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This year may be the trash can fire in the wreckage of the train, but at least there are more fresh, legal, and tested ones.

Provide unprecedented opportunities for your bubblers.

In the global pandemic and long-standing political divisions, legal cannabis has become a glimmer of hope that the authorities consider essential. By 2020, weeds will continue to be stronger, tastier, more tested and more legal than before.

Cannabis cultivation supervisor and owner Kevin Jodrey (Kevin Jodrey) said that by 2020, the development of cannabis will accelerate

Located in the town of Humboldt County in Redway, Canada, this is the center of global ganja innovation.

He said: "This has reached a tipping point." "Growers must be able to innovate and create, and you start to see people putting in a lot of interesting work."

American farmers add 29.9 million pounds of flower pots each year,...and the leading state of California adds 13.5 million pounds...60% of which are outdoors

In October of this year, tens of millions of outdoor growth pounds were dropped from the hilly fields of Emerald Triangle, Santa Barbara, Oregon and Washington.

New Frontier data shows that American farmers add 29.9 million pounds of potted plants each year

Leader California’s income increased by £13.5 million, agricultural officials

. Sixty percent of the crops are grown outdoors, sewn every spring, and are not harvested until October.

Every year, Leafly talks to farmers about

The U.S. market is worth $52 billion, and taste trends continue to evolve, so you can buy outdoor harvests like a professional.

Our picks remain 100% independent and close to plants: we grow, smoke, research Leafly search volume, and interview commercial breeders and growers. Get your grinder ready!

Stress eaters: Put down the cupcakes and pick up the vanilla frosting to get snacks, zero-calorie desserts and a sense of relaxation; that is, until the time is delicious.

This year, the Humboldt Seed Company, California's leading seed seller, sold 110,000 blistering, record-breaking seeds and clones.


Nathaniel Pennington, CEO of Humboldt Seed Company, said that vanilla frosting was vibrant and beautiful and blew up the roof of a 20-foot greenhouse in Humboldt. The farmer had to remove the ceiling and let the plants finish.

Pennington said: "The grower is so happy, he is dizzy."

On our website, Ye Mao’s recommended vanilla frosting

, And earlier mild side flowers were found in the "Sawfly" in September.

Now, the frosty transport convoy is flowing down from the mountain to paint

Velvety sweet vanilla and creamy fuel. The initial aroma attracted novices, and the higher THC content satisfied smokers.

Pennington said that THC is the engine of all cannabis. But the aromatic molecule-terpene-is the steering wheel.

"I tend to care more

I walk faster than I travel," he said.

Trick or treat on bagged white Runtz this fall, becoming a fashionable mashup

The fruit syrup crosses Gelato's creamy berry grape flavor.

"It's hard to argue

Graham Farrar, President of Glass House Group, said: "This is not the pressure of 2020."

If the Cookie-based Gelato is an older, more mature strain, then Zkittlez will be a novice, if you wish, please give it to Dr. Dre’s Kendrick Lamar. Naturally, you pair the old and the new, and remix, first enter Runtz, and then enter the Runtz cross, which includes White Runtz.


Runtz's record is declining. "Jodrey said.

Chaudley said that since the A-class white Runtz pounds sold on East Coast Street are priced at $5,500, the quality of Runtz will be very different this year. This attracts liar artists.

Look closely at these small, white, dense, purple Runtz ugs, and don't pay a high price for any weathered brown or green.

Growing Runtz outdoors is difficult to control-indoors in a small, compact environment is better than in a bush. The masters coaxed the candied fruit and creamy berry and grape flavors.

Runtz's potential will knock most senior smokers on the couch.

Daniel Hendricks, CEO of Humboldt County Nursery, said: "This is a classic stone-removing herbicide."

Don't take your baby's lungs. Fatso is suitable for natural gas enthusiasts, OG enthusiasts and


Cannarado, a variety of Colorado dogs, crosses genetically modified biscuits,

To make Fatso, because it combines two outstanding flavors, it has been constantly evolving.

For its part, genetically modified biscuits will dominate in 2020. This is a wise counterattack against all dessert strains. GMO's THC is super high, and the resin can be poured into the hasher.

Hendricks, a nursery operator, said: "I think that genetically modified organisms will be underproduction due to plant demand." "It's nice to see Fatso's involvement."

Under the hood, GMO is full of parental power


Chaudrey said.

He said: "This is a very good chassis, you can add things."

Crossing GMO to Legend OG can make the OG series more vibrant. Next time we meet, give thicc some love.

Participate in this super t, aromatherapy therapy for citrus and cheering kids

-Formerly known as Gorilla Glue, GG#4.

This fall, the outdoor raw glue tsunami once again satisfied smokers. But as far as the 2020 unique hybrid is concerned, Equilibrium Genetics’ "Taboo Lemon Gum" pours thick grapefruit and lemon-flavored wine onto the fuel base of the glue. It also looks like a genetically modified rose from an exoplanet.

Taking the name apart, Forbidden Lemon Glue combines

(Cherry Pie x Candied Fruit) and Lemon Gum (Lemon Tree x Gum 75%). These are four equally attractive genetic lines besides Cookie or OG.

"Smoky growth and smoking are absolutely delightful," said Michelle McIntyre, owner/operator of alcohol and tobacco

In Mendocino County. "I like doing housework while absorbing water, doing housework, shopping and creative art projects!"

Shop next year

Plant seeds in a licensed pharmacy and stick to your own garden.

This fall, the volcano transpired with lemon lava. Rich, lemon, and greasy cake crosses are perfect for refrigeration without knocking you down.

PHinest cannabis and Cannarado cross the lemon head to

Make lemon lava (Lemon Lava), which is the winning magic weapon in the ongoing cake battle. High-end indoor growers

It's really popular.

The cake sector is very popular in October this year-mainly

. So icing, so sweet, so powerful, the wedding cake began to create a cake breeding frenzy, resulting in a richer and more energetic lava cake. Now, lemon lava adds a citrus flavor.

"You get enough lemons to make the lemon head happy, and those cake heads happy."

Lemon Lava caters to the needs of "maybe buyers", like the mythical swing voters who decide the election-or in the case of marijuana, it can drive sales.

"You get enough lemons to make the lemon head happy, and those cake heads happy. You can sell it to two clusters." Now, you start to get real speed in the product. "

California indoor grower Lithouse participated in the 2019 Emerald Cup competition for Lemon Lava. The 2020 lemon lava light soldiers and outdoor equipment are ready to be used to launch fires.

The exotic outdoor cheetah pee following the Cookie brand in the store this fall, in intense contact with lemons, cream berries, cakes and the highest THC.

Biscuits has grown these coveted cheetah exotics outdoors this year. This means you will be able to find a large number of ounces.

However, don't have high hopes for the modern version of Catpiss. That legendary acrimonious pressure is thought to disappear over time. This is cookies

, Ice cream #42 and

No. 97-the trend of extinction of hybrid animals.

"It's so fun to extract something that is so bright, bright, and smells like a nose," said Chodley, who runs Cookies Genome this summer.

You have syrupy lemons, berry cream, and sugar butter everywhere around the olfactory bulb. Lazy, take care of the fancy marijuana on Sundays and games-if you see it, it's tangy.

Do you like the balance and gentle, approachable fragrance of Blue Dream? Choose mild alfalfa

There was a similar experience this season.

Magic Melon ranked first in the Humboldt Seed Company in 2020, selling 124,000 seeds and clones because it grows well outdoors and produces several pounds of emissivity, melodic smell, and moderate to high levels of THC.


, Magic Melon has enough satiating energy to stay involved, and there are not so many things for you to make a detailed inventory of the failures in life.

Chaudley said: "Deep down, people don't need so much awareness." "[Traditional Sativa] made them very aware of their dangerous position in life, and almost got their pants wet."

What is the biggest threat to the mild alfalfa melon? It is easy to lose the mature tropical atmosphere due to excessive drying or poor storage.

Chaudrey said: "Growers can screw it up." "If you eliminate the nuances, it's like a boring fruit."

Ask your friends for the freshest things.

This year, your online shopping basket will be full of cannabis stone fruits and tropical trends, including papaya punch.

Chaudrei said: "The papaya is scorching hot. In the illegal cloning scene, the original papaya and the punching machine are scorching hot."

Oni Seeds is based on 2018,

And mixed into the mystery

. This year, many large growers are operating this variety, including honeydew farms, nickel and dime, Dimebag and Cream of the Crop.

The gentle tropical papaya flavor takes the lead. Behind the grinder is the purple punch (Purple Punch) dense and sharp citrus weeds. Fruity weeds dominate its high THC hybrid effect, making it work day and night.

Grind magic melon and papaya together to get an electric fruit salad during the day.

For the old-school veterans,

Since London in the late 1980s, it has produced high THC, high terpene, and offensive effects. But skunks also seem to be able to self-limit their population. The scattered, avant-garde 80% alfalfa smells like all the food, enough to make you fall into a state of prohibition.

Although authentic skunks are about to make a comeback, the closest thing is the sweet skunk cross, such as Island Sweet Skunk, which is an old-school cut vegetable in Canada that appears in the Select oil box or the European Seed Bank. (

Are the offspring of two skunks. )

But a real skunk-a dry, mouth-watering, almost vomiting smell-is as mythical as Sasquatch. Chaudley said: "I can hardly find that person."

Therefore, please tell Leafly if you found it. During this harvest season, there are more strains to explore than is allowed in a lifetime.

"This is the best ever, and it is still improving," he said.


David Downs serves as Director of Leafly.com's California Bureau, responsible for news and lifestyle reporting. He has written books for "Wired", "Rolling Stone" and "Billboard", is the former cannabis editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, and the author of several cannabis books, including Ed Rosenthal and David · "Cannabis Harvest" by Downs. He co-organized The Hash podcast. TW: @davidrdowns | IG @daviddowns

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