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When you throw a used cannabis smoke bomb into the trash can, you might think,

The short answer is no. As the popularity of vape pens steadily rises, this is a problem.

Studies have shown that by 2022, sales of concentrates are expected to exceed sales of flowers, and most of the oil is consumed through pre-installed vape cartridges.

How convenient are these vape pens, but they quickly became the hemp industry, equivalent to Keurig cups, because retired batteries and ink cartridges have gone to landfill.

So, what prevents us from shrinking from more sustainable solutions? How do the business and you as a consumer play a role?

You may be wondering, why can't the used cannabis oil box be recycled? Vape pens and their ink cartridges are made of many different materials in small amounts. Due to the complexity of these products, traditional recycling facilities cannot extract the required resources.

The concern is that items such as cartridges will be collected and trace amounts of cannabis oil may be extracted to produce unregulated black market products.

Disposing of used ink cartridges is a specialized field. Whenever you want to recycle something unique and complicated like a vape cartridge, you need a lot of things to maintain the business of providing services.

In the absence of cartridges, this brings up the second question: why can't we collect vape cartridges?

When states began to transition to the legal market, regulations were enacted to stop illegal resale activities. The concern is that items such as cartridges will be collected and trace amounts of cannabis oil may be extracted to produce unregulated black market products. Therefore, it is illegal for companies to allow the provision of unloading boxes for ink cartridges.

Without these decentralized collection stations and dedicated recycling centers, we are unlikely to see any development of recycling boxes in the near future. This may sound bleak, but when it comes to e-cigarette sales, there are still many ways to support more sustainable choices.

This is the number one priority when reducing the environmental impact of cannabis oil bombs. If you can ask your state to change the law on how to deal with cannabis products, we can start a conversation about how to recycle these products.

Find out who your state representative is

The most straightforward measure you may want to take now is to buy a high-quality vape pen that will allow you to fill the cavity again and again. Although these vape pens require more effort, you will be satisfied knowing that you have prevented another cartridge from entering the landfill.

Get started by browsing through a large number of fillers

On Leafly.

If you plan to buy cannabis oil in boxed or bulk form, look for companies that are committed to sustainability. Although currently subject to state laws, many companies do not like to sell a single service product, just as you do not like to use a single product.

this is

The company is right to do this, but you can also ask your local partners about the brands in your area to give priority to sustainable development practices.

Not all ink cartridges are the same-just look at the materials used by different brands. Many chambers are made of glass instead of plastic, and the nib can be made of ceramic or bamboo.

In addition, use

The application in product materials is slow but will certainly become more and more common.

Trevor is a freelance writer and photographer. He worked in the cannabis industry in California for several years.

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