5 vape trends we love… and a few we’d care to forget

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Vaping has come a long way, especially in recent years. As practice gradually becomes mainstream, innovative companies are creating better, more tailored experiences-users have more choices in finding the perfect device.

With so much creativity in the industry, new and exciting things appear every day. But at the same time, there are many tired old habits that seem to be unable to die.

From environmental impact to product price affordability, here is the best (and worst) in the e-cigarette trend.

Cannabis users are more concerned about safety issues than ever before, especially after smoking marijuana,

. But it is important not only to pay attention to the items in the shopping cart, but also to pay attention to the internal working principle of the battery to avoid inhaling dangerous chemicals. This has been proven.

It has been found that some storage tank evaporators are more likely to ooze heavy metals such as copper and cause vapors.

Vape manufacturers are beginning to take notice. Some pen companies​​, for example

, Always design the device so that the air inlet is on the top of the device or completely away from the internal components instead of the bottom. This means that you are inhaling the cleanest vapor, not the vapor that travels through the battery before entering the lungs.

Of course, there are still cheap vapes out there, which is why it is important to pay close attention to the brand that is doing the right thing.

By 2020, people still expect us to buy cheap, bulky batteries, or "upgrade" to clumsy large rechargeable batteries, and this technology has surpassed it so far. If you know where to look, you can get a high-quality, high-quality battery that fits your hand and pocket well. Each Vessel product provides a better vaping experience compared to the most exquisite and compact packaging.

Gone are the same silver batteries and clumsy vape that looked like things from the sci-fi movies of the 80s. Product designers are stepping up their efforts to create stylish designs that match the user's style, and since many users carry pens with them every day, the time has come.

Now you can find a pen or battery that can match almost any aesthetic.


Or premium

It is an interesting finish that can be used by all consumers who want high-quality details. For those who want a bold, colorful statement, there is also a device for you!

Of course, disposable pens can be very convenient. But their impact on the environment and wallet will certainly not. Why pay extra for batteries that are about to arrive at the landfill? A better option is to invest in high-quality reusable vape batteries, just in case.

To be honest: Even if you want to avoid disposable pens, and don’t use e-cigarettes between disposable cartridges and cheap batteries, they still have a huge potential for waste. This is why it is important to make long-lasting rechargeable batteries, because the longer the life of the pen, the more pens will not enter the landfill. This is not only good for consumers, but also a responsible thing.

Some companies go further because it is not enough to cause less harm. Companies like Vessel are striving to make batteries that use batteries wisely, combined with power-saving features (such as automatic power off and power switching), which may extend battery life by weeks or even months.

For some time, some high-end vape companies have tried to push proprietary ink cartridges to people, but if you are going to buy a beautiful evaporator that can last a long time, then versatility is the key. More and more top vape manufacturers are supporting the standard 510 threaded cartridge, so that discerning consumers enjoy the freedom they deserve.

With so many companies trying to ride the e-cigarette frenzy, you will see a large number of high-priced mediocre products. Consumers are smarter than that – they have many better options to work flawlessly while still meeting your budget.

As marijuana (usually e-cigarettes) becomes more and more mainstream, consumers have more choices than ever in terms of device functions and how to adapt to life. Whether you are the family you are looking for

and a

Or the adventurer who is looking for

, You can get the products you need, or you can build your own products

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