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When I was young, my parents had a boat. Eventually, they realized "

"There is a certain truth. It can be said that I followed their footsteps to ride a bicycle, but I haven't given up yet.

If you want, cycling can become an expensive hobby. It's really not a must-you can have as much fun on a road bike for £1,000 as you would on a road bike

(Please refer to my

). However, if you do decide to spend some money on some upgrades, then some places have much more benefits than others...

Want to choose an upgrade that will bring a big change? These are what we recommend.

Photo: Chris Catchpole

From the perspective of pocket size and sustainability, it is best to buy a bike rack and let you use it for ten years or more, rather than buying a new bike every three years.

Investing in your framework does not necessarily mean buying the latest and greatest products. Make sure you choose the frame

suits you. Also look for "standard" standards-many frames with proprietary components are guaranteed to save air, but if you want to replace the seatpost and only find that it has been discontinued, you are full.

What is the most certain bet here? Find a framework builder you trust and buy a custom framework. The time investment is much larger, and the cost is higher than buying entry-level frames from large manufacturers-but shop around and custom frames don’t have to be more expensive than mid-range plug-and-play options. In 2018 I have a custom

The suggested retail price is £3,500; I’ve never had such an affinity for a pile of carbon fiber tubes as I did on that bike. Custom location on

Only need an increase of 380 pounds, you can use the 1999 pounds frame. Being accustomed to customization means that you are more likely to be completely satisfied with the results-greatly reducing the chance of trading in just a few years.

Finally, if you want to invest in the framework of your dreams, it may be worth adding a little extra hurdle in the process of achieving your goals

Before building it. Your component may thank you.

Assuming you are driving on a flat road at a speed of 40kph, the rolling resistance accounts for about 20% of the total energy you put into the bicycle. The rest is caused by aerodynamic drag (70% of which is you) and driveline friction (10%). On rougher surfaces, rolling resistance has a greater impact.


It also plays a pivotal role in rolling resistance and comfort. More soft compounds can smooth the bumps under you and provide greater grip in the corners.

Glen Whittington (Glen Whittington) has worked in multiple studios and is a mechanic in multiple professional teams. He put tires on the "spending" agenda, and also considered the internal problems of the tires: "For me, the first thing I have to consider is the tires, as well as inner tubes and tubeless tubes. Soft tires can be fast on your ground. Reacting to improve your comfort, speed and grip can make you pay back a million times in return. Ask any suitable racer if he wants more front-end grip or a lighter bike, and every Every time I will grasp the grip.

"Don't forget the inner tube-the best tires need to be deformed and reshaped thousands of times per minute. Butyl tubes create friction between the tire and the inner tube, and they do not allow the tire to deform and move under high pressure-a new generation of light The quality and latex tube reduces this problem and saves a considerable amount of rotating weight-even better without the tube and completely eliminates the problem."

Tires do make a considerable contribution to the overall weight of the bicycle. Continental Grand Sport Race (£30 per tire / £60 per bicycle) is a fairly ordinary tire. A 28mm model claims a weight of 330g, while the Grand Prix 5000 (grip) weighs 235g (60 per tire). Pounds) Same width tires/120 pounds per bicycle). Whittington said: "Once you experience lightweight tires, you will never look back."

Many bikes with a retail price of less than £2500 come with entry-level inventory

And all of our

Testers will confirm that the exchange of these tools can greatly improve the quality of the ride.

However, this is a very obvious point of diminishing returns. In all cases it is possible to build a "wheel library" consisting of hoops, but we recommend that most riders find a middle ground and stick to it.

Start from

, Parcours’ Dov Tate has completed extensive testing and found that the difference between the box-section alloy rim and the 40mm Parcours Grimpeur wheel set is 22.9 watts. When running Chrono 77mm front/86mm rear pair, all conditions are equal, gain Is 29.7 watts. So-upgrading from the box part to the middle part of the rim will get a lot of benefits-but the benefit of deepening is about 6 watts.

Similarly, an ultra-light wheel will be amazing, but the actual speed increase is problematic. "If you run numbers, you must climb Alpe d'Huez before weight becomes more important than aerodynamics. Or equivalent,".

This '

Special Olympics’ aviation supervisor and senior R&D engineer, Mio Suzuki, shared his views. He told us: “I evaluated the wheels of many leading brands and designed some wheels during my career in the bicycle industry. I focus on performance or race. The suggestion for consumers would be 40mm-50mm wheels. However, if consumers are sensitive to weight and do not like to use deeper rims, then 32mm is a good choice."

When it comes to how much to spend – there are some good options around £1,000,

Is a good example.

Whittington went all out to find a local wheel manufacturer and added: "If you want a very good hand-built product and expect to pay about £600 to £800, then the next step will be carbon fiber wheels. Carbon fiber wheels are not Specifically for lighter purposes, it is more about better aerodynamic performance, so if the aerodynamic performance is superior, don’t postpone the use of carbon fiber wheels because of the slightly higher weight (50/100g)."

A lot of work (some of them

)already at

Last few years. That’s because although the brand is still pursuing the highest level

When it comes to areas of the frame that bend under load, riders need compliance or fatigue before they have the opportunity to take full advantage of this excellent power transmission. The seatpost (the tire next to it) is the area that maximizes comfort without sacrificing the rigidity of the frame.

If you do not use external testing facilities or invest in some equipment that most magazines do not have, it is difficult to obtain directly comparable data. However, countless tests have shown that the carbon fiber seatpost has greater deflection and damping compared to the aluminum option, and in this case, you will get a greater degree of curvature than the frame.

Whittington reports: "Carbon seatposts are definitely a worthwhile investment. Anyone who wants to ride 100 miles or more will not regret it." "The flexibility of the seatpost allows various frame manufacturers to combine the two with each other. Isolation greatly improves the efficiency of the drivetrain without sacrificing driver comfort."

"One of the best ways to make downhill athletes faster is to provide them with better brakes" – 

I'm sure this sentence is not the only thing the bike shop owner said, because it is true.

Whittington said: "The technical reason [high-quality brakes are so important] is that if you can apply more braking power and modulate it in a shorter period of time, you will cover the ground faster, "Whitington said. "Perhaps the more important reason is that better brakes will increase your confidence as a rider-I don’t know why you will become faster and faster because you have more confidence in the way the bike is handled and whether you need to get out of trouble. You won’t be restricted anymore."

"For a long time, I really haven't used anything less than [Shimao] 105-from that price point, anything will definitely improve the budget bike."

If you want to really maximize performance, check out some of the upgrades offered by brands such as Hope. In the last test, we awarded

. Compared with the usual two pistons, the piston has a four-piston design, and it is said that processing the calipers from a single aluminum billet can produce a lighter and harder product.

This applies not only to calipers (rims or brake discs), but also to brake pads. Last time I tested the Shimano Tiagra non-tube shoe/pad combination bikes, I replaced them with Shimano Ultegra shoes and pads-it cost £46, but I found this caused


Although we are

The subject is that Whittingham advocates checking your crankset and its overall weight: "The point I want to add is to consider the crankset – when I tested the perceived difference of some cranksets and how much the actual efficiency has improved, I was surprised and can How much weight is saved – I replaced the swamp standard Shimano OE crank with SRAM Red 1x and saved nearly 400 grams. It also greatly changed the cycling experience. I would say that it is as important as the brakes, but not as important as the wheels and tires ."

Now, if you make these investments-then there is no judgment here.

The technical team members undoubtedly created some of them. This is not to say that we did not enjoy the benefits of these lovely luxury items, we just think they are not as cost-effective as buying things.


Compared with aluminum, its weight is reduced by 20% to 40%. Carbon is also more malleable and can be twisted into some inspired windproof shapes.

However, the weight difference is small, and the actual solar terms are questionable. Excessive price differences are controversial. The price of a set of alloy rods is 55 pounds, while the price of carbon rods is 250 pounds.

In terms of resistance, in a bicycle/riding device, the rider is composed of

This can be reduced by reducing the frontal area-but the cheapest set of aluminum handlebars can do the job, as long as they are the correct size.

The rider has always been and will always be the biggest contributor to the resistance of the entire system. The easiest way for a rider to reduce resistance is to reduce its front area... Except for the rider's position, the wheels have the biggest difference in reducing system resistance. "Cervelo's brand manager Anton Petrov (Anton Petrov) told us.

While working at the Boardman Performance Center, Jamie Pringe, head of science and technology development, told us that the importance of the aerodynamics of the bicycle frame and the contours of the parts depends to a certain extent on the rider’s own optimization.

"Combine a road cyclist and a bicycle in a fairly average and usually aerodynamic position on the road. The overall CdA will be high, and the bicycle itself may only account for 15% of the total resistance," Pringle told us. "But for position-optimized road riders, their total CdA value is much lower-but the equipment itself has not changed, so the bicycle can account for 20% of the total system resistance"-when we start, this percentage will increase Look at the time trial riders that have been optimized.

Therefore, if you spend all the methods on how to reduce your profile, the aero frame and poles will become more important, and until then, there may be cheaper savings elsewhere.

There are some jaw-dropping lightweight components on the market. A good example is Selle Italia SLR C59

-The weight is only 63 grams, but the price is 449 pounds. Unless the feathery carbon touch on the entire landing gear is particularly high on your wish list, this is a marginal benefit category for us.

Carbon fiber saddles have even increased the price-for example, the Fizik Luce saddle with alloy steel rails costs £89.99, while the carbon fiber optional kit costs £164.99. The weight difference is 56 grams, so the price per gram is not as expensive as a carbon fiber handlebar, but if you plan to do a saddle trial and error process, then the cost will increase. Get a

It is essential for effective power transmission-we always recommend that you prioritize finding a shape that is lightweight and useful to you.

Lightweight bottle cages also fall into this category. I admit that I rode two Cinelli Mike Ram carbon fiber cages. A pair cost 100 pounds, but the reason is purely aesthetic considerations; a 2.99 pounds cage is enough. Upgraded pedals also fall into this category. Many high-end pedals use the same system as cheaper pedals, so that the difference in materials increases the price, which is almost invisible.

The moving parts of a bicycle are full of bearings. Traditionally, they will consist of steel balls inside a metal ring. However, it can be upgraded to a hybrid bearing using ceramic balls and metal races, or to a full ceramic bearing with ceramic races.

According to the market leader CeramicSpeed, if you upgrade to ceramic bearings in the hub, pulley and bottom bracket, its tests show that you will get "6-9 watts" of power compared to using standard bearings. You can then use the bicycle with the CeramicSpeed ​​UFO Racing chain and "save 2 to 5 watts, increasing your competitive advantage to 14 watts."

Many oversized pulley systems use ceramic bearings. According to reports, because pulling the chain on the larger wheels is more efficient, in addition to looking cooler in the coffee park, these can save about 3 watts.

Overall, this is 17 watts-assuming everything is running smoothly and well maintained. Saving is not saving, but increasing cost.

Whittington told me: "I did rate the ceramic bearings, but this is a huge investment. I see it as your final investment, not the starting point. In order to get the most benefit, you really need to replace all Six wheel bearings, BB bearings, pulley bearings and chains. This can easily return you £1,500. With this money, you can buy a very beautiful set of wheels."

Looking for a cheap victory? CeramicSpeed

The results show that in the case of 250 watts, a clean and lubricated chain will save 4 watts, while the cost of a chain that avoids wear is about 2 watts, and avoiding cross-links can save a further 3 watts.

Lekky gears are indeed very useful, we would rather ride them on machinery. The gear changes are smooth and smooth, you will never hear hoarse sounds, and the hood is lighter and more ergonomic, especially for smaller riders.

However, as long as the cost of replacing the rear machinery remains high, most of the CW technical team writers will insist on using machinery on our own personal products. Of course, as the price of the ranks goes down, the price will go down, but the RRP of SRAM's new eTap AXS max rear derailleur is £610/US$710. The battery is not included, which is very important for components that are very vulnerable to damage.

Riding a bicycle comfortably and efficiently is essential to your enjoyment and performance, and there are often qualified professionals to help you achieve this goal can bring huge benefits. There is no dispute about that. However, please shop around.


The price is about 400 pounds or more, usually using exquisite laser and video analysis functions. These tools can help customers rest assured that they are in the right place once they leave the premises, and these tools are often used by professional practitioners with a wealth of knowledge. However, bicycle shops across the country have many excellent fitters, and the fees are much lower. Don't ignore the experienced bicycle assemblers just because they can't promise you a laser show.

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