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A 22-year-old Champlin man was charged on Wednesday for possession of nearly 77,000 vape cartridges containing highly enriched THC, which were confiscated from a residence in Kuhn Rapids, which the authorities said was the state The largest seizure in history.

Valentin V. Andonii was charged in the Anoka County District Court with two first-degree drug offences, one for drug trafficking and the other for concealing drugs.

The bail was set at Antoni’s one million dollars, provided that he must stay in Minnesota and surrender his passport. Judge Kristin Larson said on bail that Andonii's activities were suspected of "causing extremely serious consequences for public safety."

Larson also pointed out that Andonii was suspended for felony charges, and there is an outstanding felony case involving him fleeing from a state police officer who stopped him in November on suspicion of drunk driving.

At the same time, as of Wednesday afternoon, Antoni was still sentenced to prison. His lawyer left a message requesting a response to these allegations.

A total of 76,972 cartridges contain more than 185 pounds of active ingredients in cannabis,

It is located in the 3600 block of Coon Rapids Boulevard and uses young users as an example to illustrate the packaging. Some sports famous cartoon characters or sweet theme.

Unlike legally purchased medical marijuana products purchased by experts, this product has not been tested by state regulatory agencies, and health experts say the ingredients in illegal vape cartridges are not always clear.

The bankruptcy was amid a nationwide health scare caused by 9 vaping-related deaths, including a patient over 65 years old in Minnesota who was hospitalized in August after a long period of hospitalization. death. Overall, in Minnesota, state epidemiologists counted 43 cases of confirmed and possible vaping-related diseases, and another 24 are under review. All 43 people reported smoking THC e-cigarette products, but many people also use nicotine.

The criminal complaint alleges that nearly 29,000 of the ink cartridges seized on Monday were found on the Cadillac Escalade, and another 30,000 were found in the attached garage next to the luxury SUV, saying that the authorities also recovered from the residence. Collected nearly US$145,000 and another US$23,800 in counterfeit currency.

The authorities learned of human trafficking in Minnesota in July from a confidential whistleblower who told law enforcement that the suspects “sold a large amount of THC ammunition, usually thousands,” according to the oath of the search warrant. chapter.

An undercover officer of the Northwest Metro Drug Task Force bought a vape cartridge from Andonii and was monitored by other team members. They then took the man home and read the allegations.

According to the list of search warrants submitted to the District Court, the residence and nearby vehicles were searched on Monday, and many bullets were found in the garage, as well as bullets near every bedroom and living room. The property also seized THC gummies, pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes and marijuana vials.

Court records show that Andonii was convicted of three crimes on suspicion of drug-related crimes, two of which were felony. His most recent drug conviction puts his sentence on probation until March 2021.

The neighbor next door did not realize the danger of being arrested or arrested, and described Antoni and his 20-year-old girlfriend as model residents, who rarely (if any) get childbirth. Neighbors said they did not notice any suspicious behavior in the apartment building.

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