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Dad Grass, a new company that sells CBD hemp, was founded on a simple premise: today's weeds have become too strong. This in itself is not particularly novel. (You will hear it from anywhere

To the office

. ) But being everywhere does not mean that it is not. One or two years ago, the THC content of weeds was less than 5%. These days may be in the 1920s-especially legal requirements.

Ben Starmer and Josh Katz, fashion veterans who have met working for Levi's, believe that this is more dangerous than a night on the ceiling.

. For them, a new wave of super potent weeds (as well as vape cartridges, tinctures, and edible foods) is eroding the rituals that make smoking the grass fun in the first place. After all, when a friend gasps and stares at the flames and ignores you, it is difficult to pass joints around a campfire.

So when the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp (or hemp-two names for the same plant) nationwide with THC below 0.3%, Katz and Starmer created a brand that seemed to be asking: if everything depends on What should I do if I smoke weed?

Higher and higher? 

Now, no matter where you live in the United States, Dad Grass will happily mail you a joint that contains a lot of CBD but almost no THC, or (as of this week) a pot of cannabis flower that feels and smells It smells like stock-test weed.

Unlike your normal CBD products, CBD products tend to be healthy, but Dad Grass feels like a mild vice. (After all, it is difficult to smoke reasonably as a healthy habit.) More importantly, unlike every CBD sewage treatment machine I have tried, Papa Glass actually feels like doing something. It's not completely stoned, but it's a bit rounded. And, even though the packaging is clearly labeled with legal cannabis products (a useful QR code can even bring out a PDF of a ridiculous and comprehensive laboratory report), when you smoke, it smells like the real thing. In this case, you do not want to destroy these things, and you do not want to smoke. (If you live in 420 unfriendly areas, imagine encouraging the police to scan the QR code on the connector box when there are large smelly clouds scattered around.) However, this will not make you half the beer. Makes you drunk.

After Dad Grass abandoned the maturing part of the mason culture, the company retained almost everything else. They have sold many kinds of blinking antiques, from


With the help of LA stone mill gear manufacturer Free and Easy, they looked fresh on the Bonnaroo table in 2006. This is an aesthetic pleasure to the overgrown era. 

Of course, in some obvious ways, weeds can't really make you high. I think there is no better way than smoking daddy grass. After that, I felt a little relaxed, but on the first warm day of a few months, I climbed over the kitchen window and sat by the fireplace in order to watch some birds, which in itself was an emotional boost. Taking a second to relax. The almost harmless vice may be related to a good atmosphere, just like any chemical substance entangled in my blood. But: if I only hit half of it with a vape pen, I wouldn't understand this.

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