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Vape pens have revolutionized the way many people consume cannabis and other materials, including nicotine and flavored oils. They are discreet and convenient, allowing you to get the benefits of hemp products without rolling joints or using bulky equipment.

To activate the cannabinoids in cannabis (such as CBD and THC), it needs to be heated to 315-465°F. Vape pens can do this very quickly, and in many cases, they heat the product to the desired temperature almost immediately. And no fuss. All you need to do is press a button, or in some cases, just breathe in to activate the pen.

Although there are various types of vape pens available, such as vape pens dedicated to dried herbs or wax, we will focus on the anatomy of the standard 510 threaded vape pen,

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The vape pen contains the following main components:

As you might expect, the mouthpiece is what you actually inhale. These are sometimes called "drippers" and are usually removable and replaceable. They are usually made of glass, silicone or plastic and come in many different shapes, sizes and colors.

This is the room where hemp oil is stored. Although the terms "oil tank" and "cartridge" are often used interchangeably, an ink cartridge usually refers to a container pre-filled with oil, and an oil tank is a chamber that can be filled with its own oil.

If you are using a refillable water tank, there should be a filling line to show you how much product you want to add.

The atomizer is where the magic happens, this is where the oil is heated. The assembly has heating elements nested in a steel or ceramic housing. The element heats the cannabis oil, forming tiny vapor droplets for inhalation.

There are many types of atomizers to choose from, the common types are cotton wick, quartz and ceramic.

In the cotton wick atomizer, a circle of metal wire is wound around a small cotton wick. The wick is saturated with oil and then heated by the element. The disadvantage of this atomizer is that it is easy to burn the wick, especially in the case of using more viscous oil or higher voltage. Burning can cause an unpleasant smell and the coil needs to be replaced.

Ceramic coils are becoming more and more popular in hemp oil vape pens, the wires of which are wound around a small ceramic cylinder. Compared with cotton core coils, they can be used at higher voltages and have good thermal insulation properties. Quartz coils are also popular in modern vape pens and heat up very quickly. However, they do not retain heat like ceramic coils.

Some vape pens have a power button, which can be pressed when you want to inhale. This will trigger a sensor to bring the atomizer into action. Others will be activated by twitches and turn on when you inhale.

Buttons with power buttons usually work using a five-key click method. You must press the button five times in a row to turn on the power, and then turn the button off again five times. This is designed to prevent accidental activation of the atomizer, as this may damage the vape pen and waste products.

Most vape pens can cycle between different temperatures with the click of a button.

The battery must provide a large amount of power so that the heater can quickly reach high temperatures. Vape pens usually use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These are similar to batteries used in cell phones and electric cars. Some batteries have multiple voltage levels, allowing you to

Heating coil.

The standard 510 vape pen comes with a threaded charger, which is screwed to the battery end of the pen. The charger usually has a USB port, which can be plugged into a wall using a charging block, or into a computer or other device.

Aimee is a freelance writer and editor outside of Toronto. She has a degree in medicinal chemistry and has been a chemist for a multinational cosmetics company for nearly ten years. Aimee is committed to educating readers by breaking down complex scientific and technical topics.

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