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More than 170 years since the advent of free-standing ink cartridges, dozens of .30-caliber chambers have been developed. .22 calories are close behind, considering the recently introduced 6.5mm rash, .264 cal. The stadium has also become very crowded. However, although the diameter projectile has effective ballistic effects, especially the .270 Winchester projectile was very popular before last year or so, but (if we start to discount an experimental 6.8mm Chinese Mauser cartridge from the 1920s)

The best century (extremely obscure in the best case, and historically suspicious in the worst case) century. Strangely, all four rooms reached the top.

Given that in 2020 SIG Sauer launched the .277 Fury and Nosler high-energy magnum family to increase to 27 Nosler, therefore, one of the loneliest movements in the cartridge spectrum has become less and less. Prior to this recent activity, Winchester Ammunition had always been the king of .277, not only firing the diameter of the bullet itself, but also using half the diameter of the bullet. The first is a .270 victory. As early as 1925, the company finally followed up with 0.270 members of the Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) family in 2001.

Now, other ammunition manufacturers have begun to consider the effective combination of wind speed, crushed bone weight and the controlled recoil provided by 0.277-inch diameter projectiles. Winchester stated that it is unwilling to compromise on this unique American caliber by introducing its own. New .277 cavity. The 6.8mm Western fighter made its debut in early 2021 and provided a pair of high-quality prey at launch, and provided Browning X bolts and Winchester duplicate weapons XPR and 70 rifles to launch them. This is Winchester Try. Create the ultimate large game/range hunting cartridge using the caliber first placed on the map.

After a considerable amount of time after the triggers of two different 6.8mm West Box rifles, including an elk/deer hunt in the mountains above Craig, Colorado, I experienced a considerable amount of time , Seems to have reached a very high level. The simplicity of the thoughtful design and its continued effectiveness on site left a deep impression. The adjusted .270 WSM has been redesigned specifically for the use of projectiles. It is longer and heavier than the previous caliber (while still enjoying the length and weight saved by the short-term action). The west 6.8mm has an increased trajectory. External and terminal performance of 277 cal. Never owned.

If anything, the lack of experimentation in the .277 caliber can be largely attributed to the hunter's discovery of the efficiency of the .270 Win. become. Although it has been on the market for 95 years, it is still recognized as one of the best choices for deer size games. Its high speed and corresponding flat trajectory can provide hunters with a direct range of shooting, which can be extended to any shooting method that may be encountered. To-at least in the eastern United States.

But this is a slender cartridge that requires a standard length of rifle action, and the bullet usually spans 130 to 150 grams. In terms of weight, some people question whether it is suitable for larger and stronger animals, especially as the hitting distance increases. The .270 WSM effectively solves the first problem by installing it in the short-range receiver, with .270 Win. In comparison, most loaded muzzles do provide more speed and energy, but its bullet weight remains the same, and Winchester still sees an opportunity to further improve the performance of the .277 movement.

The long-caliber, exposed projectile projectiles are currently in fashion with cartridge designers. This trend keeps the bullet still in flight and affects the target, which brings dividends to the hunter. This is because longer (and therefore heavier) bullets are not only shorter than the inherent, similar caliber, lighter bullets have a higher ballistic coefficient (BC), but also have a higher cross-sectional density (SD). The previous .277 card. The cartridges (.270 Wby. Mag. and 6.8 mm SPC are the other two) have never really exceeded 150 grs. In terms of bullet weight, this reality has always limited the BC and SD data that the movement can achieve.

Winchester (Winchester) and Browning Ammunition (Browning Ammunition) jointly launched a 6.8mm Western project in early 2018 to improve long-range performance. The goal is G1 BC not less than 0.600. The company’s engineers quickly discovered that even The most aerodynamic 150g .277 bullet on the market can’t get there. However, by adjusting a key element of the .270 WSM design, Winchester discovered that it had designed a new case that could hold .277 cards. The projectile range of 165 to 175 grams, while retaining the parents’ short-term compatibility and unfettered design.

In most respects, the same size .270 WSM and 6.8 mm Western cartridges have diameters of 0.535 inches (box head) and 0.555 inches (just in front of the extraction tank), respectively, and both have a 0.2765 inch long neck. They also have the same 35 degree, 0.16 inch long shoulder. However, by moving the shoulder by 0.08 inches and reducing its length on the new cartridge by the same number, Winchester was able to ensure that the maximum total cartridge length (COL) was 2.955 inches while being a warhead. Extend to leave more space. -Compact enough to fit most (if not all) short and large bottles of wine and magazines. This made room for the project's heavy-caliber projectiles without them needing to protrude too deep into the shell.

Tilting the shoulder down and shortening the length of the casing does cause the casing capacity of the new cartridge to be slightly lower than its predecessor (74.0 grams). The west is 6.8 millimeters, compared to 78.6 grams. Suitable for .270 WSM. However, from a kinetic energy point of view, the heavier bullets used by novices offset this slight loss of speed-operating at the same maximum average pressure of 65,000 psi. Of course, stabilizing Western’s longer 6.8mm bullet does require a faster rifle twist rate than the traditional 1:10 of .277. Winchester found that increasing the rifle to 1:8 can indeed solve the problem.

Once the dimensions of the shell and chamber were determined, Winchester Ammunition provided Knosler and Sierra with the cartridge concept and the necessary projectile benchmarks, and cooperated with the two companies to produce two launches of 6.8mm Western. The bullet used by the product. The first two ammunition options were Winchester Expedition Big Game Long Range (EBGLR), with a maximum load of 165 grams. Nosler AccuBond Long Range (ABLR) bullets and Browning Long Range Professional Hunter (LRPH) ammunition, weighing 175 grams. Sierra Leone Game King (TGK). By the way, Northler itself is already developing a heavyweight .277 projectile and will continue to use the 165 grams of the results of this partnership. The ABLR used in Winchester’s EGBLR is based on 27 Nosler Trophy-class long-range (TGLR) ammunition.

Similar in application, but not exactly the same in terms of expected behavior in animals-combined Northler projectiles are designed to facilitate penetration, while non-combined Sierra Leone is more prone to faster energy dumping-both loads are applicable In the entire North American Big Game and African Plains Game. Winchester's spear has also come to an end, but each stage is in the development stage and there is no timely preparation to include it in the test of this article. They are: 170 grams. Silvertip's ballistic load is more suitable for deer and antelope hunting. 170 grams of open match products will be the first batch of .277-cal. This projectile; and Deer Season XP Copper Impact for lead-free state, its weight has not yet been finalized.

Until recently, the choice of "6.8mm West" by the American ammunition manufacturer as the name of their new cartridge was a strange choice for two reasons. One is because when naming their new works, large manufacturers have tended to include the company name in a subtle form of embedded marketing in some way; the other is because in the United States for a long time, People have a slight mark on it. Metric ink cartridges. But in the past ten years or so, many companies seem to have surpassed these conventions, with the modern dominance of the 9mm Luger and the 6.5mm Creedmoor, undoubtedly helping to alleviate these restrictions.

However, for this cartridge, I think the nickname "Western" works on several different levels. Mainly because it hints at the type of far-reaching cross-canyon shooting that is often required for hunting in the vast open spaces with higher longitudes in the United States, that is, the exact type of shooting that this magnum is good at. But this is also appropriate, because for many people, Winchester’s name is still synonymous with 19.

The century tame of the Western Frontier-not to mention it can be traced back to the era of the old Western Cartridge Co. founded by Olin Corp. (the parent company of Winchester Ammunition Company) in 1898.

And, of course, considering the company's existing two .277-cals. The House of Representatives has already used the ".270" prefix. From other perspectives, I think the decision to adopt this metric is a wise move. The finished ink cartridges were submitted to SAAMI at the January 2020 meeting and were approved in September last year.

In order to better understand the ballistic advantage of the 6.8mm Western longer projectile over the existing .277-cal projectile. The chamber, as well as measuring the overall function of the new cartridge itself, may be useful for head-to-head comparisons with loads of the same bullet type. At the time of writing, Winchester's 165-gr ranks highest among the loads available on the market. 6.8mm Western EGBLR ammunition, victory against the company's .270. The 150g version comes from the same line as Nosler's .270 WSM 150-gr. The TGLR load provides us with the most direct comparison-because all three use 0.277 inch AccuBond long-range projectiles. The bullets drawn from each cartridge show 165 grams. The 6.8mm Western ABLR is one-tenth of an inch (1.520 inches) longer than 150 grain (1.425 inches).

According to the tables provided by each company, a 6.8 mm load passed through a 24-inch test barrel at 2970 fps at the muzzle, resulting in 3,231 ft.-lbs. Energy, and .270 wins. The .270 and .270 WSM loads traveled at 2900 fps and 2960 fps (2801 ft-lb and 2918 ft-lb) through a test tube of the same length, respectively. Because it has the same width but a longer length, it is 165-gr. Bullet has an excellent G1 BC of 0.620, which is much higher than the 0.591 provided by 150-gr. AccuBond itself is an excellent ballistic coefficient of .277 cal. With less resistance on the larger bullet, it still retains 2,605 foot-pounds. The energy is 200 yards. And 1,856 foot-pounds to 500 feet, and 2,262 foot-pounds. And 1,611 ft-lbs. 270 Win. And 2,327 ft.-lbs. At the same distance as 1,619 ft-lbs. 270 WSM. At the same time, in terms of the speed of the equation, the 6.8 mm Western ABLR maintains a supersonic speed of about 1600 yards. And stayed out of the transonic range, well over 1,000 yards.

Most respect for .270 wins. Because it simplifies the flat trajectory of shooting and the ability to resist the wind to shut it off, it is correct to maintain this state today. But when we compare here, we will see that the 6.8mm West has actually gained a lot of praise in these two aspects. Although all three are 10% heavier, all three have returned to zero, but the two .270s of 165 grit are slightly down, down only 6.3 inches at 300 yards, and only 18.1 at 300 yards Inches, 36 inches down at 500 yards. Compare this to the drop of .270 Win. (6.8 inches, 19.3 inches and 38.5 inches) and .270 WSM loads (6.4 inches, 18.4 inches and 36.7 inches) are located in the same three positions.

Similarly, in terms of wind direction, the 6.8 mm Western aircraft was knocked down only 13.2 inches at a distance of 500 yards. Driving in a crosswind at full speed at 10 mph, and the .270 wins. The WSM and .270 WSM deflect 14.5 inches and 14 inches from the same 90 degree wind, respectively. And it should be noted that according to the suggested design, it is about 130 grams. .277 cards. Due to their higher speeds, these loads will be able to resist gravity and wind better than the currently available 6.8mm Western loads, but at the cost of a large loss of bullet weight.

This allows us to make a head-on comparison between 150 grams and 165 grams. ABLR, which is a measure of cross-sectional density, is essentially a measure of the ability of the projectile to continue to penetrate the target after it hits the target. In order to provide a frame of reference, anything higher than 0.300 is considered an outstanding breakthrough. The SD of 150 grams of both .270 bullets is 0.279, which is very impressive; the SD of 165 grams of ABLR is 0.307. The difference is huge, and when you lift from a 250-pound game. The deer weighs 700 pounds, and every additional terminal ballistic advantage is worth it.

Finally, because the warhead of the 6.8mm Western puncher is much heavier (we are more accustomed to seeing projectiles in this weight range used in .30 cal cartridges), its heavyweight is higher than that of the .277 brother. Although it is difficult to quantify the lethality of a given cartridge, especially relative to the lethality of another cartridge (because you cannot shoot two animals at the same time), I have found that nothing can compare with the insights provided by actual hands-on experimental data. match. The animal fell down. Moreover, thanks to the company of Ivory Tip Outfitters and five other hunters, they went to the northwest corner of Colorado in late October. I saw a lot of first-hand evidence of the effectiveness of the 6.8mm Western toy.

The majestic elk has always been prominent on my hunting list-partly because of its huge and magnificent figure, and partly because red deer skin is easily the most delicious venison I have yet to encounter. Therefore, after working for more than five years, the first opportunity to find an elk came, and I grabbed it. I was so excited that I even lost nearly 40 pounds. Help ensure that my sometimes suspicious back can handle the pressure of four days of expedition up and down the Rocky Mountains.

However, without an accurate rifle and reliable glasses, even the best cartridges will not help, and fortunately, the equipment I traveled to the west performed well. All six hunters are equipped with 24-inch barrels of Winchester XPR, and each magazine is filled with 165 grams. Winchester 6.8mm western load. A great choice for this trip, due to its ideal magnification for Western hunting and first-class glass, above the rifle is a 3-18X 44mm Leupold VX-6HD rifle mirror, equipped with the manufacturer’s anti-idiot custom dial system Elevation turret. . The CDS has been adjusted specifically for the ammunition we selected. Leupold has calculated the replenishment amount. The CDS allows us to easily zero the XPR to 100 yards. Then just dial the actual distance to the target to get a deadly shooting solution.

During our hunting process, the six of us harvested a total of 11 animals (five elk, five ule deer and one pronghorn). The shooting range is from 75 to 475 yards, and the average range of all 11 beasts is 280 yards. Incredibly, 5 of these 11 people died there, no measures were taken (including poking a trophy bull elk for 475 yards), no animal needed more than two shots, and no one risked more than 30 yards. Perform post-impact before expiration. Considering the distances involved, these results are excellent. Fired at the lungs through the shoulder and further away, except for the three bullets, all the other bullets completely passed through and left their animals.

I am very lucky to be on the deer and the elk at the same time during the journey. I hadn't completely made myself stupid by the rut, but I was obviously too hungry that I didn't care. The next morning, a 75-yard solid nine-point Muller Buck was taken away. The chips hit the torso completely and blocked the lungs. He slowly staggered forward about ten yards. Drop after hitting.

On the other hand, I found myself in the last hour of the last day of the hunt, but did not remove the elk from the list. Accept that the bull is not present. When I meet a herd of about twelve cows, I know now or never. When they subsequently discovered our smell and decided not to stay, I took a 220-yard snapshot of the only lens available to me. The only one in the pod did not gather tightly on the other.

The cow was hit hard and wrinkled where she stood. After checking her body, the 6.8mm long bullet shattered her two shoulders, and then sank under the skin on the other side, feeling like rolling under the skin. The diameter of the cut projectile expanded to between 0.51 inches and 0.60 inches, and 77.8 grams remained. The initial weight of 165 grams-considering how many bones it affects, so decent performance.

After returning from Colorado, I coordinated with Browning and prepared to send one of its 6.8mm Western-style X bolts for formal evaluation (Brown uses a faster 1:7.5 inch rifle torsion rate); the specific model I received It is a Western Hunter in a 24-inch barrel, with synthetic material camouflaged by A-TACS Arid Urban and an adjustable comb-shaped riser. use

The 6.8mm Western lens has established five shots and five sets of accuracy standards, and Browning performs well in this range, just like XPR in the wild. The 165g ABLR won by a narrow margin, reaching 1.06 inches at a five-group average of 100 yards, while the heavier Long Range Pro Hunter load still reached an excellent average of 1.13 inches. Even for the worst group of the day (1.58 inches), hunters can do an excellent job for any responsible hunting distance.

There is no doubt that it is a large wine bottle that can even hold 7 pounds of light. 6.8mm Western rifles such as Winchester's XPR and Browning's X-Bolt are surprisingly pleasing. The recoil is significantly less than 7 mm Rem. Magician and .300 wins. Magician I have fired a rifle of similar weight, but it is smaller than what I expected from .30-'06 Sprg. In the field, relying on four layers of winter clothes, recoil is not enough to hinder accurate shooting in the game.

The new ink cartridges did indeed face uphill battles when they were released. Not only do they have to compete with the countless chamber options that are already available, but I can think of any other aspect of the gun world that will not be a small part of the careful scrutiny and blind mockery introduced by the cartridge, and I'm sure I can't either. Spared. "This thing doesn't do anything that my ____ can't do." This is almost constantly avoided in hunting circles, and it may be our motto even when it is obviously false.

However, after seeing nearly a dozen large beasts falling into the cartridge in an impressive manner, and then returning home and sorting out the numbers, I sold it with the long and heavy concept of .277, these shots may appear Longer distances and strong winds play. For many years, I have been considering the idea of ​​building or buying a dedicated elk rifle, and hanging up is always deciding the room. Based on my experience with 6.8mm Western, this problem has been solved and the project has been restarted.

In these pages, Craig Boddington stated that the .270 Winchester cartridge "will complete any reasonable task required to perform within any reasonable range." With the increase in the ballistic potential of the 6.8mm Western Tank, the Winchester ammunition has now expanded the limits of its reasonable range.

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