is removable and formed in the handle part. Except for the bellows, the distribution outlet valve and the handle cover, the cleaning brush can be integrally formed.

Jaiganesh Balakrishnan (Bangalore, Indiana), Sarma Sundareswara Gunturi (Bangalore, Indiana)

Establishment of Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas)

No lawyer

15835646 on 12/08/2017 (1145 days old application released)

The device for detecting the heart rate of a user includes a motion detection circuit configured to generate a motion state signal indicating the motion state of the user. The device also includes a filter circuit coupled to the motion detection circuit, the filter circuit configured to generate a filter circuit output signal based on the dynamic variable. The coefficient depends on the motion state signal and the first signal received by the filter circuit. The device also includes a combination circuit coupled to the filter circuit and configured to receive a second signal indicative of ambient light, the user's motion, and non-ambient light reflected from the user. The combination circuit is configured to determine the difference between the second signal and the filter circuit output signal to generate the combination circuit output signal.

Neal Davis Johnston (Dallas, Texas)

DexCom, Inc. (San Diego, California)

Knobbe, Martens, Olson Bear, LLP (9 non-local offices)

15387393 on 12/21/2016 (1497 days old application released)

A system for applying a transdermal monitor to a person can include a telescoping assembly, a sensor, and a base with an adhesive that couples the sensor to the skin. When the base protrudes from the far end of the system, the sensor can be located in the telescoping assembly. The system can be configured to couple the sensor to the base through a compression and expansion assembly.

Michael Calhoun (Lighthouse Point, Florida), Robert Vidlund (Lake Forest, Minnesota)

JD Franco Co., LLC (Plano, Texas)

Bookoff McAndrews, PLLC (1 non-local office)

15993359 on 05/30/2018 (972 days application issued)

A method for treating tissues of at least one of the internal carotid artery, the ophthalmic artery or the mouth between the internal carotid artery and the ophthalmic artery of a subject may include expanding the first expandable first device in the internal carotid artery Device. . The method may also include delivering the second device in the ophthalmic artery via the first device, and expanding the second expandable device of the second device in the ophthalmic artery. Additionally, the method may include adjusting the radial position of the second expandable device relative to the first expandable device.

John Harutunian (John Harutunian) (Vineyard, Texas), Vikram Garradi (Fort Worth, TX)

Mentor Worldwide LLC (Irving, California)

Doherty IP Law Group LLC (1 non-local office)

16528797 on 08/01/2019 (544 days application released)

The implantable prosthesis includes a shell having an apex, a base, a radius between the apex and the base, and a dome extending between the apex and the radius. The casing has an outer surface and an inner surface, and the inner surface surrounds the inner space of the casing. At least one rib is formed integrally with the inner surface of the housing and protrudes inwardly into the inner space of the housing from the inner surface of the housing. The shell has an internal volume suitable for containing the biocompatible filling material.

James P. DeYoung (Dallas, Texas)

Micell Technologies, Inc. (Durham, North Carolina)

Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz Mentlik, LLP (1 non-local office)

15705489 on 09/15/2017 (1229 days of application released)

A method for depositing a coating containing a polymer and an agent on a substrate, the method includes the following steps: at least one agent in a therapeutically ideal form is discharged in the form of a dry powder through a first orifice. At least one polymer in the form of a dry powder is discharged through the second hole; the polymer and/or drug particles are deposited on the substrate, wherein a potential is maintained between the substrate and the drug and/or polymer particles, thereby forming The coating; sintering the coating under conditions that do not substantially change the morphology of the agent.

Mark Dean (Fort Worth, TX)

Acclarent, Inc. (Irving, California)

Frost Brown Todd LLC (local + 4 other cities)

16053925 on 08/03/2018 (907 days application released)

The dilatation catheter includes a shaft and an expandable element. The shaft includes a proximal part and a distal part. The distal portion includes a tip and a bend. The size and configuration of the tip allows it to pass through the isthmus of the Eustachian tube (ET). The elbow is close to the tip. The bend is formed at an angle configured to insert the tip into the isthmus of the ET through the ear canal associated with the ET. The expandable element is provided at the distal end portion of the shaft. The expandable element is configured to switch between a non-expanded state and an expanded state. The expandable element in the non-expanded state is configured for insertion into the ET via the isthmus. The expandable element in the expanded state is configured as an expanded ET.

Anton V.Naumov (Arlington, Texas)

Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, Texas)

Whitaker Chalk Swindle Schwartz PLLC (2 non-local offices)

16366007 on 03/27/2019 (671 days application released)

Shows a new approach that can be delivered for drug-resistant infections. Nanotubes and antibiotics are compounded in a non-covalent manner, without chemical bonds, but controlled by the adsorption of antibiotics on the surface of the nanotubes. There is a sufficiently strong molecular attraction between the two molecules. This makes it easier for antibiotics to be released from the nanotubes when they reach the cell membrane. When antibiotics are introduced together with nanotubes in this way, the resistance of the bacteria can be reduced by potentially transferring the nanotubes into the membrane of the bacteria. Nanotubes used in this way help overcome antibiotic resistance.

Courtney A. Follit (Dallas, Texas), Frances K. Brewer (Wahah Hatch, Texas), John G. Wise (Dallas, Texas), Pia D. Vogel (Dallas, Texas)

Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas)

Chalker Flores, LLP (local)

16715779 on 2019/12/16 (released 407 days of application)

The present disclosure provides a method of treating a subject resistant to one or more drugs by identifying a subject having one or more drug-resistant cells. A pharmaceutically effective amount of inhibitor compound is administered to the subject, and one or more drug-resistant cells are contacted with the inhibitor compound to reduce the output of the inhibitor compound from one or more drug-resistant tumor cells And prevent the transportation of the drug(s) from one or more drug-resistant cells.

Earl Fanta (Plano, TX)

NuVasive, Inc. (San Diego, California)

15622985 on 06/14/2017 (1322 days of application to be released)

A bone implant containing cancellous bone that is substantially free of blood cells. The bone implant has been treated with at least one loosening agent (such as collagenase or digestive enzyme) for a certain time and concentration to loosen the cancellous bone. Osteoblast matrix. Osteoblasts in the matrix are living cells. Treatment of cancellous bone with at least one loosening agent makes osteoblasts more available to perform their osteogenic functions and provide an increased rate of bone formation. Such implants may also include softened bone, such as softened cortical bone, which enhances the bone regeneration ability of cancellous bone.

Pranesh Aswath (Grapevine, TX), Venu Varanasi (Lewisville, TX)

University of Texas System College (Austin, Texas), University of Texas College System (University of Texas College), UT-BATTELLE, LLC (Oakridge, Tennessee) Board of Directors

Meunier Carlin Curfman LLC (1 non-local office)

14848107 was released on September 8, 2015 (application released in 1967)

Amorphous SiOx (SiO2), SiONx, and silicon nitride (Si3N4) surface treatments are provided on both metal (titanium) and non-metal surfaces. The surface treatment of amorphous silicon film has been shown to enhance the biological activity of osteoblasts and osteogenic progenitor cells, including the formation of biominerals and the expression of osteogenic gene panels, as well as the enhanced formation of surface hydroxyapatite (HA). In the presence of osteoblasts, the use of an amorphous silicon-based surface treatment can provide a mineralized tissue interface and provide improved osteocyte production/repair and interface to ensure firm attachment/adhesion to bone. A method for providing a PEVCD-based silicon cover layer on the surface is provided. A method of increasing the expression of antioxidant enzymes (eg, superoxide dismutase) on the treated surface to enhance healing is also provided. It also describes a method for continuously producing Si 4+ ions in the presence of osteoblasts/osteoblast progenitor cells and releasing them to the in vitro or in vivo environment, and also describes a method for using Si 4+ ions to increase the rate of bone healing/bone regeneration .

Robert Michael Staruch (Dallas, Texas)

KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS NV (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

15769078 on 10/13/2016 (1566 days old application released)

One method includes: generating a hyperthermia heat plan for the tissue of interest; generating a radiation treatment plan suitable for hyperthermia for the tissue of interest; controlling the heat source ([b] 126 [/ b]) to transfer heat to the sensor according to the following steps Organizations of interest: According to the radiotherapy plan adapted to hyperthermia, control the hyperthermia heat plan, and control the radiation source of the radiotherapy system ([b] 100 [/ b]) to deliver radiation to the organization of interest. A system that includes: a radiotherapy planner ([b] 124 [/ b]), which is configured to generate a hyperthermia-adapted radiotherapy plan for the tissue of interest; a radiotherapy system ([b] 100 [/ b]), It is configured to deliver radiation according to a radiotherapy plan adapted to hyperthermia, and a high-temperature heat transfer system configured to deliver heat according to the high-temperature plan ([b] 126 [/ b]).

Benjamin Lund (Benjamin Lund (Wayley, Texas), Gregory T. Elson (Dallas, Texas), Walter Voight (Dallas, Texas)

Adaptive 3D Technology (Dallas, TX), Board of Directors of the University of Texas System (Austin, TX)

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett Dunner, LLP (9 non-local offices)

15458220 on 03/14/2017 (1414 days application released)

Semi-crystalline thiourethane polymer. Semi-crystalline thiourethane polymers include sequential chains of monomers of the first type that are covalently bonded to the second monomer through thiourethane bonds. Each of the monomers of the first type includes two or more thiol functional groups, and each of the monomers of the second type includes two or more isocyanate functional groups. The first and second types of monomers are polymerized together in an anionic gradual growth polymerization reaction, which is catalyzed by a non-nucleophilic base with a pKa greater than 7 produced by photo-initiated decomposition of the photosensitive base. Also disclosed is a synthesis method, polymer injection and a stereolithography method for manufacturing polymer parts.

Jesse J. Wrabel (Fort Worth, TX), Suvankar Mishra (Carrollton, TX), Vance N Cribb (III) (Aredo, Texas)


Patent Capital Group (local + 6 other metropolises)

16036228 on 07/16/2018 (app to be released for 925 days)

In an example embodiment, a method is provided that may include forming a layer stack including a plurality of uncured composite layers, wherein one or more of the plurality of uncured composite layers includes A plurality of perforations extending at least partially through. The thickness of one or more uncured composite layers; and press the laminate to form a composite structure. The plurality of perforations may provide a path for removing volatiles through the thickness of one or more uncured composite layers of the laminate laminate during compaction. During the compaction process, volatiles can also be removed through the edges of the laminate stack. In some cases, all uncured composite layers of the laminate stack may include a plurality of perforations that extend at least partially through the thickness of each uncured composite layer.

Robert Patrick (Plano, TX)

Cionca IP Law PC (location not found)

16679058 on 11/08/2019 (445 days application released)

A wheel assembly with multiple sinusoidal channel wheels. The sinusoidal channel wheels have sinusoidal channels arranged around the circular outer surface of each sinusoidal channel wheel. Compared with the wheels of other material processing equipment, the wheel assembly has a sinusoidal channel, so it has better maneuverability and longer service life. The sinusoidal channel also provides heat dissipation and has the ability to push debris away from the material handling equipment.

Dale R. Williams (Cambridge, California), Matt R. Cormier (Cambridge, California), Philip A. Lavallee (St. George, California)

Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

Darrow Mustafa PC (2 non-local offices)

16183225 on 11/07/2018 (811 days application released)

The wheel lock key assembly includes a wheel lock key portion configured to engage a key groove feature on the wheel lock. The driving tool coupling part is connected to the wheel locking key part, and includes a surface configured to be rotatably coupled to the driving tool so that the driving tool can rotate the wheel locking key part by a force acting on the surface. The surface extends along a plane extending parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel lock key portion. The holding member is deformable to change the radial distance that the outer surface extends from the axis of rotation. The retaining member deformation mechanism is actuatable to deform the retaining member to change the radial distance so that the outer surface extends beyond the plane at least a predetermined distance before the wheel lock key assembly is rotationally coupled to the drive tool.

Paxton S. Williams (Milan, Michigan), Scott Louis Frederick (Brighton, Michigan)

16453060 on 06/26/2019 (580 days of release)

The trunk cover for the cargo bed of a vehicle includes a first air flow channel extending along the inside of the trunk cover. The airflow inlet is configured to enable airflow to flow into the first airflow channel from the outside of the trunk cover. The air flow outlet is configured to enable air to be discharged from the first air flow channel to the outside of the wine barrel cover. The cross-sectional area of ​​the first airflow channel decreases in a direction extending from the airflow inlet to the airflow outlet.

Edward Yau (Forest Hills, New York), Jacob C. Hert (Ypsilanti, Michigan), John Salvia (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Patrick J. Eyre Degas (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Robert Jones (Lexington, Kentucky), Shelby L. Brown (Brighton, Michigan), Vikas Bhatia (South Lyon, Michigan)

Dinsmore Shohl LLP (14 non-local offices)

16449798 on 06/24/2019 (582 days of application release)

A seat assembly for a vehicle with a frame member, including a seat back, a seat cushion and a seat bracket. The frame member extends along the floor of the vehicle and includes holes. The seat cushion is pivotally coupled to the seat back to move between the use position and the raised position. The seat bracket is coupled to at least one of the seat back and the seat cushion. The seat bracket includes a pin extending downward in the vertical direction of the vehicle. The pin engages with the hole to temporarily attach the seat cushion and the seat to the frame member on the vehicle floor, and prevents the seat assembly from rotating in the forward direction of the vehicle when the seat cushion is in a raised position for the following reasons: Engagement through the hole of the frame member.

Jacob Blaharski (Northville, Michigan)

16364607 on 03/26/2019 (672 days application issued)

The vehicle interior components include: a motor vehicle dashboard; a motor vehicle center console spaced apart from the dashboard; and a reinforced decorative panel formed separately from the dashboard and the center console. The reinforced plaque is connected to the dashboard and the center console at the same time to fix the center console on the dashboard.

Clifton Ellis (Weatherford, TX), Jeffrey Smith (Prosperity, TX), Kenneth Damon (Fort Worth, TX)

PACCAR INC (Bellevue, Washington)

15993421 on 05/30/2018 (972 days application issued)

An aerodynamic control system for a ground vehicle includes: a LiDAR module, which includes at least one LiDAR sensor configured to obtain wind data upstream of the ground vehicle. Computing equipment; aerodynamic device controller; aerodynamic device, which includes a control surface. The computing device is configured to receive wind data from the LiDAR module and generate an output signal based on the wind data. The aerodynamic device controller is configured to receive an output signal from the computing device and generate a control signal to control the aerodynamic device to adjust the aerodynamic characteristics of the ground vehicle based at least in part on the wind data. The change in the configuration of the control surface may include increasing or decreasing the deflection angle of at least one aerodynamic device. The aerodynamic device may include, for example, a pneumatic aerodynamic device or an electromechanical aerodynamic device.

Blair C. Perkins (Georgetown, Kentucky)

15877821 on 01/23/2018 (application released for 1099 days)

A multi-rod actuating assembly for installing a vehicle door on a vehicle includes a driver including a piston arm and a housing movably accommodating the piston arm; a multi-rod linkage mechanism including a basic support structure; first The lever link is pivotally connected to the second link pivotally connected to the driver and the base support structure, and the toggle link connecting the first link and the second link, and pivotally connected to the toggle link The suction end effector. The end effector pivot, which engages the window of the car door. The driver extends and retracts the piston arm, so that the end effector pivot axis moves along the door arc around the door pivot axis, and the suction end effector engages with the window of the door.

Peymon Hashimoto (Arlington, Texas)

Patent Grove LLC (location not found)

16853443 on 04/20/2020 (281-day application released)

The lighting system for tilting vehicles includes: a pivot frame configured to be fixed to a light emitting and/or light reflecting device; a base; a frame configured to be fixed to a lamp; and a motor mounted to the pivot frame and the lamp Mentioned base. The motor is configured to provide rotational movement of the pivot frame relative to the base. The controller in electrical communication with the motor is configured to receive sensor data of the tilt angle of the tilted vehicle, and control the motor based on the tilt angle to rotate the pivot frame to a desired angle with respect to the mounting frame.

David E. Heverly, II (Arlington, Texas)

Bell Helicopter TEXTRON INC. (Fort Worth, Texas)

15960931 on 04/24/2018 (1008 days old application released)

A method and system for isolating vibration includes a first pair of fluid chambers arranged to isolate a first vibration between a first body and a second body, wherein the first vibration is parallel to a first axis, and wherein the first body is a propeller hub , Rotor hub, pylon attachment or engine, where the second body is the propeller shaft, rotor mast or body attachment; the second pair of fluid chambers are arranged to isolate the second vibration between the first body and the second body, where the first The two vibrations are parallel to a second axis perpendicular to the first axis; the first and second inertial tracks are respectively arranged to fluidly communicate the first and second pairs of chambers. A plurality of elastic energy storage devices are coupled to the first body and the second body, and are arranged to isolate the vibration between the first body and the second body.

Bryan K. Baskin (Arlington, TX), Chris P. Butler (Frisco, TX)

Sikorsky Aircraft Company (Stratford, Connecticut)

Michael Best Friedrich LLP (10 non-local offices)

15774659 on 10/07/2016 (1572 days of application to be released)

A fairing system includes a hub fairing and a fixed fairing, such as a shaft fairing or a tower fairing, which are all arranged around a rotation axis. A gap is defined between the hub fairing and the fixed fairing, and a sealing assembly is axially inserted between the hub fairing and the fixed fairing. Both the fixed fairing and the hub fairing are detachably mounted to the sealing assembly, so that one or both of the fairings can be detached from the sealing assembly without disturbing the sealing assembly to provide a pair of arrangement in the fairing Access to the widgets.

Charles Easley, Dakota (Dallas, TX)

Textron Innovations (Providence, Rhode Island)

Lawrence Youst (Lawrence Youst) PLLC (local)

16113577 on 08/27/2018 (883-day application released)

An unmanned aerial vehicle whose fuselage has first and second wing modules with first and second towers extending between them. The thrust array is connected to the fuselage and includes two propulsion assemblies connected to each of the first and second wings. The power system is operatively associated with the thrust array and is operable to provide power to each propulsion assembly. The flight control system is operably associated with the thrust array and is operable to independently control the speed of each propulsion assembly. Each wing module is selected from multiple wing modules, each wing module has its own function, and each wing module can be interchangeably connected with the first and second hangers, so that the fuselage can support multiple wing modules. The function of each wing module.

Carter Ash (Flower Hill, Texas)

Airlite Plastics Co. (Omaha, Nebraska)

Banner Witcoff, Ltd. (3 non-local offices)

16686409 on 11/18/2019 (435 days application released)

An aspect of the present disclosure relates to a cup including a bottom, side walls extending upward from the bottom to the top of the cup to define an internal cavity and an open top, wherein the side walls include an upper side wall and a lower side located between the upper side walls wall. Side walls and base. The lower side wall may include a lower wall and a plurality of raised ribs extending radially outward from the lower wall and separated by recesses, and the ribs and recesses are thin in the direction between the top and the bottom. long. The cup may include a ring-shaped ledge connecting the upper side wall to the lower side wall, wherein the ring-shaped ledge extends inwardly from the upper side wall to the lower side wall, and a reduction in the width of the side wall is formed between the upper side wall and the lower side wall. small.

Christopher Schikevitz (Mansfield, Texas)

Siemens Logistics, LLC (DFW Airport, Texas)

16863017 on April 30, 2020 (271 days of application released)

The telescopic conveyor includes a base and one or more cantilevered portions mounted on the base and operable to extend and retract telescopically with respect to the base. The control switch is located in multiple positions to enable the operator to extend or retract one or more boom sections. The telescopic conveyor is configured such that when a predetermined degree of retraction is reached during the retraction operation, an operator-controlled change is applied to enable the operator to continue to retract the one or more cantilever portions. The changed operator control requires the operator to stay away from potentially dangerous locations during continuous retraction operations.

Christopher F. Bender (Garland, Texas), Melean Visnick (Irving, Texas), Xinjiang (Koper, Texas)


Parker Highlander PLLC (1 non-local office)

16527171 on 2019/07/31 (545 days application released)

Aaron C. Dilbeck (Dallas, TX), David A. Earl (Corning, NY), Linda Robledo (Mesquite, TX), Norman Elias (Trell, TX), Terry Adams (Dallas, Texas)

Daltile Corporation (Dallas, Texas)

Troutman Pepper Hamilton Hamiltoners LLP (location not found)

16002690 on 06/07/2018 (964 days application released)

Disclosed herein are floor tiles including, for example, a substrate and a surface coating, wherein the surface coating includes (i) a base formulation including a glaze and (ii) particles including alumina trihydrate.

Mark O.Scates (Houston, Texas), Ronald D. Shaver (Houston, Texas), Yaw-Hwa Liu (Missouri, Texas)

Celanese International Corporation (Irving, Texas)

Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton, LLP (14 non-local offices)

16856748 on 04/23/2020 (278 days of application release)

A method of purifying acetic acid by distilling out a process stream in a tower, in which acetic anhydride is formed in the lower part of the tower. The product stream discharged from the column contains acetic acid, water, the concentration of which does not exceed 0.2% by weight. The concentration of acetic anhydride and acetic anhydride does not exceed 600 wppm. The method further includes hydrating the acetic anhydride in the product stream to form a purified acetic anhydride product containing acetic anhydride at a concentration of not more than 50 wppm.

Nicolay Tsarevsky (Dallas, Texas)

Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Ulmer Berne, LLP (2 non-local offices)

15189763 on 06/22/2016 (application released 1679 days old)

An oil-soluble rheologically modified star-shaped macromolecule having a core and five or more polymer arms, and a composition containing the star-shaped macromolecule. The polymer arms on the star are covalently attached to the star's core. Each polymer arm contains one or more (co)polymer segments; each polymer arm contains monomer units of methyl methacrylate. Oil-soluble rheological modified star polymer and its composition used in oil-based systems.

[D] Textiles; Paper

BaeKyun Kim (Frisco, TX), Julia Bykova (Richardson, TX), Luis Plata (Allen, TX), Marcio D. Lima (Richardson, TX), Yang Yang (Dallas, Texas)

American LINTEC Corporation (Richardson, Texas)

Greenblum Bernstein, PLC (1 non-local office)

15844756 on 12/18/2017 (1135 days old application released)

A method, system and equipment for manufacturing nanofiber yarn at a rate of at least 30m/min (1.8 kilometers (km)/hour (hr)) using a "false twist" nanofiber yarn spinner and false twist spinning technology are disclosed. In false-twist spinning technology, twist is introduced into the nanofibers in the strands by twisting the nanofibers at the points between the ends of the strands. This is in contrast to the "true twist" technique, in which one end of the strand is fixed and the other end of the strand is rotated to introduce twist into the middle of the yarn.

Frederick Lieber (Dallas, Texas)

KIDKRAFT, INC. (Dallas, Texas)

Jackson Walker LLP (local + 3 other metropolises)

16603149 on 04/04/2018 (1028-day application released)

According to some embodiments, the present disclosure relates to a game room including a plurality of walls including a plurality of wall elements configured to be connected to a gable roof. And the roof of the gable; including a plurality of gables, wherein the gable roof is configured to be attached to the plurality of walls; and a plurality of roof modules, wherein the first roof module can be configured to be connected to the second roof module and Adjacent thereto, wherein each roof module includes a plurality of roof panels and at least one hinge, wherein the first roof panel is adjacent to the roof panel. The second roof panel is connected by at least one hinge, wherein the gable roof is configured to be installed on a plurality of gable walls, and wherein the game room can be configured in a packed configuration or an assembled configuration.

William H. Kalaw (Southlake, TX)

PAVESTONE, LLC (Atlanta, Georgia)

16693994 on 11/25/2019 (428 days of application release)

A retaining wall block system, a method for assembling a retaining wall block assembly, and a mold for manufacturing a retaining wall block with an adjustable joint structure.

Thomas E. Byrd (Prairie, Texas), Thomas Hiromoto (Dallas, Texas)

Lockheed Martin (Bethesda, Maryland)

Withrow Terranova, PLLC (1 non-local office)

16894034 on 06/05/2020 (235 days application released)

The cover is configured to selectively engage a portion of the structure in response to receiving a wireless power signal from a wireless power source located in the external environment at the receiver antenna of the cover to isolate the first environment on the first side of the cover . A cover is formed on the second side of the cover opposite to the first side from the second environment. In response to wirelessly receiving the power signal, the fastening subassembly of the cover is changed from a fixed mode configured to prohibit opening of the cover relative to the structure to a non-fixed mode configured to facilitate opening of the cover relative to the structure. . This, in turn, allows the cover to cooperate with a portion of the structure to form a smooth continuous surface without any exposed fasteners on the outside of the cover.

Charles Daniel Johnson (Porter, TX), Jeffery Lewayne Johnson (cypress, TX), Johnathan Walter Howard (Conroe, TX), Matthew Charles Stroever (Spring, TX)


16444722 on 06/18/2019 (588 days application released)

A well completion drill bit for a wellbore includes: a shank on which a coupling member is formed; and a main body installed at the lower end of the shank; and a cutting surface forms the lower end of the drill bit. The cutting surface includes: a blade protruding from the main body; and a blade protruding from the main body. The tangentially oriented front cutter is installed on the supporting surface of the blade inside the cutting surface, adjacent to the front edge of the blade. A radially oriented rake is mounted on the outside of the cutting surface near the bearing surface of the blade and close to its leading edge.

Antony F. Grattan (Mansfield, TX), Douglas J. Streibich (Fort Worth, TX), Mark Lancaster (Alvarado, TX), Michael C. Robertson (Germany Arlington, Texas), Roy L. Sparkman (Haltom, Texas)

Robertson Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. (Mansfield, Texas)

Matthews, Lawson, McCutcheon Joseph, PLLC (1 non-local office)

16371981 on 04/01/2019 (666 days of application release)

This article describes a setting tool used to deploy downhole tools in a wellbore. The setting tool uses an on-site non-explosive gas-producing power source to generate high-pressure gas, which drives a mechanical linkage to drive the deployment of the downhole tool. According to some embodiments, the non-explosive gas generating setting tool does not include a hydraulic stage, and may only include a single piston. Compared to setting tools that use explosive/pyrotechnic power sources, setting tools can be installed to provide different stroke lengths and provide usable power over a larger percentage of their stroke length. A method for deploying downhole tools in the wellbore using non-explosive gas production setting tools is also disclosed.

Adam Evan Beck (Flower Hills, Texas), Joseph Steven Grieco (McKinney, Texas), Kevin Robin Passmore (McKinney, Texas)

Halliburton Energy Services Company (Houston, Texas)

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15743426 on 2016/12/30 (1488 days old application released)

A sliding sleeve device with a flow suppressor, which slows down the fluid flow between the internal passage of the sliding sleeve and the well annulus, thereby allowing to proceed between the internal passage of the sliding sleeve and the well annulus before placing the sliding sleeve Balanced pressure. In a fully open position. The restrained or restricted fluid flow reduces the wear on the seals and other parts of the sliding sleeve, thereby prolonging the life of the tool.

Jason Edwards (Heath, TX)

NCH ​​CORPORATION (Irving, Texas)

Ramey Schwaller, LLP (1 non-local office)

15566004 on December 15, 2015 (1869 days of application released)

A grease delivery system is provided that includes refilling the container with fluid from a larger reservoir to eliminate excess cost and waste. Containers and reservoirs are connected using hoses, pumps and quick connect couplings. The container is used to provide fluid to the device.

Michael Longman (Koper, TX)

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16014949 (June 21, 2018) (application released for 950 days)

The pollutant scrubber of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system includes a housing having a first side wall and a second side wall opposite to the first side wall. The pollutant scrubber further includes: a first chamber formed in the housing; a second chamber formed in the housing and the cartridge group is removably provided therein; and a third chamber formed in In the housing, the second chamber is located between the first chamber and the second chamber. The third cabin. The pollutant scrubber further includes a first cross beam extending along the first bottom end of the first compartment and the second top end of the second compartment, wherein the first cross beam extends from the first side wall of the housing to the second cross beam. The side wall of the housing. The pollutant scrubber further includes a second cross beam extending along the second bottom end of the second compartment and the third top end of the third compartment, wherein the second cross beam extends from the first side wall of the housing to the second cross beam. The side wall of the housing.

Matthew A. Harding (Lewisville, Texas)

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16412272 on 05/14/2019 (623 days application released)

The systems and methods herein relate to blank ammunition or "blank" safety magazines. In an exemplary embodiment, a special-shaped follower is used to engage and advance the blank ammunition without jamming, that is, when the blank cartridge is held and sent into the gun room. In other embodiments, an integrated/integrated magazine including such a follower is disclosed, which also prevents paper jams that are otherwise common in the field of magazines converted to magazines that handle ammunition. According to such an embodiment, the loading of live ammunition or ammunition into the magazine is prevented, and a dedicated follower that prevents jamming of ammunition is provided.

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15972436 on 05/07/2018 (995 days application released)

One embodiment of the present invention provides a method of manufacturing a polymer cartridge with a wicking texture around the pellet hole.

Eric Randell Schmidt (Northville, Michigan), Jeffrey Edward Pierfelice (Michigan)

December 12, 2010 12902406 (3759 days old application released)

A system and method for determining the location of a destination based on communication are described. One embodiment of the method includes receiving electronic communication data from a mobile communication device at the computing device. The electronic communication data is parsed to identify some of the address items of interest related to the destination location in the electronic communication data. Determine the location of the target location based on the part of the address of interest. The route data of the vehicle from the current location of the vehicle to the destination location is determined and provided to the user of the vehicle.

Avid Ghamsari (Frisco, TX), Geoffrey Dagley (McKinney, TX), Jason Hoover (Grapevine, TX), Micah Price (Pray, TX) Connaught), Qiao Qiaotang (Texas Colony)

Capital One Services, LLC (McLean, Virginia)

16434551 on 06/07/2019 (599 days application released)

The aspects described herein may allow the use of physical markers to display augmented reality directions. The systems and methods described herein may allow the device to scan using one or more physical markers as reference points to provide augmented reality directions. One or more physical marks can be reserved along the path, and a direction from one physical mark to the next physical mark can be provided. Devices such as mobile devices can be used to scan physical markers and/or display augmented reality directions on a display overlaid on a description of the surrounding environment.

Adam Joseph Fruehling (Garland, Texas), Argyrios Dellis (Dallas, Texas), Juan Alejandro Herbsommer (Allen, Texas)

16234195 on 12/27/2018 (761 days application released)

Compact millimeter wave spectroscopy cell system for detecting volatile organic compounds (compounds) in gases. The system includes a gas collection chamber, an input buffer chamber for receiving gas from the gas collection chamber, a pumping device that transfers the gas from the buffer chamber to the absorption tank and maintains pressure, and a transceiver connected to the tank. The transceiver transmits a high-frequency electromagnetic signal and scans the signal to query the gas-filled absorption cell to generate an absorption spectrum, and then compare the absorption spectrum with the spectrum database to detect compounds in the gas. The absorption cell, collection chamber and pumping equipment are manufactured at the chip and wafer level using standard CMOS processing technology. The transceiver is connected to the absorption cell through chip-level integration.

Russell Barnett (Millsap, TX)

Eldredge Law Firm (2 non-local offices)

16205954 on 11/30/2018 (788 days of application release)

An anti-corrosion survey system for determining the location of faults along underground structures includes a data collector for recording location data and voltage data. A voltage reading system is used to be fixed to a user's leg. The voltage reading system has a pole with a spike inserted into the ground, and the spike can read the voltage and current flowing through the ground. An attachment device that fixes the pole to the user's leg; one or more wires connect the pole to the data collector; the predetermined length of the pole is no more than 2 feet. The voltage data is transmitted from the pole to the data collector. Position data and voltage data are used in the analysis to determine the direction of the voltage gradient to further determine the location of the underground structure along the fault.

Cong Deng (Nanjing, CN), Ji Rujun (Shanghai, CN)

16658418 on 2019/10/21 (463 days application released)

An electric energy meter for a multi-phase power grid, comprising: a power transformer having a primary side and a secondary side; a first analog front end (AFE) unit coupled to the secondary side of the power transformer; and a microcontroller coupled to the power The secondary side of the transformer. The primary side of the power transformer. The first AFE unit will be coupled to the first phase of the multi-phase grid. The microcontroller is configured to send a digitization request signal to the first AFE unit and receive a measurement signal from the first AFE unit via the power transformer. More specifically, after receiving the digitization request signal, the first AFE unit extracts information from the digitization request signal.

Lee D. Whetsel (Parker, Texas)

Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas)

16717236 on 12/17/2019 (406 days application released)

The test of the die on the wafer is realized by the following methods: (1) Provide the tester with the ability to use the bidirectional transceiver circuit for external communication JTAG test signals at the same time, (2) Provide the die on the wafer with the ability to simultaneously use bidirectional transceiving The ability of the external communication JTAG test signal of the device circuit, and (3) the communication mechanism between the bidirectional transceiver circuit of the connectivity tester and a selected group or all of the dies on the wafer to transmit JTAG signals.

Baher S. Haroun (Allen, Texas), Lee D. Whetsei (Parker, Texas)

16795842 on February 20, 2020 (341 days old application released)

The present disclosure describes novel methods and apparatuses for testing TSVs in semiconductor devices. According to the embodiments shown and described in the present disclosure, the TSV can be tested by stimulating and measuring the response from the first end of the TSV while keeping the second end of the TSV at ground potential. According to the present disclosure, multiple TSVs in a semiconductor device can be tested in parallel to reduce TSV testing time.

Geng Wu (Plano, TX), Jun Li (Richardson, TX), Wang Neng (Plano, TX), Yuqiang Tang (Plano, TX)

Apple (Cupertino, California)

Kowert, Hood, Munyon, Rankin Goetzel, PC (1 non-local office)

16438652 on 06/12/2019 (594 days of application release required)

By introducing additional reference signals that can be detected with low sensitivity and low signal-to-noise ratio, and by introducing non-uniform frequency reuse for signals used for time difference of arrival (TDOA), the audibility measurement of neighboring cells can be improved, for example, from serving cells The orthogonality of the signals sent by the station and each neighboring cell station. A new reference signal TDOA-RS is proposed to improve the audibility of neighboring cells in the cellular network where the 3GPP EUTRAN (LTE) system is deployed, and TDOA-RS can be transmitted and/or in any resource block (RB) used for PDSCH Or MBSFN subframe, regardless of whether the latter is on a carrier that supports PMCH and PDSCH at the same time. In addition to the additional TDOA-RS reference signal, an additional synchronization signal (TDOA-sync) can also be included to improve the audibility of neighboring cells.

Christopher Valdivia (Christopher Valdivia) (Ottawa, California), Dennis Mason (Ottawa, California), Ecahn Dedd (Ann Arbor, California), Karin Sinzer (California) State Ottawa), Matthew Wilkins (Ottawa, California), Philip Olivier Provost (Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, CA), Simon Fafard (

Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

16131842 on 09/14/2018 (865 days application released)

An optical power transmission device with an embedded active cooling chip is disclosed. The device includes a cooling chip made of semiconductor material, and a first sub-assembly and a second sub-assembly mounted on the cooling chip. The cooling chip includes at least one metallization layer on a portion of the first surface of the cooling chip, at least one inlet through the second surface of the cooling chip, wherein the second surface is opposite to the first surface, and at least one outlet passes through the first surface. Two surfaces and one or more microchannels extend between the at least one inlet and the at least one outlet and are fluidly coupled to the at least one inlet and the at least one outlet. The cooling fluid flows through one or more microchannels. The first subassembly is mounted on at least one metallization layer and includes a laser. The second subassembly includes a photoelectric transducer configured to receive the laser beam from the laser.

Ashish Bhargava (San Jose, California), Mahaveer Jain (Santa Clara, California), Stefano Paolo Rivolta (Desio, IT)


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16040331 on 07/19/2018 (application released for 922 days)

In operation, the digital signal processing circuit determines the carry of the device based on the accelerometer data. Use the determined carry to set the detection parameters twice. Use the set double-click detection parameters to detect double-clicks. In response to the detection of a double tap, a control signal, such as a flag or an interrupt signal, is generated and used to control the operation of the device. For example, the device may enter the wake-up mode of operation in response to the detection of a double tap.

Indu Prathapan (Bangalore, India), Pankaj Gupta (Bangalore, India), Puneet Sabbarwal (Bangalore, India)

16237447 on 2018/12/31 (757 days application released)

The accelerator for dual sub-classification includes a plurality of comparison switching circuits and a first-in first-out (FIFO) buffer associated with each comparison switching circuit. The output of each FIFO buffer is a FIFO value. The comparison exchange circuit is configured to store the previous value from the previous comparison exchange circuit or memory to its associated FIFO buffer in the first mode, and transfer the FIFO value from its associated FIFO buffer to the subsequent Comparison of switching circuits. Or memory; in the second mode, the previous value is compared with the FIFO value, the larger value is stored in its associated FIFO buffer, and the smaller value is passed to the subsequent comparison exchange circuit or memory ; In the third mode, the previous value is compared with the FIFO value, the smaller value is stored in its associated FIFO buffer, and then the larger value is passed to the subsequent comparison exchange circuit or memory.

Kevin Kitchen (Arlington, TX), Ricardo Price (Granbury, TX)

S-Tec Corporation (Mineral Wells, Texas)

Winstead PC (local + 2 other cities)

15250334 on 08/29/2016 (application issued 1611 days old)

A method for generating data output according to instructions of a configuration file on a computer system of an aircraft includes processing data from a first data source according to one or more parameters of the configuration file. In some embodiments, the first data source includes sensors or addressable memory associated with the aircraft. In some embodiments, the one or more parameters include instructions for using one or more authentication functions. The method further includes outputting the processed data to at least one of an addressable memory, a display, and an external device.

Gregory E. Feldkamp (Southlake, Texas)

ATT Intellectual Property I, LP (Atlanta, Georgia)

Hartman Citrin LLC (1 non-local office)

16224314 on 2018/12/18 (application released for 770 days)

This article discloses concepts and techniques for distributed load balancing for processing large-volume data streams in data centers. In various aspects, the system may include a processor and a memory that stores instructions that, when executed, cause the execution of operations. The operation may include: receiving the original data items in the incoming queue; and generating a load hash set in each thread of a plurality of worker processing threads, the load hash set including each original data item in the incoming queue The payload hash value of the data item. These operations can include: in each worker process processing thread, determining which raw data items are processed from the incoming queue based on the load hash set; and processing one of the multiple worker process threads to process each raw data item according to The load hash value of each original data item determines the data in the incoming queue.

Joseph Zbiciak (San Jose, California), Son H. Tran (Murphy, Texas)

16251795 on 01/18/2019 (739-day application released)

The stream engine used in the digital data processor specifies a fixed read-only data stream. The address generator generates the virtual address of the data element. The address conversion unit converts these virtual addresses into physical addresses by comparing the most significant bits of the next address N with the virtual address bits of each entry in the address conversion table. When matching, the converted address is the physical address bit of the matched entry and the least significant bit of address N. The address conversion unit can generate two converted addresses. If the most significant bit of the address N+1 matches the most significant bit of the address N, the same physical address bits are used for the conversion of the address N+1. The sequential nature of the data stream increases the possibility of consecutive addresses matching the same address translation entry, and this technique can be used.

John M. Wastlick (Plano, Texas)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP (Houston, Texas)

Trop, Pruner Hu, PC (2 non-local offices)

16443435 on 06/17/2019 (589 days application released)

One technique includes, in response to the feedback received from the ongoing link training with the endpoint device over the serial communication link, the processor determines the first training to be communicated as part of the ongoing link training Set sequence. The technique includes the processor selecting a first state machine among a plurality of state machines; and the processor programming the selected first state machine to transmit the first training set sequence to the serial communication link. Programming the first state machine includes: programming the first state machine with a data pattern associated with the first training set sequence; and programming the first state machine to adjust the number of times the state machine transmits the data pattern. Serial communication link.

James Sexton (Plano, TX)

International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, NY)

16174639 on 2018/10/30 (819 days application released)

A mechanism is provided in a data processing system including a processor and a memory, the memory including instructions that are executed by the processor to specifically configure the processor to implement a data set generator. The statistics collection engine executed in the data set generator calculates statistics and metrics across multiple data dimensions for multiple clients and multiple data sources for each client. The statistical information collection engine stores the statistical information and indicators in the client-specific data mapping data structure of each client. The aggregated data mapping engine executed in the data set generator aggregates statistics and indicators into aggregated data mapping. The aggregated data mapping engine stores the aggregated data mapping in the aggregated data mapping data structure. The data set generator creates a client database structure. The insertion engine executed in the data set generator maps the data structure according to the aggregated data, and fills the client database structure with new data. Null value

Gordon Bailey (Koper, TX), Patrick Moore (Allen, TX)

16778656 on January 31, 2020 (361 days of application released)

Disclosed are methods, systems and non-transitory computer-readable media for context development. For example, the first method may include obtaining first micro-application participant information associated with the first micro-application participant. The first micro-application participant information may include information for workflow rules, and the workflow rules may include data set rules, extraction, transformation, loading (ETL) rules, and functional expressions. The first method may further include obtaining data from a data source based on data set rules; and applying ETL rules to the obtained data to generate processed data; applying a functional expression to the processed data to obtain an output; and The output performs at least one processing action. The second method may include generating system components corresponding to the blueprint based on user requests. The second method may further include associating the system component with the domain of the user account, and performing the process of associating with the system component.

Danny C. Millionn (Wahahachie, Texas)

Securas Technologies, Inc. (Carrollton, Texas)

Fogarty LLP (3 non-local offices)

15926718 on 03/20/2018 (1043 days of application issued)

The embodiment uses the electronic voice samples of the detainee and automatically scans the electronic voice sample database to detect when the detainee has a criminal record and remind the personnel of the controlled environment facility of the record. Capture electronic voice samples of detainees during the booking period or at other times. Compare the electronic voice samples with a database of electronic voice samples of individuals with criminal records. If the electronic voice sample matches the existing electronic voice sample in the database, the information associated with the matched electronic voice sample is provided to the personnel of the controlled environment facility. The information is analyzed to identify key issues, such as valid warrants. Controlled environment facility personnel will be alerted to any such critical information.

Gregory Remy Philippe Conti (São Paulo, France), Jerome Laurent Azema (Villeneuve-Loubet, France)

14596017 on January 13, 2015 (2205 days old application)

A method and system for verifying the correct execution of the safe mode entry sequence. At least some example embodiments may be a method that includes: transferring instructions from a memory to a processor via an instruction bus (the instructions at least partially configure the processor for secure operations different from the privileged mode of the processor Mode), verify delivery. The instruction crosses the instruction bus and uses the trace port of the processor to check whether the instruction is executed correctly.

Avneesh Bhatnagar (Plano, Texas), Riaz Mohamed Vellamparambil (Frisco, Texas)

CBRE, Inc. (Los Angeles, California)

Almanac IP Advisors LLP (2 non-local offices)

16011613 on 06/18/2018 (953 days application released)

The embodiments of the present disclosure provide the value of the endorsement in the permission ledger in the DDBMS. The allowed ledger includes entries, and each entry includes a key and at least one value. Peer nodes must have access rights to access the ledger. Digital transactions can only be attached to the ledger. Each peer node maintains at least part of a copy of the ledger. Received the request of the evaluation object. Get the candidate object value of the object. According to the consensus agreement between peer nodes in the network, the approved object value of the object is obtained. Add a data block to the ledger, which includes the endorsed object value, where the added data block is encrypted and linked to the previous data block.

Saurabh Gupta (Irving, TX)

Scully, Scott, Murphy Presser, PC (1 non-local office)

15154249 on 05/13/2016 (1719 days of application release)

The present disclosure generally relates to the field of retail supply networks. In a specific example, a mechanism is provided to model the omni-channel implementation in the retail supply network to avoid price cuts and savings. In various embodiments, systems, methods, and computer program products are provided.

Paul I. Reeder (Greenville, Texas)

Spireon, Inc. (Irving, California)

Luedeka Neely Group, PC (2 non-local offices)

16113365 on 08/27/2018 (883 days of application release)

The various aspects of the present invention generally relate to telemetry methods and systems, and more specifically to telemetry network connection systems, devices, and methods. In some embodiments, the inventory management system may be configured to provide a machine-to-machine network connection. The inventory management system can be used in conjunction with a positioning device configured to send a vehicle identification number (VIN) and a device identifier of the positioning device. In some embodiments, the inventory management system may be configured to: (1) track whether the positioning device is located within a predetermined perimeter; (2) provide current inventory and ownership status related to the positioning device; and/or (3) pass periodic Sign-in puts the positioning device in a sleep and/or passive state.

Marco R. Calderon (Louisville, Texas)

Boeing Company (Chicago, Illinois)

Yee Associates, PC (local + 1 other city)

15687018 on 08/25/2017 (1250 days old application)

A method of operating an airplane. The method includes using a trusted sensor to sense the trusted parameters of the aircraft during the operation of the aircraft; and receiving the trusted parameters at the processor; the processor inputs the trusted parameters as the first unchangeable entry into the unchangeable In the ledger in the non-transitory computer recordable storage medium, the unchangeability is defined as the unchangeability of the data stored in the non-transitory computer recordable storage medium. The ledger also contains information about the operation of the aircraft and the aircraft environment. Other immutable items; the processor executes a recursive analysis algorithm on the first immutable item and the additional immutable items to generate analysis data; the processor uses the analyzed data to command aircraft parts based on the analyzed data Performance changes during the operation of the aircraft to improve the future operational performance of the aircraft.

Hiteshkumar M. Shah (Plano, Texas)

Google LLC (Mountain View, California)

Dority Manning, Pennsylvania (1 non-local office)

16278785 on 02/19/2019 (707 days application released)

Notify Near Field Communication (NFC) payment readers of the availability of payment applications for NFC target devices. The payment application executing under the host operating system of the NFC target device formats the SELECT Proximity Payment System Environment (PPSE) response into one or more NFC Application Protocol Data Units (APDUs). The format of SELECT PPSE RESPONSE is set to respond to the SELECT PPSE command from the NFC payment reader. SELECT PPSE RESPONSE includes a list of one or more application identifiers (AIDs) corresponding to one or more payment options available on the NFC target device. The payment application passes the formatted SELECT PPSE RESPONSE to the PPSE applet executed on the NFC target device. The PPSE applet receives the SELECT PPSE command from the NFC payment reader. In response to receiving the SELECT PPSE command from the NFC payment reader, the PPSE applet transmits the SELECT PPSE RESPONSE to the NFC payment reader.

Kulvir S. Bhogal (Fort Worth, Texas)

12139297 released on June 13, 2008 (applications that need to be released for 4610 days)

Describes a method of providing interactive product evaluation and services in a virtual world. In one embodiment, there

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