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Announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Pure Extracts Manufacturing Corp. has ordered more than 30,000 vape cartridges and vape pens for the Canadian market. These vape products are produced by a global manufacturer and comply with the highest North American standards, and are expected to arrive at the company's factory in British Columbia in the first week of April. When choosing these products, consider the quality, fit and finish of their components, as well as their performance characteristics when combined with Pure Extracts essential oils. The timing coincides with Pure Extracts' recently announced retail distribution agreement to increase production capacity and submit more than 20 product SKU approvals to Health Canada. The cartridges will be filled with some of the company's more than 30 proprietary full spectrum oil (FSO) formulations. The company plans to target four provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario) for this type of concentrate, and the revenue from this shipment is estimated to be approximately 650,000. Canadian dollar. Pure Extracts Technologies Corp. stock

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