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The marijuana boom is here. States across the country have recently legalized weeds, and other states such as New York are also working hard to do so. They will join a mature market like California that has established business for many years. 

With the further monetization of the cannabis industry, Americans will hear the words per capita, regulation, growth and supervision this year.

KCRW talked to's senior editor David Downs about the cannabis market. 

David Downs: "It grows amazingly. It grows like a weed- 

Marijuana now has 321,000 full-time jobs in total. By 2020, these jobs have increased by 77,000. As a local example, my barber now wants to work with marijuana. 

Compared with the broader economy, this is quite amazing. Since World War II, this has been the worst year for economic growth as a whole. GDP fell by 3.5%, and 10 million traditional jobs disappeared. 

Now, the number of cannabis workers exceeds the number of airplane pilots and engineers, dentists, painters or EMT and electrical engineers. "

"We use formulas to look at the total revenue of the entire industry, which is tracked under medical and adult use of marijuana laws. From there, we infer a certain number of full-time equivalent jobs."

"They set the total sales of cannabis products last year at $18.3 billion, which is an increase of 71% year-on-year. 

Likewise, because these adult use procedures are taking off, so these medical procedures are also taking off. Moreover, we also found that COVID among consumers who consume cannabis has increased significantly. Beau Whitney, in

Researchers working with Leafly found that average orders increased by 33% in 2020. "

"Growth brings regulation, and growth brings new innovations. What we see in the vape field is that although the legal market is still much safer than any type of vape cartridge you buy on the street, they are not Not bulletproof. 

There are many gaps in state e-cigarette regulations, especially in California, which may pose risks to consumers. We found that industry members as well as experts would like to see the regulations updated to take into account the new practices that are happening in the vape space. People are working hard for this.

However, we have seen most states begin to tend to tighten their vape regulations, and we have begun to see the first association of cannabis regulators converging across the country to exchange best practices. 

Many of these states are in their own warehouses, and they believe that this is the only way. Each state’s approach is different. However, there is a lot of learning that needs to be shared across states, so each state's vape products have a unified benchmark quality control standard. "

"You want to shop at an authorized store and buy authorized products. 

You can check the licensing information online, and then want to look for ingredients that are vague on the label, such as "natural ingredients" or "artificial ingredients." 

The vape regulations do not take into account many of these non-cannabis ingredients present in cannabis products. As far as we know, most drugs have not been approved for safe use in the lungs in accordance with FDA guidelines. 

I'm talking about grapefruit flavor or thickeners and thickeners, such as vitamin E acetate or squalene. It is a shark liver oil that can be found in beard cream, but I hope it won't show up in pain or lungs. . "

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