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The granted patents include:

Technology of using public service network for job processing

Use software-defined integrated wired-wireless access

Vehicle list image detection and warning system

Cooperative donation system and method

Wastewater separation system

Automatic trend detection through self-learning model

Autonomous vehicle accident and emergency response

All-in-one life raft, life-saving kit and pedals

Self-healing metal structure

Self-healing metal structure, US Patent 10,830,544, assigned to Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America, Inc.

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Bell Helicopter Textron Corporation (Fort Worth) 4

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America (Plano) 4

Future Technology (Plano) 3

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Patent number: 10828448

Assignee: Fisher Paykel Healthcare Limited (Auckland, New Zealand)

Inventor: Alastair Edwin McAuley (Dallas)

Patent number: 10829707

Assignee: Micronization Technology (Allen)

Inventors: James P. Yates (Charleston, Illinois), John C. Crelling (Carbondale, Illinois), Richard L. Sumner (Vinsons, Indiana)

Troi Allen-Gipson (Arlington, Texas)


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16392773 on 04/24/2019 (566 days of application release)

The lint removing device with a hollow handle has a tool head with a head gear, a brush, a rotating motor and a gear, wherein the brush is in mechanical communication with the tool head gear. The function of the brush is to remove lint from the lint compartment of the dryer so that the dryer can maintain its normal working condition. If the lint is not removed from most dryers, the clothes placed in the dryer may not dry completely, or the dryer may overheat and cause a fire. The present invention is designed to overcome these and other problems.

Monty B. Buck (Rorette, TX)

Buck Medical Research Co., Ltd. (Rorette, Texas)

15739685 on 06/23/2016 (app issued 1601 days)

A support for tissue or bone is described. The support has one or more spaced apart support members and at least one elongated connecting member for connecting to the one or more spaced apart support members. The support can be used in combination with a bioglue, the bioglue comprising a first part and a second part, the first part contains a stabilized blood product, the second part contains growth factors, when the support is introduced or After that, the first part and the second part are mixed on the tissue or bone in the subject in need thereof. The support is produced by actively producing the support through an additive manufacturing process, where the support is specifically customized for the tissue or bone by creating a computer-generated structure of the support on the three-dimensional volume rendering of the tissue or bone, and the computer-generated The construction can be explained by software that guides the additive manufacturing process.

Odes W. Mitchell (Arlington, Texas)

GM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Arlington, Texas)

Winstead PC (local + 2 other cities)

16420048 on 05/22/2019 (538 days of application release)

In some embodiments, the present disclosure relates to a composition comprising up to about 1000 mg of niacin and up to about 800 mg of berberine. In some embodiments, the amount of niacin is about 500 mg and the amount of small base is about 100 mg. In some embodiments, the present disclosure relates to a method comprising administering a composition to a subject in need thereof, wherein the composition includes up to about 1000 mg of niacin and up to about 800 mg of berberine. In some embodiments, the amount of niacin is about 500 mg and the amount of small base is about 100 mg.

David L. Meadows (Colliville, TX), Howard Allen Ketelson (Dallas, TX), Rekha Rangarajan (Fort Worth, TX)

Alcon Company (Fribourg, Switzerland)

16721443 on 12/19/2019 (327 days of application release)

The present invention relates to artificial tear compositions and ophthalmic compositions suitable for drug delivery. In one embodiment of the invention, the composition comprises a galactomannan polymer, such as guar gum or hydroxypropyl guar, hyaluronic acid, and a cis-diol, such as sorbitol. In a preferred embodiment, the composition further comprises a borate compound.

Azhar Ilyas (Arlington, TX), Philip Kramer (Dallas, TX), Pranesh Aswath (Grapevine, TX), Venu Varanasi (Lewisville, TX)

The University of Texas System (Austin, TX), the Board of Trustees of the University of Texas System (University of Texas College)

Meunier Carlin Curfman LLC (1 non-local office)

15455120 on 03/09/2017 (1342 days application released)

Disclosed are compositions, methods and processes for making and using devices or other appliances that include one or more surfaces with nano- or micro-scale layers or SiONP coatings. These coatings and/or layers can be continuous, on the surface or discontinuous (e.g., patterned, slotted), and can be provided on the surface of silicon dioxide, metals (e.g., titanium), ceramics and Combination/mixing materials. A method for producing an implantable device is also proposed, the implantable device being, for example, a weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing device, such as a bone or other structure implantation device (weight-bearing). The use and application of craniofacial, osteogenesis, and disordered bone regeneration (osteoporosis) are also provided. The device includes at least one surface that is processed to include a nano- or micro-scale SiONP layer or coating. Methods of using treated and/or coated devices to enhance blood vessel formation and healing of treated devices in the body have also been proposed.

Alastair Edwin McAuley (Dallas, Texas)

Fisher Paykel Healthcare Limited (Auckland, New Zealand)

Knobbe, Martens, Olson Bear, LLP (9 non-local offices)

16871683 on May 11, 2020 (183 days old application)

A face mask with a gas outlet is disclosed that is quiet and provides a diffuse gas outlet flow. The outlet is preferably a slot formed between the hollow body and the cover on the hollow body. In use, the mask also preferably extends and seals under the user's chin.

Philip C. Herr (Keller, Texas)

Carstens Cahoon, LLP (local)

16261619 on 01/30/2019 (650 days application released)

A sports bag is provided, which is configured as a backpack for storing equipment. The sports bag includes: a main body, which has a pair of straps connected to the top or back of the main body; and a pair of storage bags, which are coupled to the back and bottom of the main body; each storage bag includes a fastening member to provide access Convenience. Pouches, each pouch includes at least one strap to keep the pouch away when not in use.

David M. Townsley (McKinney, Texas)

MCD Innovations, Inc. (McKinney, Texas)

Ferguson Braswell Fraser Kubasta PC (3 non-local offices)

15671044 on 08/07/2017 (1119 days application released)

The roller blind can be retracted and extended. In various embodiments, when the roller blind is extended, it can be repositioned sideways. The roller blind may include a track and a traveling member.

Karan Flint Holbrook (Fort Worth, TX), Nicholas Ryan Kane (Fort Worth, TX)

FHNC LTD. CO. (Fort Worth, Texas)

Medley, Berens Louis, LLC (1 non-local office)

14995191 on 01/13/2016 (1763 days of application release)

The wastewater separation system used to separate waste from water includes an inlet, a hydrocyclone, a decanter, and a recirculation device. The hydrocyclone receives the first amount of waste water from the inlet, and centrifugally treats the waste water to remove at least some waste from the waste water to discharge the treated water and the second amount of waste water. The treated water leaves the system. The decanter is connected to the hydrocyclone to receive the second quantity of waste water in order to separate the second quantity of waste water into waste and a third quantity of waste water. The recirculation device recirculates the third batch of wastewater back to the hydrocyclone for reprocessing.

David S. Neuman (Genoa, Ohio), Gerald J. Bricker (Milbury, Ohio), Joseph L. Gagliardino (Oakdale, Ohio), Joseph T. Float (Manor, Pennsylvania), Scott J. Kramer (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)


Baker Botz (LLP) (local + 6 other metropolitan areas)

15486035 on 04/12/2017 (1308 days old application released)

A method for manufacturing a top core of a railway car coupler includes providing a first core box having an inner wall that defines at least a part of the circumference of at least one rotor core cavity. The method also includes at least partially filling the at least one rotor core cavity with the first sand resin to form at least one rotor core. The method also includes providing a second core box having an inner wall that defines at least a portion of the perimeter boundary of the at least one top core cavity. At least one rotor core is located in the second core box. The method further includes at least partially filling at least one top core cavity with a second sand resin to form at least one top core.

Frank A. Richards

Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

Dinsmore Shohl LLP (14 non-local offices)

16259659 on 01/28/2019 (652 days application released)

The actuation assembly for actuating the door of the sliding door assembly of the vehicle includes a motor inside the motor housing, a middle pulley assembly including a middle pulley, a guide pulley assembly including a guide pulley, and an anchored cable fixed on the vehicle, And effectively connect the middle pulley assembly, the guide pulley assembly and the motor. The motor rotates to move the door along the cable, and at least a part of the cable is wrapped in an integral housing.

Winston Robertson (Winston Robertson) (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

16259343 on 01/28/2019 (652 days application released)

The bumper assembly includes a bumper and a retractable lighting assembly. The retractable lighting components include pillars and lighting devices. The post includes a proximal end and a distal end, where the proximal end is pivotally coupled to the bumper. The lighting device is pivotally coupled to the distal end of the post. The retractable lighting assembly can be moved between a stowed position and an expanded position, wherein, in the stowed position, the pillar is located in or below the bumper.

Ivan Lopez of Fort Worth, Texas, Rodolfo Lara Contreras of Grand Prairie, Texas

Sanchelima Associates, Pennsylvania (1 non-local office)

16507279 on 07/10/2019 (489 days application released)

This paper discloses a lighting message display indicator system for vehicles. There is a light-emitting message display indicator system on the left and right sides of the rear windshield of the vehicle. The illuminated message display indicator system communicates with the steering rod inside the vehicle, where the driver uses the rod to indicate his intended steering direction. Therefore, if you want to turn left, the illuminated message display indicator system on the left rear windshield will light up to display the message. The lighting and displayed messages can be customized according to the user's choice. This luminous message display indicator system can promote behavior and safer driving, thereby reducing road hazards.

Christopher Edward Foskey (Keller, TX), Michael Christopher Burnett (Fort Worth, TX)

Bell Helicopter Textron Corporation (Fort Worth, Texas)

Fogarty LLP (3 non-local offices)

16105215 on 08/20/2018 (813 days application released)

An embodiment relates to an aerodynamic rotating fairing having a side wall and one or more airflow inlets in the side wall. The air inlet is closed during the first phase of flight and opened during the second phase of flight. The first stage of flight may be an airplane mode for a tilt-rotor aircraft, and the second stage of flight may be a helicopter mode for a tilt-rotor aircraft. The airflow inlet may include: an opening in the side wall; and a door configured to move between a first position covering the opening and a second position exposing the opening to external airflow. An actuator coupled to the door can be operated to move the door between the first position and the second position. One or more guide vanes in the aerodynamic rotating fairing may be configured to guide air received via the airflow inlet to provide convective cooling.

Eric Gonzalez (Fort Worth, TX), Frank B. Stamps (Colliville, TX)

15807843 on 11/09/2017 (application released 1097 days old)

The multi-rotor aircraft includes at least three propellers. Each propeller has a plurality of rotor blades pivotally attached to the mast assembly. When the pitch angle of the rotor blades is changed for the proprotor, all the rotor blades on the proprotor become the same pitch angle. The thruster is configured to rotate freely in the event of a power failure or failure. In various embodiments, one or more engines provide power to each propeller, or at least one engine provides power to two or more propellers. The rotor blade control system is configured to control the common rotor blade pitch angle on each propeller independently of the rotor blade pitch on other propellers. The rotor blade control system is configured to set a negative collective rotor blade pitch angle on the unpowered transmission, for example, in response to a pilot's manual input or in response to current engine conditions.

Chad Richard Haugeberg (Arlington, Texas)


Slater Matsil, LLP (local + 1 other metro area)

15695738 on 09/05/2017 (1162 days old application released)

A vehicle control structure includes a control platform, a control rod installed on the control platform and having a certain range of motion, a mounting sleeve fixed on the control platform, and an armrest with a platform structure and an armrest support, wherein the armrest bracket is located in the installation In the sleeve. The platform structure is adjustably attached to the armrest support at a first angle of the plurality of angles with respect to the armrest support, and the first angle of the plurality of angles corresponds to the range of motion.

Carlos Finney (Fort Worth, TX), Joeyon Jason Choi (Southlake, TX), Kip Campbell (Hurst, TX), Song King (Bedford, TX)

Textron Innovations (Providence, Rhode Island)

Whitaker Chalk Swindle Schwartz PLLC (2 non-local offices)

16206088 on 11/30/2018 (711 days application released)

An electrical response control system that can selectively discharge "explosion" or "blowing" air to change the direction of the aircraft during flight. Aircraft including ducts, air compressors, electric motors and multiple nozzles can facilitate trajectory modification in flight. When a burst of air is needed to provide thrust for the purpose of response control, the nozzles are selectively opened and closed to provide roll, pitch and yaw of the aircraft. ERCS can use electricity instead of jet power to promote the agility and lightness of electric aircraft.

William E. Luce (Colliville, Texas)

GOODRICH CORPORATION (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Snell Wilmer LLP (5 non-local offices)

15841757 (December 14, 2017) (1062 days old application)

A non-blocking retractable latch is provided. The latch may include a bracket, a first rocker arm, a first inner pivot and a first outer pivot, wherein the first inner pivot is at the first end and the first outer side The pivot is connected to the first rocker arm. The cradle is coupled to the first rocker arm at a second end opposite to the first rocker arm, and wherein the cradle is coupled to the first outer pivot. In various embodiments, the non-blocking shrink latch may further include: a second rocker arm that is coupled to the bracket at the second outer pivot; and a second inner pivot that is opposite to the second rocker arm. The two outer pivots are connected.

Chad Richard Haugeberg (Arlington, TX), Timothy Carr (Grapevine, TX)

15890249 on 02/06/2018 (1008-day application released)

The rotorcraft structure of an embodiment includes a pedal provided outside the rotorcraft, and an emergency kit installed in the recess of the pedal. This step enters the outer skin of the rotorcraft. The emergency kit includes a container and a life raft. The container includes a container body having a storage cavity, a container panel and a first attachment element. The container body is arranged in the recess of the step, attached to the step, and has a storage cavity. The container panel is arranged at the bottom of the storage cavity, and the life raft is arranged in the storage cavity. The first attachment element releasably couples the first edge of the container panel to the container body, and encloses the liferaft in the container under the step.

George Ryan Decker (Mansfield, Texas), James Everett Kooiman (Fort Worth, Texas), Jeffrey Matthew William Jeffrey Matthew Williams (Hudson Oaks, Texas), Michael Rinehart (Euless, Texas)

Baird Silom Corporation (Fort Worth, Texas)

Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley Norton, LLP (location not found)

15906108 on 02/27/2018 (987 days application released)

An inlet barrier filter system for tilt-rotor aircraft, including a filter duct extending from the filter to the filter outlet, and a ram air duct extending from the ram air inlet to the engine, wherein the filter duct is at the filter outlet Connected to the ram air duct, the closure is movable between a first position blocking the ram air duct and a second position blocking the outlet of the filter. In use, the inlet barrier filter system provides two mutually exclusive air flow paths, one for introducing ram air into the air path of the engine while closing the filter, and the other for closing the air duct of the ram at the same time The filtered air is introduced into the air flow path of the engine.

Thomas Dewey Parsons (Fort Worth, TX)

16059655 on 08/09/2018 (824 days application released)

The embodiment relates to a system and method for managing electrical loads in an aircraft. The system and method include a generator coupled to an aircraft engine and a power distribution controller configured to monitor current engine operating parameters and monitor current engine operating parameters. Reduce the electrical load on the generator when the operating parameters are below. The limit under the specified aircraft operating conditions. The system may further include a non-essential electric bus coupled to the generator, wherein the electric load on the generator is reduced by disconnecting the non-essential bus from the generator. The generator may be coupled to the aircraft engine via an accessory gearbox or a transmission gearbox. The monitored current engine operating parameters include one or more of engine torque, gas generator RPM, and temperature. The operating conditions of the aircraft may include one or more of take-off, landing, or engine failure.

Kyle T. Cravener (Wataga, TX), Tyler Wayne Baldwin (Kyler, TX)


Patent Capital Group (local + 6 other metropolises)

15967007 on 04/30/2018 (925 days application released)

In an example embodiment, a rotor system is provided, and the rotor system may include a rotor system, the rotor system may include a drive link associated with a rotor hub of the rotor system, the drive link including an inner member and an outer Components; and a sensor system mounted on the drive link, the sensor system accommodates the movement of the drive link to track the swing of the rotor hub. The sensor system for the rotor system may further include a sensor including a sensor arm, wherein the sensor is installed close to the internal member of the drive link; the sensor link includes: a first end that is movably coupled to the sensor The arm; the second end, which is coupled to the outer member of the drive link; and the inclined portion between the first end and the second end.

Angelo Vanigli (Frisco, Texas)

Siemens Logistics, LLC (DFW Airport, Texas)

16585003 on 09/27/2019 (410-day application issued)

The diverter system includes a diverter arm and an actuator assembly for operating and moving the diverter arm, wherein the diverter arm and the actuator assembly are configured such that the diverter arm can be in a retracted residence position and Move between multiple extended residence positions. Impact stay range.

Andrew P. Hull (McKinney, Texas), John L. Rhoads (Texas Colony), William T. Bigbee, Jr. (Melissa, Texas)

Encore Wire Corporation (McKinney, Texas)

Warren Rhoades LLP (1 non-local office)

16246982 on 01/14/2019 (666 days of application release)

A device used to distribute and retract wires or cables. The device includes first and second plates, at least one shaft attached to the first and second plates, a spool gear attached to the shaft, a power gear shaft attached to the first or second plate, and Power gear attached to the first and second plates. The power gear shaft meshes with the spool gear, wherein when the power gear rotates, the spool gear rotates.

Ricky A. Jackson (Richardson, Texas), YungShan Chang (Plano, Texas)

Establishment of Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas)

15802706 on 11/03/2017 (1103 days old application released)

A piezoelectric optical microelectromechanical system (POMEMS) device includes a glass layer having a first surface and an opposing second surface. The device may further include a first moisture barrier layer having a first surface and an opposite second surface, wherein the second surface of the first moisture barrier layer is substantially coplanar with the first surface of the glass layer and borders the first surface of the glass layer . The piezoelectric stack may be attached on the first side of the first moisture barrier. The device may further include a second moisture barrier layer having a first surface and an opposite second surface. The first surface of the second moisture barrier layer is substantially coextensive with the second surface of the glass layer and borders the second surface of the glass layer. The semiconductor substrate may be attached on the second side of the second moisture barrier layer.

Stephen Paul McFarlane Jr. (Allen, Texas)

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

16705211 on 12/05/2019 (341 days of application issued)

An example operation includes one or more of the following methods: associating a mode of transportation with an influence near one or more other modes of transportation, sending media related to the influence through a device close to the influence, The server receives the media, determines that one or more sounds are based on the media through the server, and associates the one or more sounds with one or more transmission methods and one or more other transmission methods through the server.

Jeffrey Alexander Whidden (Brentwood, Missouri), Joseph Earl Thomas (Joseph Mad City)

CR Minerals Company, LLC (Fort Worth, Texas)

O" Connor (location not found)

16577168 on 2019/09/20 (417-day application released)

Some embodiments of the present invention include a cementing method comprising: placing a curable composition in a wellbore, the curable composition comprising RFA, hydraulic cement, and water; and including the curable composition in the well In the eyes. And set the composition that can be set. Other embodiments include a gluing method comprising: placing a curable composition in the wellbore, the curable composition comprising RFA, calcium hydroxide (lime) and water; and including the curable composition in the wellbore . And set the composition that can be set. Other embodiments include a curable composition comprising: RFA, hydraulic cement, calcium hydroxide, natural pozzolan and water; and set the composition. Other embodiments include curable compositions comprising RFA and any combination of hydraulic cement, calcium hydroxide, slag, fly ash, and natural or other pozzolans.

Huang Gang (Plano, Texas), Gao Jinming (Plano, Texas), Qi Wei (Dallas, Texas)

Board of Trustees of the University of Texas System (Austin, TX)

Parker Highlander PLLC (1 non-local office)

16063347 on December 16, 2016 (1425 days of release of the application)

Mark O.Scates (Houston, Texas), Ronald D. Shaver (Houston, Texas), Yaw-Hwa Liu (Missouri, Texas)

Celanese International Corporation (Irving, Texas)

Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton LLP (14 non-local offices)

16862942 on 04/30/2020 (194 days application released)

A method of producing acetic acid is disclosed in which the concentration of methyl iodide is maintained in the vapor product stream formed in the flashing step. The concentration of methyl iodide in the vapor product stream ranges from 24 to less than 36% by weight. % Methyl iodide, based on the weight of the vapor product stream. In addition, the acetaldehyde concentration is maintained in the range of 0.005 to 1% by weight. % In vapor product stream. The vapor product stream is distilled in the first column to obtain hydrogen iodide containing acetic acid and up to 300 wppm and/or 0.1 to 6 wt. % Of the acetic acid product stream. % Of methyl iodide and an overhead stream containing methyl iodide, water and methyl acetate.

James P. Yates (Charleston, Illinois), John C. Crelling (Carbondale, Illinois), Richard L. Sumner (Vinsons, Illinois)

Micronizing Technologies, LLC (Allen, Texas)

Harper Bates Champion LLP (local)

11918175, October 10, 2006 (5328 days of application release)

Prior to utilization, for example, by burning a method of reducing potential pollutants in carbonaceous materials such as coal, lignite, etc., the present invention in a preferred embodiment treats this material by resonance disintegration, including particularly subjecting to rapid pressure rise And lower to reduce the material to. The preferred average value is about 50 microns or less in particle size. Then, based on the physical difference between the micronized carbonaceous fraction and the mineral fraction, contaminants such as sulfur, mercury, and sulfur that are combined in the mineral fraction and micronized by this process can be removed by classification techniques. Other heavy metals. The combustion of the micronized carbonaceous component that contains substantially no mineral components results in a reduction in the emissions of sulfur, mercury and other toxic substances. The method of the present invention also includes removing carbonaceous materials such as coal, lignite, etc. by resonance disintegration.

Charles A. Haba (Masion, Ohio), Dwayne J. Kornish (Navarre, Ohio), Gregory R. Taylor (Florida)

Overhead Door Company (Lewisville, Texas)

Haines and Boone (LLP) (local + 13 other metropolitan areas)

15443574 on 02/27/2017 (1352 days application will be released)

The overhead door includes multiple hinged panels. At least one of the plurality of hinge plates includes: a frame that defines an opening; the frame has a ledge and a lip extending from the ledge into the opening; and a transparent panel that has a first side surface and an opposite second side surface. The transparent panel is positioned adjacent to both the lip and the ledge, and the first side of the transparent panel may be located adjacent to the lip. The plurality of hinged panels also includes a holder member that can be positioned adjacent to the second side of the transparent panel and operable to be fastened to the frame.

An Binh Ho (Lewisville, TX), John Jeremy Cantwell (Fredericksburg, TX), William Edward Weideman (Arlington, TX)

Power Drilling Technology Co., Ltd. (Dallas, Texas)

16591387 on 10/02/2019 (405 days of application released)

During the sliding drilling process, some instantaneous changes in pressure difference may indicate subsequent and temporary changes in the tool face angle error and do not indicate that the drilling should be interrupted. The instantaneous change of the pressure difference can be within the range of a certain threshold pressure.

Carlos Hofken (Dallas, Texas)

MOTUS LABS, LLC (Dallas, Texas)

16266629 on 02/04/2019 (645 days application released)

The improved gearbox mechanism of the present invention includes a plurality of cam-actuated simplified gear set assemblies that transfer power from the power shaft to the secondary or output gear element. Each gear set assembly includes a gear set whose surface periodically engages a secondary or output gear element. In a preferred embodiment, the interface surface includes a plurality of protrusions or teeth, which correspond to complementary protrusions or gear teeth on the output gear element. Each gear set assembly also includes a gear set, a torque rod arm, a cam follower and/or a sleeve, which connects or links the gear set to a cam assembly, which is in turn connected to a power source. The cam assembly includes a unique path or groove for each link assembly of a specific gear set assembly on its circumference, so that the movement of the gear set can be controlled in two dimensions according to specific design parameters.

Scott David Poster (Arlington, Texas)

Bell Helicopter TEXTRON INC. (Fort Worth, Texas)

Chalker Flores, LLP (local)

15967935 on 05/01/2018 (924 days application released)

The gearbox filling assembly includes a cylindrical insert attached to the inside of a port provided in the housing of the gearbox. The cylindrical insert has a first end arranged in the port, a second end extending outward from the port, and is configured to receive a detachable filler cap, surrounding at least a part of the first inner circumference, near the first end The retaining lip, and the retaining groove surround at least a second inner circumference between the retaining lip and the second end. The fixing ring is detachably connected in the fixing groove. The cylindrical baffle is detachably held between the holding ring and the holding lip.

Amol P. Joshi (Koper, TX), Michael G. Longman (Koper, TX)

Air Distribution Technology IP, LLC (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Fletcher Yoder, PC (1 non-local office)

15799687 on 10/31/2017 (1106 days of application released)

A system and method for improving the operation of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, the system and method including a scrubber unit coupled to an air processing unit via a return air duct. The scrubber unit includes: a pollutant filter, which absorbs air pollutants from the surrounding environment when the target pressure is different, and releases the previously absorbed air pollutants into the surrounding environment at the target temperature; coupled with the inlet air return valve The return air actuator and the scrubber control circuit are programmed to determine the parameters of the outside air and instruct the return air vent actuator to tilt the return air damper from the closed position to the open position during the discharge phase of the regeneration cycle for use in return air The parameters of the return air to discharge the previously adsorbed air pollutants outside air are not within the corresponding target parameter range.

15799701 on 10/31/2017 (1106 days of application released)

Systems and methods for improving the implementation of scrubber units in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The scrubber unit includes a housing containing a plurality of filter cartridges, each filter cartridge including a compound that helps to absorb air pollutants. The housing includes a first side wall and a second side wall. The scrubber unit includes: an inner wall enclosed in the housing; a cross member coupled between a first side wall and a second side wall perpendicular to the inner wall; and a pollutant filter including a filter attached to the top Multiple filter cartridges between the cartridge platform and the filter element. The bottom filter cartridge platform, wherein when the pollutant filter is completely enclosed in the housing, the bottom filter cartridge platform is connected to the cross beam to help reduce the possibility of deformation of the bottom filter cartridge platform under the weight of multiple filter elements.

Peter Hrejsa (Frisco, TX), Rohini Brahme (Irving, TX)

Lennox Industries Inc. (Richardson, Texas)

Baker Botts LLP (local + 8 other cities)

16182273 on 11/06/2018 (735 days application released)

A method for operating a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ("HVAC") system that includes determining the current temperature of an enclosed space and receiving a first comfort temperature. The method further includes determining a first consumption value based on the selection of a time period, the first consumption value indicating a predicted amount of energy required to maintain the first comfortable temperature within the time period, wherein the first consumption value is based on at least the first The consumption value is determined. The predicted value and the second predicted value. The first predicted value indicates the energy required to adjust the enclosed space to the first comfortable temperature from the current temperature, and the second predicted value indicates that the enclosed space is adjusted to the first comfortable temperature during this time period. Keep the first comfortable temperature inside.

Blake Bachelor (Allen, TX)

16014436 on 06/21/2018 (873 days application released)

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ("HVAC") system includes an evaporator coil and a compressor fluidly connected to the evaporator coil through a suction line. The condenser coil is fluidly coupled to the compressor via a discharge line and to the metering device via a liquid line. The charge compensator is fluidly connected to the liquid line via the connecting line. The charge compensator reheat valve is arranged in the connecting pipeline.

Komen Shliker (Plano, TX), Stephen P. Watson (Richardson, TX), Walter Mark Hendrix (Richardson, TX)

CommScope Technologies, Inc. (Hickory, North Carolina)

Myers Bigel, Pennsylvania (1 non-local office)

16046104 on 2018/07/26 (838 days application released)

An electronic cabinet includes an outer shell, a floor that defines an internal cavity, a ceiling, a rear wall, opposite side walls and a front wall; and a partition that divides the internal cavity into upper and lower cavities. The first cooling system is installed on the shell to cool the upper chamber; the second cooling system is installed on the shell to cool the lower chamber.

Derek del Carpio (Collins, Texas), James M. Fathman (Carrollton, Texas), Steven Gail Johnson (Highland Village, Texas)

CareView Communications, Inc. (Louisville, Texas)

Meister Seelig Fein LLP (1 non-local office)

16389237 on 04/19/2019 (571 days of application release)

An intelligent monitoring system includes a plurality of sensor devices coupled with household appliances and fixed devices in a residential environment, wherein at least one of the plurality of sensor devices includes a sensor element with an accelerometer. The system further includes a computing device that is operable to receive event signals from a plurality of sensor devices, and based on the event signals to identify a possible fall event from one or more of the plurality of sensor devices, One or more sensor devices that sample sensor data, where the sensor data includes movement measurements. The computer device is also used to determine that a fall has occurred based on the sampled sensor data. Within a period of time after a possible fall event, sample additional sensor data from one or more of the multiple sensor devices for additional movement , And determine the recovery after a fall based on other sensor data.

Manu Kurian (Dallas, Texas)

Bank of America Corporation (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Banner Witcoff, Ltd. (3 non-local offices)

16210391 on 12/05/2018 (application released for 706 days)

Provides an intelligent processing device and a system for controlling the functions of the intelligent processing device. In some examples, the smart processing device may include a central section and multiple movable sections. The removable section can be connected to the central section in many different configurations. In some examples, each configuration can enable or disable functions associated with the smart processing device. In addition, the system can receive data associated with the current physical configuration of the intelligent processing device. The current physical configuration data can be compared with pre-stored configuration data to identify one or more functions to be enabled or disabled for the smart processing device. The system, computing platform, etc. can generate instructions, commands or signals to enable or disable functions, and can send the signals to the intelligent processing device to execute and control the functions provided by the intelligent processing device.

Brian D. Owens (Plano, Texas)

Goodhue, Coleman Owens, PC (2 non-local offices)

15350570 on 11/14/2016 (1457 days old application released)

System and method for providing directional feedback. A wireless connection is established between the first directional interface and one or more directional interfaces. The free format path is received from the user using the first directional interface. The free-form path is converted into directional feedback, where the free-form path is wrapped into an available path communicated by the first directional interface and one or more directional interfaces to generate directional feedback. The orientation feedback is sent to one or more orientation interfaces that are wirelessly connected to the first orientation interface. Using user preferences associated with the one or more directional interfaces, the directional feedback is communicated to one or more users associated with the one or more directional interfaces.

Amardeep Sathyanarayana (Austin, TX), Anand G. Dabak (Plano, TX), David Patrick Magee (Allen, TX)

Abby Abraham (location not found)

14866779 (September 25, 2015) (1873-day-old application)

In one embodiment, a system for measuring the flow of material in a pipeline is disclosed. The first transducer is operable to transmit a first signal having a first frequency at a first time and to receive a second signal at a second time, the second transducer is spaced apart from the first transducer, and is operable to receive The first signal and the second signal are emitted. A signal with the first frequency. A signal processing circuit is communicatively coupled to the first transducer and the second transducer, the signal processing circuit is operable to determine a first envelope of the first signal and a second envelope of the second signal, and based on the first The first envelope of the two signals is used to calculate the flow rate. The second envelope of the first signal and the second signal.

Bradley Wayne Cook (Frisco, TX)

e-Longation, LLC (Plano, Texas)

16229583 on 2018/12/21 (applicable for 690 days)

An improved method and device for evaluating post-tensioning tendons, wherein the device uses a positioning head that is placed directly in the cavity and close to the anchor, and does not contact the wedge when the device is in the tendon. From this position, the device evaluates the tendon by marking, measuring and/or determining its position, thereby improving reliability and accuracy.

John David Newton (Crawley, TX)

Jeff Williams PLLC Law Firm (local + 690 other metropolitan areas)

16171060 on 2018/10/25 (747 days application released)

The method of mapping the geometry of underground fractures below the underground surface includes two independently powered systems, namely multiple sensors distributed through underground holes and a downhole tool that facilitates receiving and transmitting signal data from multiple sensors. The sensors are distributed in fractures in the formation that has been hydraulically fractured. The sensor sends the signal data to the downhole tool for transmission to the unit on the surface. The signal data allows fractures to be mapped in the fractured formation.

Kasey Jon Minick (Belson, Texas)

16204729 on 11/29/2018 (712 days application released)

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing contact lenses. The contact lenses not only have a water gradient structure configuration, but also have minimal absorption of Polyquaternium-1 and long-lasting surface hydrophilicity and moisturizing even after a simulated 30-day contact lens. Wetness. Nursing system.

Adam Joseph Frulin (Dallas, Texas), James Norman Hall (Parker, Texas)

15836521 on 12/08/2017 (application released 1068 days old)

Among the methods and devices for improving the efficiency and optical bandwidth of a MEMS piston spatial light modulator, example devices include: an electrode with spring legs; and an electrode with spring legs. Base electrode; Mirror displacement determiner, used to determine the periodic signal corresponding to the displacement distance of the electrode beyond the instability point of the electrode; Voltage source, in response to the periodic signal, output a periodic voltage to the base electrode. The periodic voltage causes the spring legs to change the displacement of the electrode relative to the base electrode according to the periodic voltage. Displacement includes the distance beyond the point of instability.

Craig M. Main (Allen, Texas)

State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company (Bloomington, Illinois)

Faegre Alcoholic Biddle (location not found)

15935556 on 03/26/2018 (960-day application released)

Provides methods and systems for monitoring the use of vehicles with one or more autonomous or semi-autonomous operating characteristics, determining risks, and pricing insurance policies. According to certain aspects, the operating state of the feature, the identity of the vehicle operator, the risk level of the vehicle operation by the vehicle operator, or the damage to the vehicle can be determined based on sensors or other data. According to a further aspect, a decision about transferring control between the feature and the driver of the vehicle can be made based on sensor data and information about the driver of the vehicle. Other aspects can recommend or install updates to autonomous operation functions based on the determined risk level. Some aspects may include monitoring transportation infrastructure and communicating information about the infrastructure to vehicles.

Matthew Flachsbart (Grapevine, TX), Snehal Desai (Richardson, TX)

United Service Automobile Association (USAA) (San Antonio, Texas)

BakerHostetler (local + 4395 other metropolises)

16005196 on 06/11/2018 (883 days application released)

Methods and equipment for operating robotic vehicles. The sensor is located on the robotic vehicle to identify the first mark located in the first area within the space defined by the structure. The data received from the sensor describes one or more characteristics of the tag. Identify the first instruction corresponding to one or more characteristics. The robot vehicle is caused to change the physical orientation characteristics of the first mark and move to a second area in the space.

Patrick A. La Fratta (McKinney, Texas)

Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, Idaho)

Brooks, Cameron Huebsch, PLLC (2 non-local offices)

16103585 on 08/14/2018 (819 days application released)

Described are devices and methods related to command selection strategies for electronic storage or storage. The priority of the command to the storage controller can be determined based on the type of command, the time when a command is received by another command, the time when a command is ready to be issued to the storage device, or some combination of these factors. . For example, the memory controller may adopt a prepare first, first come first served (FRFCFS) strategy, in which certain types of commands (for example, read commands) have priority over other types of commands (for example, write commands). Based on the dependencies or relationships between commands or between commands, this strategy can adopt exceptions to such FRFCFS strategies. An example may include: inserting a command into a priority queue based on the category corresponding to each command; and traversing multiple priority queues in the order of priority to select the command to be issued.

David Michael Steele (Carrollton, Texas)

Bank of America (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Moore Van Allen PLLC (6 non-local offices)

16858779 on April 27, 2020 (197 days of release of the application)

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to data integration and threat assessment for triggering analysis of connection oscillations in order to improve data and connection security. The present invention uses a security threat assessment engine and an analysis engine to collect and process data from a combination of internal and external data sources for third-party connections. The system continuously monitors and updates the threat levels generated for third-party connections to determine changes or triggers that indicate potential security threats. In response to these identified changes or triggers, the system then responds to the detected security threats and minimizes the damage caused by the data corrupted by the third-party system. In addition, the system can extract and restore data from third-party systems, and change the connection channel to further limit losses.

Timothy Elliott (Plano, TX)

Capital One Services, LLC (McLean, Virginia)

16653869 on 2019/10/15 (392 days of application released)

Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for generating one or more aspects of updating and/or verifying an access policy for a data bucket, for example, based on usage data corresponding to the data bucket. Some embodiments are specifically directed to automatically generating, updating, and/or verifying an access policy to the data bucket based on the analysis of the log data corresponding to the data bucket. In some embodiments, log data including access records to data buckets may be analyzed to determine the access requirements of a group of entities. In some such embodiments, the access requirements for the entity set can then be used to generate an access policy for the data bucket.

Andrew Vishnyakov (Frisco, TX), Dan Flynn (Plano, TX)

ATT Intellectual Property I, LP (Atlanta, Georgia)

16174171 on 10/29/2018 (743 days of application released)

The processing system may obtain an operation set associated with the database source of the database system from the client entity, the operation set including a statement, the statement including a query, identifying the data set from the operation set, and sending a request to the first owner to allow access to the first Data set, and request permission from the second owner to access the second data set, and obtain the approval of the first and second owners. The processing system can retrieve the first part of the data stored in the first data set and the second part of the data stored in the second data set according to the approval, and execute the operation set data according to the first part and the second part of the data to generate the result set, And provide client entity access to the result set.

Gregory J. Allen (Falloon, Illinois), Joseph A. Hattrup (Plano, Illinois), Nathaniel Evert Lawson (Collinsville, Illinois), Ralph P. French (Maryville, Illinois)

Joseph Hartrup Trust (Plano, Texas) revised on July 16, 1996

Stinson LLP (6 non-local offices)

15692878 on 08/31/2017 (1167 days old application released)

A dynamic packaging label printing system for various packages. The system includes a permanent record of various products printed on each package of a continuous packaging network, the permanent record indicating the product weight and product composition in the package. The system includes package handling equipment, clock and printer system.

Peter S Baek (Southlake, Texas)

15346622 on 11/08/2016 (1463 days of application will be released)

A labeling system used to create labels for pharmaceutical containers. The system includes a label printer having an internal area configured to carry multiple sheets of printing paper therein. A scanner for data communication with a label printer, the scanner having a reader to read drug management barcodes and drug barcodes; and label paper printed by the label printer, the label paper having a plurality of labels bonded, the label The printer is configured to print data information scanned from the administrator barcode and the drug barcode onto a plurality of labels. The label paper includes a first label having an image corresponding to a part of the body. The second label has an image of the first label.

He Yang (Texas Colony), Marciana Bokshi-Drotar (McKinney, Texas)

National Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company (Bloomington, Illinois)

16009983 on 06/15/2018 (879 days application released)

A system and computer-implemented method for automatically predicting the cost of labor, man-hours, and parts for repairing a vehicle includes receiving one or more images of the vehicle from a policy holder. Access damage assessment model. The damage assessment model is based on multiple damaged vehicle images contained in the image training database, corresponding to the characteristics of the vehicle damage. The damage assessment model is compared with the vehicle image, and the damage of the vehicle is identified based on the image. In addition, in response to identifying vehicle damage, based on the related total labor cost, total parts cost, and total repair time included in the vehicle, the total labor cost, total parts cost, and total vehicle repair time are predicted. Historical claims database.

Anne Marie Pellerin (Leesburg, Florida), Michal Carrie Morgan-Rottman (Flower Hills, Texas)


Sandberg Phoenix von Gontard, PC (1 non-local office)

16627962 on 07/05/2018 (859 days application released)

A tamper sensing element is provided, which can be applied to a product having a casing or a casing having a critical area, wherein the casing or the casing can be opened or separated at or along the critical area. The tamper sensing element is operable to determine whether the housing or housing has opened or separated at or along the critical area. The tamper sensing element includes: a sensor for detecting changes in monitoring parameters indicating that the housing or the housing has been opened or separated at or along the critical area; a memory for storing product data and label data; and a circuit , For updating the memory when a change in the parameter monitored by the sensor is detected; and for sending the information contained in the memory after the scanning device inquires. A system and method are also disclosed for scanning/screening products provided with tampering sensing elements at security checkpoints so that security officials/screeners can easily determine whether the products have been potentially tampered with .

Swaminathan Chandrasekaran (Koper, Texas)

International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, NY)

14874934 on 10/05/2015 (1863 days application released)

The techniques for solving the entities provided in the problem include creating individual entity context vectors (ECV) for each entity in the applicable knowledge graph (KG). Received a question from the user. Identify the first entity in the question. The first entity is associated with one of the matching entities in the KG. The ECV that matches one of the entities in KG is modified. The answer to the question is generated based on the revised ECV.

Cheng Jiang (Plano, Texas), Huang Xueguo (Allen, Texas), Kurt Adrian Wolf (Frisco, Texas), Shao Ruoyou (Allen, Texas), Sankin Park (Texas) Allen)

Capital One Services, Inc. (McLean, Virginia)

Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP (location not found)

16716604 on 12/17/2019 (329 days application released)

The system and method for determining the relative importance of one or more variables in a non-parametric model includes: receiving the original value of the variable corresponding to one or more entities; processing the original value using a statistical model to obtain the probability value of the variable And the overall predicted value of each entity; determine multiple cumulative distributions of variables based on the original value and the number of entities with specific original values; group variables into multiple equal-sized buckets based on the cumulative distribution; determine the value of each bucket Average probability value; assign a grade number to each bucket according to the average probability value; compile a table for the entity based on the original value and the bucket corresponding to the original value; and determine the relative importance of the variable to the entity based on the grade number.

Saurabh Gupta (Irving, TX)

Scully, Scott, Murphy Presser, PC (1 non-local office)

15087609 on 03/31/2016 (1685 days old application released)

A method and system for determining node order fulfillment performance in consideration of cancellation costs. The method includes: receiving the current command for fulfilling the node allocation; and calculating the number of nodes among the multiple nodes by dividing the canceled command due to the delayed cancellation of the slave node by the command planned by the node collected from the pre-allocated time period The cancellation rate of a node. The method also includes determining the offset cost of the node based on the offset rate of the node. Then, the method includes automatically generating a node order allocation based on the determined cancellation cost to complete the current order.

Aarthi Reddy (Allen, TX), Johan Muedsam (Plano, TX), Joshua Whitney (Richardson, TX), Matt Dugan (Plano, TX)

Guntin Gust, PLC (3 non-local offices)

16049192 on 07/30/2018 (834 days application released)

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, embodiments that include receiving a first user-generated input from a recruiter device. The recruiter device is associated with the manager of the group. A further embodiment includes generating a first smart contract between the applicant and the manager based on the input generated by the first user. The generation of the first smart contract includes generating the first smart contract on the blockchain. Additional embodiments may include: providing the applicant with access to the group according to the first smart contract; receiving input generated by the second user from the recruiter device; and according to the input generated by the second user, between the record holder and the manager Generate a second smart contract in time. . The generation of the second smart contract includes the generation of the second smart contract on the blockchain. Moreover, embodiments may include providing the record holder with access to the group in accordance with the second smart contract. Other embodiments are disclosed.

Carl Christopher Tierney (Dallas, Texas)

Do It Better, LLC (Dallas, Texas)

16125333 on 09/07/2018 (795 days application released)

A collaborative donation system/method is disclosed. The collaborative donation system/method coordinates the extraction and sharing of gifts from donors in a collaborative group of donation collaborators. The system/method allows a database of donor-specific donors to drive the automation of collaborative projects and spatially distributed fundraising efforts, where donated funds are reduced and shared among collaborative grantees, while ensuring that each donor is specific The donor anonymity of the donor is maintained in the database. The anonymity between donors/recipients allows a large number of potentially diverse donors to be brought together to support collaborative projects, while still maintaining the privacy of the donors and the autonomy of the recipients. In the context of this typical gift application, the disclosed system/method provides the necessary accounting interfaces and reports to ensure that the gift transaction with the donation and all the cooperating recipients properly consider the related gift transaction. Internal/external accounting/tax issues.

Paresh Ashok Khanapurkar (Plano, Texas)

Ferraiuoli LLC (1 non-local office)

16241529 on 01/07/2019 (673 days of application to be released)

A system, method and device for realizing a forecast-based market are provided. For example, the system may include one or more processing units that are operable to receive a prediction of the outcome of an event from the seller, determine the price at which the prediction will be provided to the buyer, provide the prediction to the buyer, and receive the prediction. The buyer instructs to purchase the forecast, processes the buyer's payment to purchase the forecast, determines the actual result of the predicted event, compares the actual and predicted results of the event; and allocates the payment in a certain way so that the buyer and the seller can compare the actual and predicted results Part of the payment was received separately.

Steven Hurley (Denton, TX)

Heslin Rothenberg Farley Mesiti PC (2 non-local offices)

16371993 on 04/01/2019 (589 days of posting)

A method, computer program product and system, wherein the processor obtains data including trends identified by observers of the system over time; the data contains multiple years. The processor converts the measurable dimensions of the data, and assigns the converted data to years and different time periods. The processor generates an image representing the trend from the transformed data, which is organized by different time periods and years.

Avid Ghamsari (Frisco, TX), Geoffrey Dagley (McKinney, TX), Jason Richard Hoover (Grapevine, TX), Micah Price (Plano, TX) , Qiao Qiaotang (Texas Colony)

Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein Fox PLLC (2 non-local offices)

16742194 on 01/14/2020 (301-day application released)

The image error recognition system retrieves images related to the vehicle inventory, and uses various machine learning models to classify the images, and generates recognition data, which may include vehicle manufacturer, model, decoration level, and/or various features present in the vehicle . image. The identification data is compared with the rest of the vehicle list to detect mismatches between the image and the vehicle list. When a mismatch is detected, an alert will be generated indicating that one of the images or data in the vehicle list is incorrect.

Rahsaan Currie (Arlington, Texas)

16505942 on 07/09/2019 (490 days application released)

The doorbell custom kit includes a doorbell bracket that can be installed on the wall of the building. The switch is coupled to the doorbell bracket, and the switch is electrically coupled to the doorbell to ring the doorbell. The receiver is coupled to the doorbell bracket, the receiver surrounds the switch, and the receiver has a plurality of key grooves therein. The disc engages each keyway in the receiver so that the disc is removably coupled to the receiver. When the disk is pressed to make the doorbell ring, the disk will turn on the switch. Logo marks are printed on the disc to enhance the decorative appeal of the doorbell on the building.

Michael C. Edwards (McKinney, Texas)

16165815 on 2018/10/19 (753 days application released)

A method for generating synthetic image data using a first vehicle including a first camera and first network interface hardware and a second vehicle including a second camera and second network interface hardware, including between the first vehicle and the second vehicle An external connection is established through the first network. The interface hardware and the second network interface hardware generate a trigger event signal in the first vehicle in response to the trigger event, send the trigger event signal to the second vehicle, use the first camera to capture the first image data, and use the second camera to capture the second 2. Image data. The second camera, and splice the first image data and the second image data into composite image data.

Devang Parekh (Dallas, Texas), Wilson-Boon Siang Khoo (Allen, Texas)

Snell Wilmer LLP (5 non-local offices)

16209049 on 12/04/2018 (707 days old application released)

A method and system for warning a driver of a vehicle of parking conditions within a predetermined distance of a destination. The system includes a vehicle's transceiver configured to receive parking condition data from one or more other vehicles, the parking condition data including one or more indicators of parking conditions within a predetermined distance of the destination. The system also includes the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU) connected to the transceiver. The ECU is configured to determine the degree of parking congestion based on the parking situation data. The ECU is also configured to determine whether the parking congestion degree exceeds a threshold parking congestion degree. The ECU is also configured to instruct the output device to warn the driver of parking congestion near the destination when the parking congestion degree exceeds a threshold parking congestion degree.

Amin Fazeldehkordi (San Diego, California)

Futurewei Technologies, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

Fish Richardson PC (local + 13 other cities)

15949358 on 04/10/2018 (945 days application released)

The present disclosure provides an embodiment of a method, system and device for intelligently converting whispered speech into normal speech through deep learning, so whispered speech can be more robust to interference and easier to understand for listeners. Receive a first audio signal including a first whisper; perform a first plurality of calculations on the first audio signal to extract a first feature; provide the first feature as an input for training a deep neural network (DNN) model to obtain a second feature The output of the DNN model; performing the inverse operation of the first plurality of calculations on the second feature to generate a second audio signal corresponding to the non-whispering version of the first whisper.

Milind Borkar (Plano, TX)

ILLUMA Labs LLC. (Plano, Texas)

MB IP Analysts, LLC (4 non-local offices)

16203077 on 2018/11/28 (713 days application released)

An effective universal background model (UBM) training system and method for speaker recognition includes: receiving audio input that can be divided into multiple audio frames, wherein at least a

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