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Take a look at Michelle's skills to find the right machine for packaging boxes, vape pens, vials, etc.

As the legalization of cannabis spreads across the United States, the popularity of THC and CBD products is growing rapidly, and we can foresee that the popularity of cannabis will increase in the next few years. It is estimated that the revenue of the cannabis industry alone will reach nearly $16.9 billion this year.

Therefore, the demand for adequate filling machinery for CBD and THC products continues to increase from infusion product manufacturers. These products, including CBD oil storage boxes, require filling equipment, which can provide fast turnover, detailed parts, and simple replacement and cleaning. Let us examine the different types of filling machinery used for these products.

For packaging of vials made of glass, metal or plastic, a vial filling machine can be used. They are commonly used in various medical products and are now suitable for filling liquid THC and CBD oils. Bottle filling machines are usually also suitable for filling liquid products of various viscosity levels by installing a peristaltic pump or a positive displacement filling station.

Rotary filling machine can also fill containers at high speed and fast turnover. It is an ideal choice for filling containers of various types and sizes made of plastic, metal or glass. A good rotary filling machine will be able to consistently meet the requirements of high-speed environments.

Fixed and variable-capacity cartridge filling tools usually have a one-handed operation function for quick filling of THC and CBD oil cartridges for vaping. With a fixed-volume filling machine, you will be able to specify a specific and consistent volume, while the variable-volume model can provide different volumes for applications that require versatility.

The automatic filling machine will be able to fill a large number of products at different speed settings without manual operation. These machines can consistently fill many different types of products, thereby helping to maintain optimal productivity. Like other filling machines, automatic filling machines can usually be customized in a variety of configurations.

For concentrates, filling a syringe is ideal in many cases. Many patients require a specific dose of oil, and syringes can improve accuracy by including measurement indicators. Many pharmacies sell syringe units, so this packaging method is likely to continue to be popular.

In addition to a reliable filling system, the manufacturer should also ensure that all other aspects of the packaging line are covered with high-quality equipment. Facilities will need various conveyor belts to transport products from one end of the production line to the other, cleaners will need to ensure that bottles or other containers are clean before filling, and labeling machines will need to put custom labels on the packaging.

Using one or more of these types of liquid fillers in the factory, the company can maintain accuracy and efficiency during the entire operation when filling CBD or THC products. As the industry's demand for high-quality filling and other types of equipment continues to grow, considering these types of products, more machines may be specially manufactured or configured.

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In 2001, he served as the marketing and trade show manager for E-PAK Machinery Company, Oden Machinery Company and Change Parts Company. She is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development of these three companies. In addition to strategic business development work, she is also responsible for media relations, branding, advertising and trade fair coordination.

Cartridge filling is another area that has seen tremendous growth.

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You place high demands on autofillers and how they provide you with speed and consistency. My husband and I are looking for a filler that can help him relieve anxiety with hemp products. We will keep these tips in mind when looking for professionals who can best help him.

Does the filling machine fill our bottle by measuring the volume of the bottle or fill it with some other measurement value? By the way, great article, thank you for sharing with us.

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