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A Michigan woman in York County was charged with possession of hundreds of THC cartridges. The case has been heard in the District Court.

22-year-old Jalana J. Saxton of Niles, Michigan, has been formally charged with a Class 2A felony of delivering a controlled substance; possession of a controlled substance, a class 4 felony; no drug tax stamp, Type 4 felony.

Her preliminary hearing was cancelled in the county court, and a lawsuit is being filed in the local court.

According to court documents, Saxton's allegations came from a traffic station in York County initiated by a cavalry patrolling with Nebraska.

The possible affidavit stated that the soldier dragged a vehicle with a Vermont license plate onto the vehicle due to a traffic violation. Saxton was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Bryce Saxton. Later, it was discovered that another person-Cornelius Glass-was lying in the back seat, wearing clothes.

The soldier claimed that he could smell the strong smell of raw and burned marijuana from the vehicle. He said residents could not find their registration-when he suggested they check the glove box, they could see a marijuana dispensary.

After asking the Saxton to leave the vehicle, Glass was found in the back seat and he was also removed from the vehicle.

While searching for the vehicle, the soldiers found containers, bags, pouches, grinders, cloak pens, and rolls of paper in the pharmacy. They also found three large cardboard boxes in the luggage, which contained hundreds of individually packaged THC vape cartridges.

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