CCELL: The Revolutionary Tech Brand Born for Extraordinary Vaping

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It seems that the 2020 election results mark a further increase in people's acceptance of marijuana. There is no doubt that the demand for medical and recreational cannabis products is bound to surge in the United States. Of all cannabis consumption,

Those full of extracted oil will take the lead.

While the evaporator market continues to grow, emerging technologies make consumers skeptical about the evaporator and atomization experience. Cannabis oil is more viscous than liquid nicotine, and the higher the THC content, the thicker the oil. As a result, electronic cigarette hardware products are not suitable for this job. For the demanding cannabis market, new solutions are needed.

In order to meet the challenge,

Three cannabis research and development centers have been established and more than 600 well-educated and talented engineers and scientists have been employed; 30% of them hold a master's degree or doctorate. With excellent R&D capabilities and manufacturing capabilities, CCELL is able to create revolutionary heating technology for those who pursue excellent quality, which is driven by ceramic heating patents


The key to a good evaporator and excellent atomization experience is the filter cartridge or pod system.

Many cartridges use core-based heating elements, which often burn out at high temperatures. When this happens, the cotton wick will not only contaminate the expensive oil that the processor is struggling to make, but it will also cause a terrible tar smell, which will frustrate consumers with just one breath. This disappointment eventually caused the processor business to shrink.

On the other hand, because the patented ceramic heating element can uniformly and regularly absorb and distribute the heat from the embedded coil, the CCELL box and pod perform well in maintaining the pure flavor and are more stable than other heating elements. In addition, ceramics are sintered at extremely high temperatures, making carts and pods more stable.

Equipped with revolutionary ceramics and stable coils as heating elements, CCELL carts and pods enable consumers to say goodbye to burnout disasters and enjoy purity.

The ceramic heating element is constructed with a carefully calculated nano-scale inlet hole ratio to ensure maximum effective penetration of hemp oil and distillate.

Due to its excellent permeability, CCELL ceramic elements can uniformly absorb, store and vaporize high-viscosity extracted oil, while wick-based elements cannot be used.

Due to the uniform absorption and storage of the equipment, the carts and pods will not leak oil at all. Since leakage is one of the most common problems that plague consumers, evaporators with extremely low leakage and defect rates will stand out when choosing the next vape. It is precisely because of the unparalleled quality that CCELL cartridges and pods are getting more and more repeat orders from processors, not only helping them win more consumers, but also winning numerous awards in the cannabis industry. The "Best Vape Pen Holder" award using CCELL technology was awarded in the 2019 High Power Coating Cup High Desert, 2019 High Power SoCal Cannabis Cup, 2019 High Power Bay Area Cannabis Cup and other competitions.

In addition to the ceramic miracle, the CCELL coil is another magic ingredient that makes CCELL cartridges and pods better than the competition. The design of the embedded coil has reasonable resistance and equivalent gap, which can ensure as uniform heat distribution as possible, eliminate local overheating to avoid burning, and make all the oil evaporate to the last drop.

The coil evenly heats the surrounding cannabis oil to make each puff uniform and consistent, so that consumers can enjoy the last puff the same as when they enjoyed the first puff-there is no longer any impossibility Projected smoke bombs and flavors. More importantly, CCELL carts and pods can always be launched strongly, and quickly produce a large amount of vapor cloud during the first suction-after a long warm-up time, it will never start boringly.

In addition to the e-cigarette experience, consumers also pay more attention to product reliability. CCELL has been actively committed to producing the most health-conscious and reliable vaporizers. Therefore, all products of the company adopt more reliable materials, strict manufacturing management and quality control.

For example, CCELL's new disposable evaporators DS1903-M and DS1903-U use medical-grade stainless steel internals and food-grade plastics that meet FDA requirements, both of which ensure the reliability of high-quality consumption. In addition, most importantly, all CCELL evaporators have been tested for heavy metal contamination and are far below the feasible limits in all categories.

Last but not least, the battery is a key part of a reliable, high-quality vaporizer. The CCELL battery has a larger capacity or rechargeable design, which can provide the most worry-free and happiest e-cigarette experience ever.

From battery box, battery box to battery, CCELL is known for its advanced technology methods. It provides revolutionary heating technology and unparalleled quality, which can satisfy consumers' increasingly complex tastes, making many other evaporators inferior to the past.

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