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Bryan County hired Atlantic Waste Services (Inc.) to replace the Republic as a sanitation provider for unincorporated areas of the county. This move will mean new service providers, new multi-wheeled car delivery, conventional garbage and recycling garbage delivery, new trucks collected and operated by local companies, without increasing customer costs.

To avoid cost increases, Bryan County tendered the contract and accepted the bid earlier this year. According to the county, the unexpected savings from awarding contracts to new providers not only avoided the increase, but also saved $380,000 annually. This is likely to result in a slight decrease in the residents' annual solid waste fee in the future, and if the county continues to use the same provider, it is expected to increase. In addition, the company has provided services to cities in Richmond Hill and Pembroke.

The county committee has approved an agreement to provide sanitation services in the Atlantic region starting March 1. In preparation for the implementation of the service, the Atlantic region will begin shipping plastic carts to residents on February 8. Each plastic trolley will be accompanied by a detailed list detailing the trash can and the rest days for recycling, so that residents know exactly when to put the trash can. Garbage and recycling will be collected on the same day, so residents only need to put multiple wheels of trolleys on the side of the road once a week.

Half of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be dedicated to the route at the southern end of the county. Half of Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to the northern end route. Each resident will receive a green garbage truck and a yellow recycling truck. Additional shopping carts can be purchased by calling 912-964-2000 or paying an annual fee of $120 per year in advance.


Residents can place "landfill only garbage" in their Green Paper garbage utility vehicles, including harmless household and commercial garbage such as food scraps, glass bottles and non-recyclable plastics. Construction and demolition waste, paint, tires, medical waste exceeding 2 pounds per week, and hazardous waste (such as radioactive waste, extremely acidic or alkaline chemicals, containers containing 5 gallons or more of liquid) are not allowed.

The recyclable items placed in the yellow trolley must be loose and not bagged. They will be picked up every two weeks as stated in the attached table of the residents’ multi-wheel carts. Acceptable items include plastic #1-7, paper, cardboard, metal cans, aluminum cans, clean pizza boxes and aseptic packaging. Items that are not allowed include glass, plastic wrap, aerosol cans, aluminum foil, styrofoam, wax bottles, food residues, food contaminated items, ceramic kitchenware, plastic toys or sporting goods, wood, peanut packaging and bubble wrap , Hazardous chemicals and containers and newspaper clippings in the yard.

Ben Wall, vice president of the Atlantic, said his company's website will include a special link for Blaine County residents who can click to find its route map and timetable at any time. In the event of severe weather or unexpected circumstances, the website and social media will also be used to communicate any changes to the service or changes to the schedule.

In addition, the transition to a new service provider will mean lower rates for convenience centers in the county. Currently, the cost of processing large amounts of waste at the center is 25 cents per pound, but under Atlantic operations, this cost will drop to 10 cents per pound. Bulk waste may still fall at the 144 Spur location (South Bryan) or Mill Creek location (North Bryan). Those who want to pick up large items at home should call the Atlantic office. The cost will depend on the size, weight and quantity. The current garbage and garbage collection rate will not change, and ultimately, residents can expect cost savings.

Wall stated that he is eager to provide quality services to all citizens in Blaine County. Atlantic has already provided services to Richmond Hill and Pembroke.

Wall said: "My family has always been the life owner of Bryan County. As a company, we really look forward to the opportunity to serve all customers and citizens in the area." "We are a local Companies, so the money that residents spend with us stays in the community, which is something we care about very much."

Malorie Boyd, Atlantic's residential operations manager, emphasized the importance of residents remembering to place multi-wheel strollers the night before the scheduled delivery.

Boyd said: "Some routes get up very early, so if your home is the starting point of a route, you might drive early in the morning around 6am, so make sure you bring everything with you the night before To the side of the road.".

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