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Since legalization, portable storage tanks may just be the biggest incident that has occurred on marijuana. They fit in any pockets or carry-on items that you may be convenient to use, carefully handle places without flowers and pats, and are so simple and safe that you can operate one of them while sleeping without catching fire.

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Virtue is praised, but nothing is perfect, and we don’t have to oversell the technology: cartridges also have many variables, including extract formulations, hardware differences, and numerous battery systems. These decisions are not always easy to make. .

Therefore, we decided to explore various options and put this guide in an oil storage tank in Oregon. We hope it can help you find the product that best suits your needs.

(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

: Single plant, the cannabinoid extracted from CO2 is combined with the terpenes derived from hemp from the same strain in the exact proportion of flowers.

: 510 threads. Stainless steel housing. Glass vapor path. Variable intake air flow.

: Proprietary.

:Stainless steel housing, press the button to operate the on/off sequence, the temperature wheel used to control the temperature.

EVOLVD provides single-tension filter elements accurate to the flower for pure suits. Use one

EVOLVD is specifically designed to protect the natural residues of raw cannabinoids and terpenes. The technology follows plants rather than recipes-the result is that the flavor and richness are more cannabis-like than many other cannabis

The -add-terpene product I have encountered.

In addition to the oil-free equivalent oil that can bloom accurately, EVOLVD's proprietary stainless steel hardware also enables excellent cloud control: the ink cartridge has an air intake dial, and the battery also includes a temperature knob and button-operated on/off sequence. This means that you can manually adjust the working temperature while adjusting the external air flow to design your own perfect blow.

Half-gram cartridges start at $33; full-gram cartridges can cost up to $72.

: A number of cannabinoid distillates and plant-derived terpenes.

: 510 threads. Glass case. Plastic mouthpiece.

: CCell Palm

: No button, inhale. Charging lamp. Internal cartridge room. Magnetic coupling ring.

Where some companies value the accuracy of response, many companies put the most important selling point of any product first: pleasure. This is where Winberry Farms stands out from the competition. Winberry's distillate filter production line can improve the natural environment and create flavors that make the factory's most pleasant flavors stand out-not only delicious, but also its own experience.

Analyzed strains such as the wreckage of the tropical train with a strawberry bubbling flavor in the late Middle Age

And the concentration of cannabinoids-used as the basis for the framework, other flavor elements (such as mango and banana terpenes) will be added to the final product. In short, this is the most delicious cartridge I'm willing to try, coupled with the CCell Palm battery, this is my choice for a large amount of vapor vapor.

Half-gram cartridges start at $32; full-gram cartridges start at $57.

: Full-spectrum cannabinoid isolates and cannabis-derived single terpenes.

: PAX Era pod.

: The PAX era.

: Application connection. temperature control. LED brightness and color customization. In-flight games.

When the vape manufacturer PAX (the creator of the industry's leading herbal vaporizer) succeeded with the nicotine pod system called JUUL, it seemed only a matter of time before they gradually popularized it into the cannabis oil field. Enter the era of the cannabis oil pod system recently launched by PAX.

Like JUUL, compatible Pods will be pre-filled and provide a smartphone connection through a proprietary application, enabling temperature control and other functions, such as tunable LEDs and in-flight games using the device's internal gyroscope.

In addition to the impressive technical specifications, PAX has also partnered with various extract manufacturers in Oregon to add local characteristics to their pods. Oregrown is one of such partners, who lent the technology to the full spectrum of seasonings for specific strains. Bend-based extractors use proprietary technology to separate cannabinoids and retain natural terpenes to make end products that are delicious and never harsh.

Prices start at $45 for a half-gram sauce pod.

: 510 threads. Made of plastic. Optimized for CCell Palm.

:CCell Palm or other 510 thread battery

: Changeable.

The Bezel series of effect-based toner cartridges from wholesalers and distributors LTRMN symbolizes the vigorous development of toner cartridge manufacturers in Oregon: formulating products that guarantee consistent, reliable results. The Bezel cartridge series is sold as THC and CBD options and consists of classic cannabis flavors, such as

Effects classified by effect-are described as active, social, relaxing, calming, etc. effects.

In order to consistently achieve the desired results, LTRMN has developed many distillate plus terpene formulations for the Bezel product line. The taste of these strain-inspired terpene blends is slightly more aromatic than the other spices on the list, but this is a compromise, and we don’t think people will mind getting a predictable high price at an affordable price. In combination with LTRMN's high-end Orchid cartridge series and a proprietary pen power supply, Bezel cartridges are optimized for CCell Palm-although they have a standard 510 thread and are compatible with most batteries.

The half-gram cartridge starts at $22.50.

Matt Stangel is Leafly's Oregon State Product Specialist. His cannabis-related books have been published in The Guardian, Willamette Weekly, Cascadia Magazine and other places. Related links can be found on Cannapinions.com.

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