6 Vaping Products Disguised as Everyday Items

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Teenagers are currently using a variety of equipment to enable them to sneak into undetected smoke under the noses of their parents and teachers.

Usually, these e-cigarette products are disguised as ordinary household items such as watches, writing pens and even clothes.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has indeed noticed this. Agent

Today, it has sent 10 warning letters to companies that manufacture or import "unauthorized electronic nicotine delivery systems."

These include sweatshirts with "invisible pockets" and items similar to toys such as smart watches, pens, and fidgeting gyroscopes.

Here are the details of some of the more common stealth vaping devices currently in use.

A hooded sweatshirt is a must-have item in most teenagers’ wardrobes, so when your teenager shows up in a new breakfast one morning, it may not arouse suspicion.

Vape hoodies are a popular way to hide vape pens, it allows teenagers to vape anywhere (even in class) without being noticed.

To use it, all they have to do is insert the vape pen into the end of one of the specially designed tubular straps in the hoodie. Then, slide the pen into a discreet chest pocket, and the user inhales through the cigarette holder at the other end of the drawstring. In this way, the steam plume emitted by the pen can be hidden in the drawstring tube.

Nowadays, backpacks are more than just a way to bring books and laptops into or out of school. They can also hide e-cigarettes from teenagers.

A mist backpack usually contains a small bag for holding the mist device with a hidden tube, and a mouthpiece in the shoulder strap, which can be pulled out for use as needed, and then carefully stuffed in.

Nowadays, as teenagers use smartphones, you may not even think about using a new phone case again, but please be aware that their latest accessories may also obscure a habit of smoking.

The vaporized phone case fits on a smartphone just like a normal phone case, but there is a big difference: you can install an atomizer on it and vaporize the e-liquid.

Although many vape pens are called "pens" because their size and shape are very similar to pens, there are also some vape pens that are deliberately designed to look like pens to hide their true functions.

In fact, there are even vape pens on the market that have been carefully designed to be actually used as writing tools. All the user has to do is to unscrew the top of the pen, insert the ink cartridge, and then atomize through the top of the pen.

At first glance they look like smart watches and can even tell you the time and date, but as long as the button is pressed, the user can remove the pod that can be used as a vape from the strap.

Devices like Juul’s e-cigarettes are very similar to USB drives and have become a very popular choice for teenagers to hide their e-cigarettes.

All they need to do is toss it in the backpack, and unsuspecting parents don’t think the device is not a USB drive with the data needed for homework.

As of October 8, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that there have been

Report to their agent.

The report came from 49 states in the United States, the District of Columbia, and one U.S. territory. Of these reported injuries, 15% involved children under the age of 18.

In addition, although the CDC did not report how many of them were teenagers, there were still 26 confirmed deaths from these injuries.

According to American surgeons, there may be several potential

, Including:

Although it is not clear what exactly caused the recent series of vaping-related lung diseases and deaths, the CDC reports that they are likely to be related to


Vitamin E acetate seems to be the possible culprit, but a clear pattern has not yet appeared.

Aaron Riley, CEO of CannaSafe, a California-based cannabis testing laboratory, suggests that the pollutants of concern may be

Leafly, a cannabis advocate, believes that vitamin E acetate may be added to unregulated products to thicken cannabis oil or conceal the fact that cannabis oil has been diluted.

According to the agricultural equipment manufacturer CleanLight, Myclobutanil is a pesticide used to control the growth of fungi on certain crops. They pointed out that although it is not recommended for tobacco or cannabis crops, many cannabis growers do.

It is not yet clear how vitamin E acetate damages the lungs, but CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report points out that the use of e-cigarettes is related to the following conditions:

This is a condition where fat particles enter the lungs, causing inflammation and damage.

According to Riley, the mold nitrile can be converted into a toxic chemical called hydrogen cyanide when heated.

CannaTech's laboratory tested more than 100 brands of authorized cannabis cartridges and compared them with illegal cannabis brands. Discover Vitamin E Acetate

Percentage in unlicensed brands, and not in unlicensed brands. High levels of pesticides were found in all unauthorized brands, but none were detected in unauthorized brands.

Reilly does admit that, in the eyes of outside observers, he has a vested interest in protecting the cannabis industry.

However, he pointed out that his laboratory is strictly regulated by the state and has obtained independent certification from a third party, thus ensuring the quality of the analysis.

according to

The director of the Tobacco Research and Intervention Program at Moffett Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, is important if parents find out that their child is smoking, stay calm and not overreact.

He said: “Share your concerns with your teenagers and children, but be an informed parent instead of simply repeating some of the extremism that has emerged in recent months.”

MPH, a tobacco control expert and public health researcher at the Boston University School of Public Health, agreed with this idea.

Siegel said: "There is no substitute for honest conversation." He further pointed out, "Young people are very curious and will appreciate honesty and discussion. During the discussion they will learn more instead of being scolded. Or tell not to do something."

He added: “If parents know everything, this will also eliminate the charm of vaping. Part of the appeal is that parents don’t know what their children are doing.”

Siegel said the most important thing parents should know is that most deaths and injuries are actually related to black market THC vape cartridges.

Siegel emphasized: "Parents must make it clear to their children that they should never evaporate any e-liquid/medicine cartridges purchased online or from street vendors."

However, experts believe that any form of e-cigarette is


Parents should help their children understand the risks associated with smoking,

Emphasize its potential negative health effects.

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